My Ex Texted Me Should I Text Back: When Your Ex Texts You Out Of The Blue

Missing your old flame and wanting to open the communication line back? A simple solution would be to text your ex back. While texting your ex may seem an easy task, your first words may make or break the chance of finally breaking the ice. Here are some simple tips on how to text your ex back.

1. Change Your Perspective

Changing perspectives makes you see things in a different way. This way, you can reflect on how your past relationship really was. Understanding the breakup is a key way to know your mistakes and how to avoid committing them in future relationships. Text your ex back with a message that suggests that you see things in a more mature perspective. This will surely make your ex think that you have changed for the better.

2. KISS - Keep it short and simple

Text your ex back in a casual way. Sending short and simple text messages will stimulate your ex's mind on what you are up to. This makes your old flame curious, which leaves him or her thinking about you unconsciously. Sending a casual message and treating it as if you are still on good terms will make your ex feel that you have moved on from the breakup.

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3. Avoid emotional blackmail

Nothing makes you look desperate than begging your ex to message you back. Have patience. Never text your ex with a begging message. It will definitely send the wrong message. Always keep up a simple, casual, and confident tone when sending a text message to your ex. Avoid sending messages that suggests you are too needy.

4. Express interest

There is always a soft spot for an ex. Text your ex back with a message that says you are still interested to keep the channel open between you two. Sending a message that suggests hanging out casually is a good head start but do it subtly. Also, gauging your old flame's reaction is essential through the tone of the reply if the idea sounds good or bad.

5. Be patient

Pressuring your old flame to reply is a big no-no. Being a pushover will get you nowhere. When you text your ex, never be demanding. Respecting personal space is essential when trying to reconnect with an ex. It takes time and effort to get a response. Never force them to respond back to you. This will only spoil your chances of re-opening communication lines. If your ex truly wants to touch base with you, he or she will eventually respond to your messages.

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Getting back with your ex after being dumped is not impossible. Some people may think it's a bad idea. Why would you want to get back with the person that dumped you?

But no one can tell you what to do and if you still have feelings for them and getting back with your ex is all you can think about, then go for it. Hopefully, if you know the reasons for the breakup, then you can work on it and prove to your ex that you want them back.

So what are the steps you need to take to win them back?

Try not to panic

Most people that got dumped make the mistake of panicking and giving in to their fear of being alone and losing someone. No one likes getting dumped but letting your emotions get the better of you won't help your situation either. You need to be rational and in control. This is why it's important to have a no contact rule after a breakup. You will have a chance to control your emotions so that you won't appear weak and desperate in front of your ex.

Let your ex go

Your ex won't appreciate you being clingy and possessive. If you want to get them back, you're going to have to let them go first so that they will have the chance to gather their thoughts and miss you. After all, your ex may feel like they're suffocating if you don't give space and time to enjoy their own life. Right now, what you both need is a break.

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Don't avoid your grief

If you're always drinking or eating unhealthy food because you want to get away from the pain, then you're not really helping your situation. Sure, you can wallow and drink a bit or eat chocolate to make you feel better. But if it becomes a habit then you have a problem. You will become vulnerable and it will be easier to make mistakes such as calling your ex in the middle of the night and begging them to come back. Not to mention drinking and overeating will make you look less attractive.

Avoid lashing out

You feel hurt and betrayed and that's normal if you got dumped. But lashing out at your ex and saying all those hurtful statements will not help your situation. You're blaming your ex for what's happened and you act like you're the victim here when you yourself have your fair share of mistakes. The bad news is that this will damage your chances because it will be difficult to take back all those hurtful statements.

Live your life

Getting back with your ex after they dumped you won't be easy. But it doesn't mean that you have to be obsessed by it that you forgot to live your own life. You need to focus on yourself and try to be happy even if you're single. Of course you miss your ex but you also need to heal from the break so that you can regain your confidence and become a stronger individual.

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A breakup can have disastrous consequences if you fail to extricate yourself up from the quagmire of depression and move ahead in life.

Here are a few moves on how to survive a breakup that are absolutely important for a happy life ahead despite suffering from a break up.

Stop replaying the breakup in your depressed mind
It is absolutely natural for you to replay the breakup in your mind to find out the actual reason for the breakup.

You might also be replaying the breakup to find out solutions to rectify the problems but there should be a limit to such an action. Non-stop visits to the past will lead to frustration and depression, so stop going back to the past.

Regain control of your life again
Do not get swept away by negative emotions but instead regain control of your life again.

You can prevent your mind from wandering off into the pasture of depression by immersing it in your work, working out in a gym and staying protected in the company of close friends.

Say it out aloud that you will overcome
You should say out aloud that you will overcome your mental anguish and emerge with a positive attitude.

If you take one day at a time and stick to your resolution then you will surely survive your breakup and emerge stronger than ever before.

Go in for closure
If your mind is hung in suspense on whether your ex will return back to you then write a letter to your ex in which you can apologize for your mistakes while asking him/her in a mature manner for a reunion.

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You should specify a time limit in which your ex can think over your offer sufficiently and provide an answer. If your ex's answer is in the negative then this closure will help free your mind and enable you to start afresh instead of remaining suspended in suspense.

Let go of that anger
A breakup will surely leave behind a lot of anger and frustration not only towards your ex but also towards yourself for being helpless in preventing it.

You should let the anger evaporate from your body by meditating and developing a hobby that will help replace that boiling void with calm thoughts and feelings.

Allow family and friends to help you
Do not reject the help offered by concerned friends and family. They will offer their help unconditionally and stand by you during your time of need.

However, do not allow them to become your crutch for life but instead start standing on your own feet while using their support for a short but crucial time.

Learn to move on
Just because this relationship ended badly does not mean that other relationships will also fail.

You just need to find another partner that is more in tune with you so as to move on in life with new-found love.

These moves will help you to successfully confront and beat back the blues that arrive after a breakup, and help you to face life with confidence again.

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This particular question is almost impossible to answer. How longs a piece of string? It depends entirely on the individual; how forgiving they are, how much they love you and so on. Time away from a relationship is beneficial as it is an effective way to bring people back together again. In order to get your ex back you will need a lot of patience and determination. Without it, you will unfortunately fail.

Some ex's need a long time to get over a failed relationship whereas others cope better and seem to block the whole situation getting on with their lives. At then end of the day, you only live once. So it is best to concentrate on your life and be happy. This is not deemed as being selfish; it will create a sense of satisfaction and happiness for you which you deserve.

Get over the bad feelings in your own time; your ex will do the exact same thing by getting over the ill feelings in their time. Keep yourself as busy as possible, become proactive; do new things; take your life to new levels to keep your mind away from this bad situation.

Whatever you do make sure you do it for the right reasons; the reason being happiness. Or if you are with people that they will encourage and help you to remain positive.

It will be clear when you are feeling your old self again. Before making contact with your ex, talk to their friends to get an insight about how they are feeling. Are they upset still? Do they want you back and so on? Then it is up to you to take the next step. I wish you all the best, be happy!

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