My Ex Still Cares For Me But Won't Be With Me: My Ex Still Has Feelings For Me But Doesn't Want To Be With Me

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Be ready for some fire works
Stealing your boyfriend will not be easy. The very fact that he has moved on is proof that he does not see any future with you. If you meet him he will most likely be hostile and curt with you. So, brace yourself for some fireworks before you attempt meeting him.

Change to a better person
After having met him thank him for showing you the mirror and pointing out your faults. Tell him that you wish well for him and offer to be friends with him. If he is non committal don't press too hard. Instead show him through your actions that you have changed for the better. Once he is convinced he will surely consider you his friend.

Get friendly with your ex's current flame
The next step is to befriend his current flame. You don't want to be termed as a witch or desperate temptress. Therefore befriend his ex and do that genuinely. Tell her that you are happy that she has such a lovely and understanding partner. Tell her although you regret losing your ex you have accepted the fact.

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Become a friend of your ex
Now you will have to take the next step and become a good friend of your ex. Remember the keyword here is "good friend". He should once again begin to consider you as part of his inner circle. Only when that happens will you able to spend time with them or hang out with them.

Show how you are the better person
Every relationship goes through ups and downs. There will be instances when your ex will have a tough time in his current relationship. Capitalize on the discord by siding with your ex in a subtle manner. However, make sure that you don't make enemies with his girlfriend. This will project you in better light and your ex will admire your balanced approach.

Empathize with him
When he is alone on the pretext of doing something together meet him and empathize with him. Show him that you are there to support him both morally and emotionally. Be his counselor and get even closer to him.

Take him out
If he falls for your guile ask to meet him alone and give him a good time. Spend the evening making him happy by reminiscing about the good old times. This will make your ex yearn for those golden moments. Do this a few times but don't force the issue. From here on sit back and relax. It is he who will do all that is necessary and come back to you.

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Why won't my ex call me back? You're asking this now because you've been trying in vain to get your ex to talk to you, right? You call and leave him or her message after message to no avail. They don't respond and you're left wondering why. You feel that you're sincere when you leave them a voicemail telling them how much you really miss them and need them. But still you've heard nothing back and it's been days, possibly even weeks now. You must realize that this isn't working and there has to be a better way. There is. You can get your ex back but the first thing you need to do is to stop trying to contact them.

The reason why your ex won't call you back is simple. They don't want to talk to you. It's no more complicated than that. What typically happens in the days following a break up is one person will long to be back with the other while their partner clearly needs time and space. In this scenario you're the person who wants their ex back. You have to respect what your lover wants if you stand any chance at all of even getting them to talk with you again. That's why the phone calls must stop this instant. Delete their number from your cell if you have to. Just do whatever it takes to not pick up the phone to call them again.

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You have no idea how dramatic an impact doing that will have on your ex. They will notice within days that you've disappeared. They'll check their cell to make sure it's in working condition and they'll start asking around with mutual friends to see if they can find out what's become of you. When they realize you're fine and you're just leaving them be, that will resonate with your ex. They'll feel both touched and confused by your disinterest. Touched by the fact that you are now giving them the space they need and also confused by the fact that you seem to be over them.

Once a few weeks have passed since your last attempt to talk to your ex, call them again. This time don't talk about the break up or what you've been feeling since. Keep the conversation light hearted and generic. Some good topics of conversation are the weather, current movies and work. Your goal with this call is only to open up the lines of communication again. Once your ex sees that you're not trying to corner them into talking about the relationship, they'll relax and start to open up more.

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When your seemingly happy relationship suddenly fails, apart from feeling utterly miserable, you are also left wondering why your ex dumped you in the first place. There was no warning you ex didn't say anything about being unhappy, so what happened?

If there were no really obvious reasons, such as too much drinking, drugs, or gambling problems, then it can be really puzzling as to why the relationship turned sour and why your ex dumped you. However, there are other factors that could have been such an irritant to your ex that he/she just couldn't take it anymore, and simply walked out on you.

In your relationship, were you possessive of your ex at all? Did you have to, at all times, know where your ex was? Did you try to dictate what sort of clothes your ex should where? All these things would have made your ex very edgy and unhappy - your ex couldn't simply be who he/she is, but had to be the person that you wanted him/her to be.

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Then again, if you are a messy kind of person, one who leaves clothes lying about, doesn't clean the bath after use, uses every clean plate cup and saucer in the kitchen, but never does any washing up, then this too can be a very good reason why your ex dumped you. Your ex felt like your maid, and not the partner that he/she should be.

Another very off-putting trait, if you are guilty of it, is if you were constantly critical of everything that your ex said or did. This is belittling, especially in company, and would definitely give your ex reason to dump you.

It seems that there is one very big problem in your relationship - lack of communication. Did your ex ever try talking to you about the things that you did that were annoying to him/her? Could it be that your ex wanted to talk to you about them, but you simply shrugged your shoulders and forgot about it?

If you are guilty of any of the above, then you can be sure that al least on of them was a good enough reason as to why your ex dumped you!

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Your relationship might have broken up leaving you dejected and depressed. But if you are constantly asking yourself is it too late to get my ex back then you should remember that it is never too late.

You should instead, make these clever moves to turn the clock back and win your ex back into your life.

Stop replaying the breakup in your mind

The reason you are in a state of panic is because you keep replaying the breakup in your mind over and over again.

Stop thinking about the breakup and instead get distracted by immersing yourself in work while relaxing with family and friends. This will get your mind back on track and calm you down.

Allow your ex to miss you

Instead of bumping into your ex at every corner and looking at him or her with those desperate eyes, try to keep away from the usual spots and allow him or her to miss your presence.

Apologize only once

If you feel that you have wronged your ex then write or speak out a genuine apology, but only once. Do not beg or plead your ex to take you back since this will lower your esteem in front of your ex and yourself too.

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Attract your ex back mentally and physically

Instead of crying your eyes out, make efforts to get back into peak physical shape, get your body into snazzy clothes and build up your confidence levels to a new high.

You will soon radiate charm and confidence that will take your ex by surprise and he or she will soon feel feelings of regret and desire washing over him or her.

Identify the cause of the earlier breakup and act on it

You should spend some time in analyzing the cause of your breakup and do everything possible to rectify the mistakes from your end.

Let your ex observe the efforts that you have put in to improve yourself. This will leave him or her impressed and will now enable him or her to think about a successful re-conciliation.

Think that you have nothing to lose

If you get dejected regularly then think that you have nothing to lose by trying. This will keep you focused on the task at hand without falling into the trap of depression.

Observe your ex and ask for a meeting at the appropriate time

If you observe that your ex too has mellowed down then you should ask for a meeting through mutual friends. You can now sit down with your accommodating ex and thrash out a path to a new relationship while firmly leaving the past behind.

Use these clever moves to get your head out of the sands of depression and to win your ex back into your life even if you think that it is too late, since it never is too late.

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