My Ex Stares At Me but Ignores Me: My Ex Avoids Me but Stares at Me

"My ex is ignoring me, so how can I possible get back together with them?" People across the world are asking themselves that question, but it is great that people realize they want to get back together with someone they loved and lost. A lot of us don't even try to get back together with the person we break up with.

Its really is common and scary that a lot of men and women just want to set up a trophy case of the people they date. Its unbelievable how many of us don't realize that relationships are important and that if you find someone who you think you can share a life with, its important to do whatever you can to get them back in your arms.

Being in a "my ex is ignoring me" situation is very common after break ups. Break ups can hurt like no other pain we've ever felt and they can last longer than any pain we're felt too. With that in mind, you need to understand that your ex's feeling toward after a break up is common.

See, there are hundreds of emotions that we feel after the heart shattering break ups we go through. We feel anger toward our ex, resentment, confusion, we start to regret the things we did in the relationship, and we even feel hatred toward them.

If you're in a "my ex is ignoring me" situation, the first thing you need to do is show your ex that you have the ability to change and the ability to show them that change. Your ex is ignoring because of whichever of the hundreds of reasons why the relationship ended, but what they need to see from you is change.

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They could also be ignoring you because they just want they're space. Its important not to harass your ex by pressuring them into getting back together with constant calling, texting and showing up at places you know they'll be, worst of which being they're job.

We need to back off and give our ex their space and time to think about us, the break up and the reasons behind why it happened. Relationships are important and if you spend years and months in a relationship with someone, you should definitely get them back in your life. The two of you got together for a reason, and the relationship between the two of you can always be reignited.

Take advantage of the things that can help you get someone you loved and lost back in your life again. Relationships are serious and they're the only things that matter.

Every time to speak to your ex and even hug them, you're going to feel something funny deep down that reminds you what it was like with them. If you want to get out of this "my ex is ignoring me" dilemma you need to wait and give your ex a week by themselves before you try to get them back.

After that week they should be calm and if they are, try to get them to meet with you and talk about the problems that ended the relationship. Talk about the compromises and commitments the two of you can make to fix those problems together so that the both of you can get back together. This is how to get out of a "my ex is ignoring me" situation and get them back in your arms.

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Let things die down - Don't try to fix anything when you are deep in emotional trauma. You may deny that you are in pain, but you need to let it subside before you do something stupid! There is no need to add fuel to the fire by chasing your ex like a desperate nut case, simply because you feel depressed and upset. Therefore, you need to give space, which also coincidentally shows your ex that you can in fact be mature and give them what they want.

Don't wait to get on with life - Date again, live again, and be the best you can be. Sitting around and getting depressed is a complete waste of your time, and your ex's; because all it does is show your ex that you are in fact pathetic. However, if you get on with life and become active again, your ex will start to feel challenged, because they will fear that you are forgetting them. This will cause your ex to start seeking your attention.

Admit your mistakes- You have made some, and don't let your ego get in the way of an apology to your ex. Once you admit them, you are also aware of them, so that you can work on self improvement to ensure that you don't make the same mistakes again. As well, sometimes an apology is all that it takes to get your ex back.

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Your ex has left you and she or he is already with someone else. Of course, you want your ex back. You're lonely and reminiscing. You are hurt and confused. You are trying to figure out whether or not you can live without your ex.

Truth of the matter is that you can live without them. You were living your life before they came into your life, so you definitely can live your life without your ex boyfriend/girlfriend, or at least until things work themselves out. A breakup is not the end of the world. Sometimes, it may simply be for the best, you just don't realize it initially because you have all these emotions to sort through.

You can get your ex boyfriend or girlfriend back, if that is what you want. Look at the reasons for the breakup. Examine yourself, and your faults before pointing blame at your ex. Make very sure that a reunion is what you want. Sometimes heightened emotions and feelings may lead you into making the wrong decisions, or making the wrong decisions for the right reasons, and vice versa. Look at your ex partner's faults. Would a reunion be what's best for you? Do you feel that a reunion between the two of you may be what is best for them? Ask yourself these questions to make sure a reunion is what you want.

Don't make desperate attempts to get back with your ex. This will make you look bad, and may ruin your chances. You can look at this new individual that your ex is with, and look at what may have attracted your ex to this individual, but I wouldn't rely on these findings. There's a ninety percent chance that you will not see what attracted your ex to this individual. Be yourself, and be confident in yourself no matter what. Don't compare yourself with the new fish. You should work on improving you. The qualities that your ex loved about you will be the same qualities that will bring him/her back to you.

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It's never easy learning how to cope with a breakup. When a relationship ends, it's very painful and you're left feeling distressed. It doesn't matter who got dumped and who did the dumping. Breaking up is hard for both parties.

During a breakup, it seems like your whole life is disrupted: your routine, your responsibilities, even your identity. But there are things you can do to help you move on from this difficult time. If you want to know how to cope with a breakup, one of the best things you can do is allow yourself to grieve.

The importance of grieving

There are multiple losses when it comes to breaking up. You lose your partner as well the experiences you've shared together. You also experience loss of emotional, social, and even financial support. You lose your hopes, dreams, and plans of spending your life with your partner.

When you lose such things, then grief would be the natural reaction. It's also natural to feel afraid because you think your emotions will be too much to bear. But grieving is essential if you want to heal because the pain is exactly what you need to let go of your relationship. Just remember that this pain won't last forever.


Part of grieving would be accepting your situation. You need to face the fact that your ex is gone and what's happened has happened. Your ex may or may not come back to you, but you shouldn't dwell on those thoughts right now. Harboring hopes that your ex might come back will not help you move on. You will have a hard time letting go if you don't accept what has happened.

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How to grieve after a breakup

· It's natural to feel angry after a breakup. You shouldn't repress it just because you think it's bad or unacceptable. If you do, then it will manifest in other ways and you might end up taking it out on other people. You will be prone to bad moods, act bitter, and be irritated all the time. It would be better if you acknowledged your anger just be sure that you don't take it out on anyone.

· You need to talk about your feelings to your friends or loved ones. Sure, we want to be alone sometimes especially after such a traumatic experience. But sometimes, it also helps to talk about your feelings to others. You will feel less alone if others are aware of what you are feeling because you know that they understand what you're going through.

· It's natural to feel emotional. Aside from anger, it's also normal to have a lot of conflicting emotions such as resentment, relief, fear, confusion, and sadness. Even if these emotions are painful, it would be best not to fight them. You need to acknowledge these feelings because you will prolong the grieving process if you suppress them.

· Keep in mind that your goal is to move on. Try not to over-analyze the situation because you will get stuck in negative feelings. You will continue to feel hurt and even blame your ex for what has happened and this will prevent you from moving forward.

· You need to try and be positive and tell yourself that you can do this. You still have a future even without your ex. Your life won't be over just because your ex is gone. While it's hard to let go of the dreams and plans you've made with your ex, just remember that someone better will come and you can have your future with them.

Learning how to cope with a breakup will take time and emotional strength. You just need to remember that you'll get there someday. Focus on yourself for now and find ways that will help you get back on your feet.

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