My Ex Talks To Me Then Ignores Me: Ex Reaches Out Then Ignores Me

Why is your ex sending you mixed signals after a breakup? Are you utterly confused because you just can't figure out what your ex wants? One minute they act like they miss you and want you back. The next minute they completely ignore your texts and phone calls and won't give you the time of day. Take just a minute to read to the end of this article to discover 6 common reasons your ex might be sending you mixed signals after your breakup.

They Still Love You...And You're Being Tested

Your ex may still be in love with you, but they may not know how you feel about them. If this is the case, they may do things to try and figure out where you stand in the relationship.

For example, they might flirt with you to see what kind of response they get. If they get a positive response, they may keep flirting. If they don't, they may become withdrawn the next time they see you.

They Still Love You But They've Been Hurt And Aren't Sure If They Want To Forgive And Forget

Your ex may also give you mixed signals after a breakup if they are still in love with you, but have been hurt in the relationship. They may start to miss you one minute and then remember how you hurt them, so they pull away again if they feel like they're letting you get too close.

They Are Being Manipulative

In some instances, your ex may be playing games with you. They may be trying to use you or manipulate you. This is the classic case of "ex sex". They flirt and seduce you to bring you close, then once they get what they want (in this case sex), they drop you and become distant again.

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They Want The Best Of Both Worlds

It's possible your ex wants to keep you in their life, but also wants to be free to date other people. This way they get the best of both worlds. On one hand, they can try to find someone more compatible and on the other, they still have you around if things don't work out with someone else.

They Simply Have A Weak Moment

You may get mixed signals from your ex if they have a weak moment. It's natural for people to feel sad, lonely, and depressed after a breakup. It's also natural for people to miss each other.

If your ex has a weak moment, then they may want to be around you so they don't feel so miserable. However, as time wears on and some of those feelings start to fade, they may think more rationally and realize you're not right for each other in which case they'll pull away again.

They Don't Really Know What They Want

Lastly, you may receive mixed signals from your ex after a breakup because they simply don't know what they want. Breakups are confusing. It can be difficult to know whether you should try repairing a relationship or just move on. While your ex is still trying to figure out how they truly feel, mixed signals will be a common occurrence.

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If you keep thinking about thoughts of "why my ex ignores me," then I'm assuming you feel awful about yourself.

You might start thinking about the reasons why your ex left you and then you begin to convince yourself that these reasons are true. Your relationship with yourself begins to suffer greatly... all because of a bad breakup.

In order to cope with your feelings, let your mind feel at ease by teaching it new patterns of thoughts and ideas. Start discovering the world outside of your relationship. Try asking yourself about what you need in life to make yourself feel happy and satisfied with your life. Of course, making other people happy is one of your top answers for that question, but really think about what makes you happy.

Improving yourself is also important if you want to make yourself attractive to a new partner. Don't go to places that would remind you of your ex. You should find something more interesting to occupy your time with, especially on days when you would normally spend time with your ex.

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Try going to an entirely new place, even if you have to go there by yourself. If you take a good look within yourself, then you'll realize that this is the perfect time to make changes toward a better you.

In the past, my ex would ignore me, then try to talk to me and then ignore me again. If this is what's going on with you, then you might want to tell your ex to stop contacting you because it's playing with your emotions. This will put the power back on your court. This would also be better than continuously hoping that they will come back to you someday. You don't want to find yourself starting to develop the old patterns.

One day you'll think about your ex and realize that you don't feel bad about the break up anymore. There's a good chance that you will start to think "I don't care if my ex ignores me". When you reach this point, getting in contact with your ex is no longer something you have to do. If it does happen, just be yourself and act cool.

After you've gotten over the old patterns and made new ones, you can start being friends with your ex again. Stop thinking thoughts about "why my ex ignores me" and instead work on your life and ignore everything that doesn't contribute to it. Grow and have fun!

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There is no black and white until you've seen the grey. When two people are in love, there is no permanent break up after a single fight. There will always be things left unsaid and moments to share and the way they impact on both of you can make your ex fall in love with you again or end it for good.

There comes a time in your life when nothing seems right any more. Your love of your life has left you, your job is giving you a head ache, yout family won't support you and even your friends seem to have forgotten your phone number. They all add up to your misery and confusion, but most of all, you are deeply hurt by breaking up with your lover. You probably could have gotten over ALL other problems if you had your sweetheart beside you.

Nobody said that facing life's obstacles is easier on your own, but growing addiction to somebody can harm you even more than trying to face your problems alone then failing. There is also no such thing as pity when it comes to a relationship. Nobody can feel any physical and mental connection to someone they pity even if they try.

So if you wish to make your ex fall in love with you again, be strong, reliable and show your ex that you can still live in dignity after the break up. It will drive your ex mad at first, but this madness will soon turn into fear of losing you.

Your love does not grow on trees so don't make it cheap! Do not give your ex the impression that you are desperate and willing to take them back at any time. Give yourselves the time to learn from your previous mistakes; don't rush into a new relationship until you have gotten over the bad things between you. This will bring out the real feelings you have for each other and you'll have a clearer view whether it's really worth giving it another try or not.

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From the time you guys went your separate ways, you have been miserable about the split. You are depressed, feel hopeless, and likely feel as though nothing will ever be the same. You are right about that, your life will never be the same, but that doesn't mean that it won't be even better than it was before. It you want to make your ex fall in love with you once again, and you want them back, you are going to have to take action, and SOON, and ensure that the problems that cropped up in your relationship, never come back to haunt you again.

But this does NOT mean that you should contact your ex right this minute and begin the process of reconciliation. This is exactly what you do not want to do. Right now, when your ex sees you, they will see a miserable, and likely pitiful looking person, begging for another chance. This is the wrong message to send and the wrong way to handle the situation. You want them to see you happy, and you want them to respect you for handling the breakup like an adult.

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To get over the depression the breakup has left you with, you need to dive head first into making yourself into that person your ex fell in love with to begin with. Look in the mirror, both physically and figuratively, and see what about you has changed. Have you let yourself go? Hit the gym, get a makeover, and make yourself look fabulous. This will boost your self-esteem and is sure to get some notice from your ex.

Spend your evenings out with your friends and live your life as if the breakup is the least of your worries. You need to display yourself as the fun loving, self-confident person he or she fell in love with. Word of how good you look and what a good time you are having is sure to make its way back to your ex. Given the time you've spent apart, they are likely going to be sent reeling from this news and it will go a long way to make your ex fall for you once again.

They are going to want to see the new and improved you and boy will it be a difference from the last time you saw each other. The last time you were together, you were a crying, screaming, emotional wreck, and now you are a self-confident, good looking, and fun to be with individual. This is going to make your ex strive to do whatever it takes to get you back.

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