My Ex Says He Still Loves Me But Doesn't Want A Relationship: He Says He Loves Me But Doesn't Want To Be With Me Anymore

"What are you trying to say?" A moment of silence passed before the anxiously awaited response comes. "Babe....I think we should see other people..." And just like that, something seemingly built on trust, intimacy and love, something which took years to build, is destroyed in a matter of seconds.

As much as we hate to admit, most breakups are rarely mutual. There will always be one person who did not wish for the breakup. When it happens, that person will be left with a devastating heartbreak while drowning in a sea of questions.

If you are in this state and wish to make your ex want you back, one thing you MUST DO IMMEDIATELY regardless of your situation is to STOP contacting your ex for a while. Take a step back, see the big picture, and really think carefully about what went wrong. Chances are, the excuses your ex gave you for ending the relationship is not the real underlying reason.

What was the real cause of the breakup? Was it something you did wrong? Understand that right now, your needs and desire only comes secondary. If you were wrong, or if the underlying cause of the breakup is you, are you willing to admit it?

Think about it. Your ex loved and cherished you once. For whatever reason, they decided not to continue with the relationship. Does that mean your ex no longer loves you? Probably not. Would you like to find and remove whatever it was that prevented them from continuing the relationship?

What can you do to get your ex back? Is it possible to make your ex miss you like crazy?

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Now this doesn't mean you go running back and admitting everything is your fault or swearing by the moon and stars that you will change in a desperate attempt to make your ex want you back. No. Begging and running back would just push your ex further away at the same time justifying their decision for the breakup.

Even if you manage to beg your way back to your ex, will it last? Or will you have to go through the same heartbreak over and over again? How can you expect to make your ex want you back by doing the same thing?

Actions speak a thousand times louder than words. Understand that to make your ex want you back, you must SHOW them that you have changed WITHOUT having to tell them yourself. This has a powerful subtle effect as your ex sees for themselves the change in you. They will realize - themselves that you have indeed changed, instead of you trying hard to convince them.

Don't make sudden drastic changes and try to become a totally different person. Understand what it is you want to change and let it sink in slowly until it becomes a part of your identity. Remember that the best person you can be is yourself, and this is all about you being yourself...only better.

Going through a breakup is never easy. As pain is a natural part of life, so is change. So take this chance to learn and adapt from this pain and sincerely strive to change to be a better and more complete person. And in the process, make your ex want you back.

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Sometimes no matter what you do to forget your ex, you find it impossible to do so! This means that you are really in love with him and will be only happy when you manage to get him back in your life. These tips are ways of reigniting your ex's love and desire for you and bringing him back where he belongs.

Be sweet, sexy and sorry!

The right attitude, behavior and manner will do wonders. Don't show him that you are angry, bitter and unforgiving or else he will stay as far away from you as possible. The best way to crawl back into his heart and mind is to be sweet, loving, and apologetic! Once he senses that you are willing to let bygones be bygones - he will start to relax around you.

Project a picture that stuns him

Don't look like the same old girl he broke up with! If he sees no changes in you he might just not be interested in you at all. Remember that he broke up because of certain reasons so it is important that he realizes that those reasons do not exist anymore! Look like a new creation and stun him.

Surprise him by showing him a new side of you

Let him be thoroughly shocked and surprised by the "new" you. The more he sees you doing things that you never did before, looking absolutely stunning and fabulous, confident and charismatic in every way, he will never be able to resist your charms and will fall for you all over again.

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Become confident and show off!

It is so essential that your ex should see how confident you have become since the break up. Instead of going into a shell and turning into an insecure introvert, you are seen as a confident and mature person who seems to be successful and impressive. If he notices that you have the ability of impressing every one around you - he is bound to fall for you again.

Have a lot of admirers

Bask in the admiration of many admirers. Earning the attention of the opposite sex is no mean feat and your ex knows it. That is why the sight of your popularity with other males will make him aware of your sexual and physical appeal. He will find himself falling madly in love with you all over again.

Start having hobbies that always excited him

Remember when he used to try to get you to go scuba diving or mountain climbing with him and you refused because you were too intimidated? Well, this is the time you have to prove that you are no longer that scared, shy and insecure girl. Get involved in activities that used to make him excited and he will be impressed!

Don't be too encouraging or close!

No matter how excited and thrilled you are at the fact that he has started noticing you don't let him know of it as yet! It is best to act in a cool and distant manner for the time being till you are one hundred percent sure that he is pursuing you all over again. Only when that happens - allow him to get close. This sort of attitude will make him crazy for you.

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Are you feeling miserable because the love of your life just broke up with you? Don't worry - you can still get him back. All you have to do is breathe and calm down first. Once your mind is clear, you can then send text messages to your ex boyfriend that will get him back in your arms ASAP - believe it.

In fact, if you send him properly constructed messages, you may even get to convince him that going back to the way things were was completely his idea. Here are some of the text messages to your ex boyfriend that can help you get what you want:

"I'm glad that we can be friends now."

This might sound counterproductive to you, but you need to accept that your old relationship is dead and gone, and may never resurface. So, instead of trying hard to save the remnants of the past, you should just forget about it and try to build a whole new one from scratch. This is a good thing, though. By starting from scratch, you can learn from your mistakes in the past and come up with a new and improved relationship this time around.

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"Do you remember that?"

Naturally, that isn't the only thing the text messages to your ex boyfriend should say. You have to include a happy and positive memory from your past to that text, as well. Basically, what you have to do is make him remember why he was in a relationship with you to begin with. Remind him of how great you were together and make him miss you like never before. Ideally, you should remind him of these things in short spurts, though, so he won't feel threatened in any way.

"I always liked that shirt on you."

Of course, you can't send text messages to your ex boyfriend like this if he didn't know that you saw him. This will only make you look like a stalker. However, if you bumped into him at the mall or at a party, sending him a text message like this can do wonders at winning your ex boyfriend back in the end. After all, you are telling him that you still find him desirable, you are flirting with him subtly, and you are showing him that he has been on your mind since you spotted him all at the same time. And let's face it: guys love it when girls feed their egos!

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At the time of your break up, if your ex suggested to you to call it quits and just stay friends, then perish the thought - totally! This is just a way for your ex to get out of a bad situation easily, and will in no way help to get your ex back.

If you wanted to be just friends, then you wouldn't have got into a relationship with your ex now would you? You love your ex, and want all of him/her - not someone else's leftovers, so don't agree to it!

Just imagine how hurt you'll be if and when you see your ex with a new partner. I can guarantee you that you won't feel very friendly at all! You'll feel so hurt, angry, and jealous, and harbouring thoughts of taking a swipe at the other person, and all with very good reason!

What I suggest you do is, wait a while until you are over all the hurt and anger of your break up - you'll be able to think a lot clearly then, and talk to your ex a lot calmer - and then say what needs to be said. This is when you can try to get your ex back in a relaxed way, and accept whatever happens.

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Tell your ex that under no circumstances whatsoever, will you accept being just friends. Either you talk about the problems you had in your relationship, fix them and get the relationship up and running again, or you both go your own separate ways.

Give your ex some time to give you an answer to your proposal, tell him/her to give you a call within a few days, and then leave. However, don't go home and cry your eyes out and become all miserable again, use this time to heal your emotional wounds by doing things that will make you happy again.

You might or might now get your ex back, so it's best to be prepared for whatever happens. Go out with your friends and live your life to the full. This way, you have a head start, whether your ex decides to accept your proposal or not. If you're happy, you will be able to accept what happens, either way.

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