My Ex Stares At Me When I'm Not Looking: Ex Stares At Me From Afar

If you are going through a breakup at the moment, you may think that your ex doesn't care about you, or that he/she detests you. After all, they must hate you or they wouldn't have decided to follow through and dump you. But, the reality is likely quite different. In fact, your ex may still love you very much, but they are unlikely to ever show you their true feelings - at least not right away.

They have a lot riding on this and they also have to think about how they are being perceived by you and everyone else. There is no doubt that the decision to dump you only came after a lot of personal turmoil and indecision. The fact that they finally did it should tell you that they are steadfast and determined to see it through. This is not something that you are likely to change any time soon,

What would it look like if they suddenly changed their mind about something so important? While you may be hoping for a miracle, the fact of the matter is that you would think something was awfully strange if they simply changed their mind so easily. It would make them look insincere and wishy-washy, not only to you, but to everyone who knows them.

At this stage, they have plotted a course that they are almost obliged to follow, no matter what.

But, there may be certain signs that they really do still care. Are they showing up, out of the blue, in public? Do you catch them staring at you when you are both at the same function? Did you hear through the grapevine that they are asking about you? These are all signs that they may still hold you near and dear.

Pay attention to these signs and acknowledge them. While you won't be able to confront your ex and make them admit that they still care, just knowing that they still have feelings for you may be all you need to get you through this tough time. If you know that they secretly still love you, that is one big incentive to keep trying.

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Right now, you want nothing more than to get your ex back in your life. You have the intense urge to try to contact your ex in whatever manner possible - and as soon as possible - to try to work things out. But this is the wrong way to go about things and you will likely ruin your chances to make your ex fall for you again if you proceed without caution.

You don't have to contact them directly right after a breakup and in fact, this is not a suggested behavior anyway. Feelings are generally too tense post-breakup for meaningful dialogue and communication to truly take place, so it is best to leave things alone at the present moment, even though it is naturally, extremely difficult to do.

The very first thing you need to do is to think as objectively as possible to try to figure out what caused your ex to split to begin with. You cannot move forward on fixing things if you don't know what went wrong to begin with! Once you figure out what went wrong with the relationship, you will know how to approach fixing those things. There is a good chance that part of the problem arose when you became a bit too comfortable in the relationship.

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To make your ex fall for you again takes a lot of personal introspection. You must take a good hard look at yourself in the mirror (both literally and figuratively) to see what about you has changed. Did you let yourself go physically and put on some weight? Did you get too comfortable and stop verbalizing or otherwise showing your appreciation for your partner? Then these are things you will have to remedy before you can get back with him or her.

The other thing you can do to expedite the process to make your ex fall for you again is to emphasize those areas he or she always said they loved so much about you. This will mean the next time they see you, you will be awfully hard to resist.

And if you spend time going out with your friends, looking great and having a blast, you won't even have to contact him or her directly, your friends will tell them how much you've changed. This is going to peek their curiosity and will likely make them contact you sooner than you think. When they see how much you've changed, they will WANT to be with you again and will do all they can to get you back in their life.

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Did you know that the longer you take to get your ex back, that the faster your ex will start looking for someone new? You see, your ex is not going to sit around waiting forever for you to change and be the person they want; and the longer you take to realize this; the sooner they will just move on! Of course, the last thing you want is to lose your ex forever, so pay close attention to these next 15 tips, so you can finally pull your ex back....

1. Know what your ex wants- simply by being aware of what your ex wants; such as space... or anything else, you can automatically get to work with doing those things.

2. Know why you broke up- If you understand this, you can avoid all of the same problems in the future; which means there will no longer be any obstacles blocking your ex from taking you back.

3. Stop calling- try 2 weeks of no contact; so that way your ex can stop taking you for granted.

4. Do not talk about your ex to anyone- they will only tell your ex how depressed you are, which backfires on you.

5. Continue on with everyday activities- your ex wants to see you on your own two feet, and living life again is a start.

6. Change your bad habits- your ex will only take you back, if you are your best self; so get busy with self improvement!

7. Apologize for your mistakes- No one likes an ego, which is why you need to just admit where you went wrong in the relationship.

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8. Start dating again- this will make your ex jealous, and will also show your ex that they are about to lose you.

9. Become outgoing- Do as many things as possible, because it will make your ex feel as if they were holding you back, and ultimately this makes your feel guilty.

10. Be as happy as possible- Your ex will wonder why the heck you are so happy, and this will spike his/her curiosity to be around you again, just to find out.

11. Workout and get your appearance into shape- sometimes we let ourselves go, and you need to get back into shape and make yourself look as great physically as possible.

12. Make as many new friends as possible- add them to your myspace, Facebook and anywhere else. Your ex will see this and will burn.

13. Do not attend to calls or messages from your ex right away- playing hard to get creates a chase that your ex cannot resist.

14. When talking to your ex again, do not drag the conversation on; instead, cut it short, and this will always leave your ex wanting more.

15. Agree with the breakup- This is a psychological trick which makes your ex want you again, simply because they feel rejected by you.

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You are so down and miserable since the break up. Your ex walked out on you saying that he/she is tired of you. You are also very confused as well, your ex sends you text messages from time to time, even though he/she ended the relationship. Why is your ex doing this, and what is the best way to try getting your ex back?

Okay, so it seems as if your ex wants to have the best of both worlds. He/she wants to be able to go out and have fun without any ties, but at the same time, your ex is also keeping a close eye on you as well. To put it bluntly, you are being taken for granted - you are a doormat.

Stop being available for your ex immediately - don't reply to your ex's text messages - in fact, just delete them as they come through. This will more than likely encourage your ex to give you a call to find out what is going on - again, just don't answer the calls at all.

Your ex needs to know that you are NOT going to wait around until he/she decides that you are the better option and then want to get back together again. Play hard to get - make no contact with your ex at all - just disappear out of the picture completely.

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Your ex obviously does still have feelings for you otherwise he/she would not be staying in contact with you. The thing is though, your ex needs to make a choice - is the relationship on or off. Having no contact with your ex will encourage him/her to make a decision a lot faster. This is going to be the tool that ensures your getting your ex back.

Now what you do is get together with your friends, and have the time of your life. Do whatever you want to - you're single again remember, and it was your ex's choice to end the relationship so there's really no problem at all.

Getting your ex back will be real easy now - you are unavailable, there is no contact with you whatsoever, and you are living your life to the full. Don't be surprised when you get that call from your ex admitting that he made a huge mistake in breaking up with you!

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