My Ex Started Texting Me Then Stopped: Why Did My Ex Text Me Then Not Reply

Your ex is sending you mixed signals because he/she is confused about their own feelings towards you, but it is driving you crazy as you just do not know how to react. If you are hoping to get your ex back, this makes your job all the more difficult. Read on to understand what these signals mean.

Remain composed
Do not get stressed about the situation, your ex's mixed signals are indications that he/she is still confused or scared about commitment. Relax and believe in yourself to see you through this tough phase. Assure yourself that your ex still cares for you and will recognize his/her feelings for you.

Your ex is mixed up
It shows his/her confusion and maybe with time they will sort out their feelings for you. However, it does mean that they are interested in you because otherwise they would have just not bothered to contact you. Show patience for them to figure out their confusion on their own.

Your ex is in touch regularly
If your ex is calling you regularly then it shows that they have feelings for you and they care for you. Their mind may say that the relationship is over, but deep in their heart they still feel the love which is not easy to overlook. You can be pretty sure that they will eventually come back to you once they understand themselves.

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They become unavailable for some time
When you are warming up to their calls you find them withdrawn all together. You are angry and frustrated with this uncertain behavior, but recognize that they need time to clear their thoughts.

Be his friend
At the moment do not think of your ex as more than a friend. Keep doing whatever you are busy with and if you think of dating someone else, talk to your ex and let them know that they are not being straight forward. Tell them that you are confused about where this friendship is heading.

Things might actually work
This means that things are pretty open and there is a chance that things will work out for good. It gives you opportunity to discuss and offer new ideas which can bring about improvement in the relationship. When things are undecided there is always a scope of it getting better.

Give your ex the same treatment
You can just do what your ex has been doing and give him the same treatment. Chances are your ex will get the hint and open up to how he actually feels about you.

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Don't look desperate:
Going to your ex crying, begging and feeling defeated is not going to make your ex take you back. Instead take some time off and go on a short holiday. This will give your ex some time to cool off and will give you some time to get in control of your emotions. Absence does make the heart grow fonder. Capitalize on that.

Get a life:
When you get back don't go back into the depressed mode. Sitting at home feeling sad and dejected is not going to bear any gifts. You need to get moving and work on getting a life. Make a new set of friends and hang out in places that you are going to be seen either by your ex or your ex's close friends.

Be seen moving on:
You need to get the message across to your ex that you are making attempts to move on. Begin dating casually but never make the dates seem serious. It would help if you are not seen dating the same person more than once. You don't want to give the impression that you have moved on already.

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Be casual with your ex:
When you bump into your ex (which has to be carefully staged to look like a coincidence) be very casual in your approach and demeanor. Look happy to meet him/her but keep your conversation short and run off to some prior engagement. Tell him/her that you'll call.

Call and meet him/her:
Let some time pass and then make that call to your ex. Offer to meet them at some time. You should sound very non committal and meet at a place that is not attached to any of the memories that you have together. Make your ex feel secure and he/she will meet you.

Offer to be friends:
When you meet your ex tell them that though you would ideally like to get back together, you are going to respect his/her wishes. But offer to be friends and be earnest. Your ex will not refuse.

Make your ex see the changed you:
Once you become friends make your ex see that you have genuinely changed. Your ex will then have no reason to not come back to you.

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After the split, you and your ex decided to remain friends. Though you, of course, still want more, you were willing to take what you could get at the moment. But now he or she isn't holding up their end of the "bargain". They ignore all your attempts at communication and avoid you at all costs. So how are you supposed to get your ex to start talking to you again.

As difficult as it is, you are going to have to accept their decision, at least for now, that they would rather not be a part of your life. Chances are, when he or she saw or spoke to you, it just brought up too many painful feelings and memories that they haven't had a chance to process yet. This means your best course of action is to back off and give them the time and space they need to get over their emotions.

You must have patience because your ex needs time to sort everything out. And you do too! You both need to get over the negativity derived from the breakup and you both need to figure out what went wrong so you know how to fix it. It isn't a good idea to even try to get your ex to start talking to you again until you've been able to move on from your hurt and look at the relationship with a clear head and calm mind.

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During this time apart, start putting your life back together. Reunite with old friends, or learn something new. Find ways to destress, clear your mind, and make yourself begin to feel more like you again. This will help you regroup and will also make you feel better in general. These activities will help you rebuild your self-confidence and it also allows you the ability to focus on something other than the ruins of your relationship.

Trust me, your ex will notice that you seem to have suddenly disappeared from his or her radar. This is going to get them to thinking about you as you seem to be doing all that you can to move on with your life. Now that you are well and truly absent from their life, they are likely beginning to miss you and will likely decide to make first contact. Now that you've been able to get your ex to start talking to you again, you are on the right track to getting them back in your life.

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