My Ex Texted Me How Are You Doing: My Ex Texted Me To See How I Was Doing

A break up phase is perhaps very difficult to pass through for every couple. However many couples have reunited, even after not seeing each other for some while. In such a tricky situation, you would want to know if your ex still cares about you. These are some of the tips you can have for finding out if your ex still cares.

If your ex is still texting messages to you or calling you, it means that your ex has not taken the final decision. Most people prefer not to contact if they have ended a relation. Your ex is dying to see you again and may be patch up with you; or else he/she would never call you back.

If you happen to meet your ex at common places like a dinner party, your ex may show interest in you and he/she might treat you in the same manner as he/she did during those dating days. Your ex is constantly touching you, or coming near you to get your attention. All this tells you he still cares.

Your ex is enquiring about your health, and he is asking you what you are up to these days. Your ex may not enquire about your well-being and health if he/she did not care about you.

Is your ex complimenting your looks, or your new hair styles then you know for sure your ex is concerned about you. Your ex may flirt with you, just in case you are attracted to someone else. Your ex is constantly looking at you and is feeling jealous when you are with someone else. All this tells you he/she still cares.

These simple tips are sure to clear your mind of any doubts you had about your ex. You can find out what is going on his/her mind with no trouble.

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Make no mistakes; if you want your ex to sorely miss you, it is because somewhere you are missing him/her too. Maybe you had a fight and broke up, whatever the reason, here are some fail proof ways to drive your ex crazy thinking of you.

Become invisible for some time
This is probably one of the first things you should be doing. Maybe you can go on a holiday or something, but be sure not to come in her/his sight for some time. This will add to the intrigue on your part and also give both of you some time to ponder over your relationship.

Reappear shining and glowing
Make sure that when you put in an appearance, or rather when you allow her/him to see you, you should look like you have had a makeover, it could be a tan, a new set of muscles etc. It will surely put a lot of question marks in your exes mind as to what have you been up to.

Put in "blink and you miss me" appearances
After you have come back, don't let your ex see you immediately. You can allow yourself to be seen at a party or some social do. Ensure that your ex has taken notice of you being there but you on your part should ignore his/her presence, and if at all you feel your ex would be trying to start a conversation, quickly do the disappearing act.

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Always appear happy and cool
Ensure that you always appear happy and upbeat whenever your ex sees you, while all the while ignoring your ex. This way your ex might feel he/she is missing out on something without you for company.

Friends to the fore
Make use of your common friends to help you in your scheme of things. This might call for some manipulation and you will have to do it discreetly so that things do not backfire. Make sure that your friends speak plenty and well of you when your ex is around.

Learn to persevere
Of course you will have your weak moments when you would feel like throwing in the towel and calling off your act. Remind yourself that you are doing this for a better understanding between the two off you.

Too busy to breathe
After all this there is a very good chance that your ex will try to get into touch with you. At this time you have to play hard to get. If your ex calls you just ignore the calls or when on the rare occasion that you would take them, pretend to be busy. By this time you can be sure that your ex is missing you like crazy.

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Your relationship ended and you desperately want to get your ex back. The problem is, you don't know what to do to make this happen. You are getting all sorts of advice from your family and friends, but all this is doing is making you very confused. What is the best way to fix things and make your ex want to come back to you?

One of the very best ways to get your ex's attention is to give your ex the impression that you are not really bothered by the break up. Do this and it will be your ex who will be confused, that's for sure! Instead of sitting at home utterly depressed, which is the way you should be feeling, you are out having fun as if nothing has happened.

Yes, this is going to be difficult for you to do, but you have to put in some effort if you want to succeed and get your ex back. Even if you have to force yourself to put on a happy face, do it - it does really work. It might be quite draining for you to do this at first, but after a day or two it will become easier.

The reason for this is that you are going to be with your friends most of the time, getting involved and having as much fun as possible. Eventually, you won't be pretending to be happy, because you WILL be. So you see, not only will this method get your ex back, but it will also help you to heal fully after the break up.

That's it - all you have to do is have as much fun and enjoy yourself - it's that easy. Your ex is definitely going to hear about how you are out and about with your friends and having a ball, and this is when you will realize that you will get your ex back.

It is very likely that your ex will call you soon to find out why you are behaving the way you are - out having fun when you should be at home utterly miserable. You have your ex's attention now, and this is when you grab the opportunity and do and say all you can to get your ex back.

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This soon after your break up there is a very good chance that you WILL do things out of desperation to try to get your ex back. At the time, it might seem like the perfect way to reunite with your ex, when in fact it will do nothing but ruin that one chance you might have to reunite. Read on and find out what mistakes are usually made at a time like this and how to avoid making them.

The first mistake that most people make, and the biggest of them all, is to go out of their way to try to make contact with their exes. This is so wrong and should be avoided at all costs. Both you and your ex are very emotional right now, and any form of contact will spell disaster. Making contact too soon after your break up will NOT get your ex back.

The second mistake that many people make is to think that by making their exes jealous, he/she will come running back again. How wrong this is! Do anything to try to make your ex jealous at this point in time and it will have exactly the opposite effect to what you are looking for. The reason why it will not get your ex back is very simple. Your ex is going to think that you have lost interest, have found someone else, and will get on with his/her own life.

The third mistake that everyone makes after a break up is to moan and complain to friends about their exes. Yes, you are probably angry with your ex, but it is not a good idea to hang your dirty laundry out in public. This is a private matter between you and your ex, and that is where it should stay. As with the other two mistakes, avoid bad-mouthing your ex to your friends as it will do nothing to ease your situation and will do even less for your efforts to get your ex back.

Help yourself to avoid these mistakes by taking some time to get over the break up first. Once the bad feelings have disappeared, you and your ex will be able to have a relaxed discussion about your issues and how to fix them, and you will more than likely get your ex back.

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