My Ex Says He Misses Me But He Has A Girlfriend: My Ex Says He Still Loves Me But Has Girlfriend

Falling in love is one of the most wonderful experiences in life. On the contrary, a breakup is the most shattering experience.

It is difficult to carry on with life if you still love your boyfriend after the break up. It becomes more difficult to have control over your emotions when your boyfriend has a new girlfriend in his life and the question on how to get him back again will keep bothering you.

At this point of time you may feel that you can never get your ex boyfriend back in life and you have lost him forever. However, you should never give up hope. There are many simple tips available on how to get him back if your ex boyfriend has a new girlfriend.

One of the most important things at this point of time is to have full control on your emotions. In case you happen to meet up with your ex boyfriend and his new girlfriend, you must not show your anger or jealousness openly. Instead, you should try to be as calm as possible and must not insult her even though you really want your ex boyfriend back.

In case your ex boyfriend introduces you to his new girlfriend, you should smile and be friendly. You can even make a short and sweet positive comment about her. It will surely make a very good impression about you in front of your boyfriend who would have expected just the opposite of it. It will also help you in gaining more respect from your boyfriend.

If you are still in good terms with your ex boyfriend, this action of yours will make him share the details about his new girlfriend. You never know this must be the beginning of your reunion. May be this new girlfriend must be just a temporary relationship for your ex boyfriend or he is just testing you.

So do not lose hope even if your ex boyfriend has a new girlfriend and just try your best to be patient and you will surely get him back again.

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If you're here wondering how to get your guy back, then it's important you read and take action on what I'm about to say. Breaking up doesn't have to be the end of your relationship. In fact, breaking up can be an incredible experience to improve your relationship and create a stronger bond than ever before.

At this very moment, you may be feeling desperate and depressed. By the time you get done reading, I hope you'll feel empowered. It's perfectly natural and OK to feel bummed, sad, and even angry.

When you're experiencing a broken heart, a lot of things don't seem to matter anymore. However, if you want your man back, then you need to grab hold of your emotions, toss them to the curb for a while, and think about things rationally.

Start by answering some questions. Why did the breakup occur? Who decided to end the relationship? Was the relationship in a downward spiral for a long time, or did it seem to be a spur of the moment decision because of one very specific event? You must identify the situation you're dealing with before you can fix it.

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Next, take some time and really think about the relationship. Is this the man you really want to be with? Is getting back together what you truly want?

This is important because many times after a breakup, you may feel like you want him back just because you're feeling lonely. Then, later on you realize it was a big mistake to give things another chance. You need to make sure getting back together with your ex boyfriend is what you really want.

If you've come to the conclusion you want him back, then now is the time to show him you aren't desperate or needy. Accept the breakup and give him space. Don't get emotional around him and don't let him know you're sitting around desperately waiting for his phone call.

You need to find out how he truly feels about you. The only way to do that is to make him miss you by cutting off contact for a while and doing your own thing.

It also puts the thought in his mind that you aren't just sitting around waiting for him. Remember, some relationships simply aren't salvageable. If he's truly done with you, then you'll need to accept it and move on. If he's still in love with you, then he'll take action when he starts feeling like he could lose you forever.

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So you are missing your ex, and he/she never returns your calls. You are always tempted to leave messages, and maybe have even filled his/her in box a few times; only to have your ex utterly ignore you. Heck, you may have even poured your heart and soul into some of those messages and your ex never even returned your call! Well don't worry my friend, because you do not have to ball your face off anymore over your ex! This is how you can get your ex to return your phone calls.....

Quit calling - You see, when you always call your ex, you make yourself look really easy. What happens then, is that your ex just gets annoyed, and probably you have been excessively calling your ex as well. However, if you stop calling for a bit, your ex will instantly feel insecure and will wonder where the heck you went!

Leave your ex a quick message - After you have given some time (as in a week or more!), leave your ex this message either by email or text: "Thanks for the breakup, and I'm so glad we did because I have met the love of my life finally".

Leave only one message, and this message alone will get your ex calling you back. You see, the reason this works is because your ex will suddenly wonder why you seem to have moved on so quickly. This will bother your ex, and the idea that you have met someone else will send your ex over the edge. This is because your ex did not actually want to see you with someone else, but rather your ex was keeping you at bay, because it was their way of getting all of your attention!

However, when you show your ex like this, that you are moving on fast, he/she will go nuts with jealousy and will be calling you like crazy just to know the details.

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To get a woman, a man likes a great hunt. Thus, you are the hunted as a woman. Did your ex boyfriend pursue you relentlessly when you get together? Did he never give up trying to get you to go out with him? Then, when you did, he wanted more? He enjoyed the hunt and the victory of capturing you!

So, now that you have broken up, he may start hunting again. As you do not want this to happen, you need your ex boyfriend to start pursuing you again.

But, this time around, you are going to use reverse psychology on him. It is called male psychology that a woman can use to her advantage. Put yourself in his shoes and go have some fun!

What if he has moved on? Here's how to get him back.

Men do not like to be out of control. They feel like they have to control everything and be dominate. They do not like a woman to pursue them because they feel like either you are controlling, or invading his domain which is his space. He feels smothered all the time.

So, when out with friends say things to them that will get back to your ex boyfriend. Tell them how much of a stud he was in bed, how he made you the best breakfast, how he treated you as high class when you went out together.

Let them know this is why you are dressed the way you are in case he comes in and you accidentally bump into each other. Let them know you are lonely and feel weak without him to protect her when she is alone in the big empty house.

I guarantee you your ex boyfriend's ego will go through the roof. He will have to pursue you again to win you back to show he still loves you and cares for you. But, you knew this all along!

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