My Ex Says He Is Happier Without Me: Why Did My Ex Tell Me He's Happy Without Me In His Life

The initial reaction of a "dumpee" (a person who gets dumped by a lover) is to try all things humanly possible to try to talk, cajole or beg his/her ex to change his/her mind. The initial reaction is common and understandable but if you continue to fight off your ex's decision to break-up with you then the more you will annoy your ex to the "point of no return". What should you do then to get your ex back?

Your best course is to make your ex miss you. There is no point trying to argue or debate your way back to reconciliation. That will not happen. The more you plead, the more your ex's will close her/his mid to the idea of getting back together. Make your ex miss you! Here are some ways to effectively plan your course of action.

Do not disagree with your ex's decision to break-up. Your ex broke off with you for a reason. You still have no inkling on what the reason could be but one thing you are sure of: your ex does not to be with you right now. Take the hint and agree to the break-up.

What can you do to get your ex back? Is it possible to make your ex miss you like crazy?

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Disappear from your ex's circle. Stop yourself from calling or texting or e-mailing your ex. You might think it's alright to occasionally call or text your ex but that is not the case. Your ex split-up with you therefore he/she does not want to see or hear from you. Give your ex the time to miss you. Your ex will definitely think about you agreed amicably to the break -up without questions.

Enjoy your free time. Being in a relationship is tiring in a sense. You always have to think of ways and means to please and make each other content which does not always work anyway. Take advantage of your single-blessedness. Have fun with your friends and if your ex happens to see you having a spanking good time, your ex might actually miss you.

Reminisce about good times. There will be a time that you'd bump into your ex. When this happens, don't point an accusing finger at your ex but try to talk about the good and memorable times you had.

Act as if you are inaccessible. Show your ex that you are enjoying being single. Your ex might actually find you irresistible because you no longer need his/her attention or affection.

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Essentially you have two goals to achieve. One is of course to get your ex back but to add permanence to the future of this relationship you also need to make sure that your ex realizes your worth and never attempts to desert you again. This might seem a bit tough in the beginning, but you can accomplish both the goals provide you apply some strategic thinking.

First of all appreciate that chasing is an attractive game BEFORE the relationship begins and not AFTER a break up. The feeling of regret that you want your ex to perceive ought to come from within, and not by any action that you take.

Repeated calls to your ex would send out a couple of mixed messages: feelings of guilt for leaving such a 'poor' soul like you; you are truly desperate. Unfortunately these feeling do not evoke any love or respect for you

A better and more hard-hitting strategy is to give the signal that you are doing perfectly fine after the breakup. Do this by simply evaporating from his or her life. Your silence is eerie, to say the least. No calls, no messages, and no attempts to catch up - you are nowhere to be seen or heard from. Carry on with life to the best of your ability. After all, life is beautiful, if you know how to enjoy it.

From the moment that your ex finds that you might have moved on, the first feelings of regret start to dig roots in the mind. Several questions crop up - was the decision too hasty? Were the words too rude? And so on. The more you stay away, the more haunting the thoughts get and soon enough, the roles are reversed! Your ex is chasing you. You have not only managed to get your ex back, but have also made a couple of points very clear in the process.

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You are so hurt and upset after the break up. You knew that it was coming, because your ex seemed to gradually lose interest in you until the day that he/she decided that enough was enough and walked out. How can you get your ex back? How can you make your ex desire you again?

You are going to have to be brutally honest with yourself here. Something made your ex slowly lose interest in you, and you need to find out what it was, and then fix it quickly. Have a really long, hard, critical look at yourself if you want to make your ex desire you again.

Are you REALLY the same person that your ex started dating or are there things about you that have very obviously changed? You probably looked great when your ex first met you - outward appearances are usually the first to make an impression.

It could be that over time you became so used to the fact that your ex loved you deeply, that you let yourself go. After all, if your ex loved you when you looked great, surely the same would apply if you didn't look too good?

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Of course your ex would love you even if you didn't look too good when you were ill, or were messy after a day of gardening or something, but if you simply let yourself go and looked slovenly all the time, then yes, this would be off-putting to your ex.

So everything about yourself that has slipped down a notch or two should be fixed immediately. If your weight has changed dramatically then do something about it. Buy some new clothing if it is obvious that you have been wearing clothing that is only fit for cleaning rags.

Get yourself looking just as good as you did when you first started dating, and there is a very good chance that you can make your ex desire you again.

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Do you know the three relationship mistakes to avoid? What should you never do in a relationship? How can you avoid making the same mistakes other women make and keep your relationship lasting? Here are three mistakes you cannot make:

Mistake One: Pressuring. This means constantly asking for proof of his love, mentioning marriage and children over and over, or giving ultimatums. Just like anyone else, your guy will blow his lid if you are constantly in his face about what he needs to do for you. The reason women pressure men is that they think men need an extra push and they think men can be controlled. When you pressure him and give him ultimatums you are far more likely to get the exact opposite of what you want. While you desperately list all the reason he should be with you, all he'll hear is reasons to leave you.

Mistake two: Trying too hard. The second of three relationship mistakes to avoid is trying to please. You do everything he says, dress like you think he wants you to, do your hair the way you think he will like it, cater to his every need. He suddenly can't see a trace of the independent and confident woman he first started dating. Being different from a guy is a very good thing. Men often want a women who's personality compliments their own, not a woman who is just like them. Don't stop being yourself, if you do, you and he will really regret it.

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Mistake three: Not getting and keeping a life of your own. Having a life of your own doesn't mean having a ton of friends if that is not the kind of person you are. It doesn't necessarily mean Saturday night dance parties with the girls, either. It means that you have enough going on to entertain yourself when he goes out and does whatever he does. You should be comfortable without him. If you are not, then you need to make some changes. Constantly wanting or needing him around will be painful for you and annoying for him.

Knowing the three relationship mistakes to avoid is half the battle, next make your actions reflect what you've read. Stop pressuring him, wear your hair the way you like it, and find a hobby you can do alone or with friends. Your relationship and you will be stronger if you do.

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