My Ex Leaves When He Sees Me: My Ex Boyfriend Runs Away When He Sees Me

If your ex boyfriend ignores you and you're still in love with him, you're stuck in a very difficult place. Many women find themselves facing this exact situation and their natural reaction is almost always to try harder by contacting him more and more. If you've been calling your ex boyfriend, leaving him voicemail messages and he doesn't return your calls, you need to take a step back and face the reality of what that means.

When you call your ex over and over again, or send him lengthy emails or texts trying to iron out the problems that lead to the break up, you are making a huge mistake. If your ex boyfriend ignores you each and every time you try and contact him, that's a warning sign that you are making the situation even worse. After a break up men tend to need time to sort through their emotions. This is even true if they are the ones who did the breaking up. If your boyfriend told you that he needed some time or space and then ended the relationship, you need to respect that. If you keep badgering him with phone calls or emails, you are not only disrespecting him but you may as well hang a sign around your neck that says "desperate."

You can get your boyfriend back even if he is ignoring you right now. The first and most important step to doing that is to mirror his behavior and start ignoring him. No more contact with him. Pretend that you've forgotten his number, delete his email address from your address book and try and focus on other things. If you are constantly trying to contact your ex, he is going to resent that. If you stop contacting him, he's going to start wondering what's happened to you. Once he realizes that you aren't desperate to get back together, it will make him start to question the break up. Men want what isn't easily available to them, so if you make it clear that he doesn't have your heart or your attention, you'll stand a much better chance of getting him back.

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You find it hard to figure out what your ex thinks, and you find it even more hard to know how your ex feels about you, because they are always giving you mixed signals. Now, while love may be a guessing game for most people, you are not going to have to guess anymore, because you are about to find out everything your ex feels. Here are 4 sure shot ways to find out if your ex still likes you...

Spending time with you - You may think they have put you in the friends zone, but you can easily differentiate between attraction and "friends" by watching how they act when they do see you. If your ex is always making time to see you, even if they are extremely busy, then they definitely still like you. Whereas if they just consider you a friend, they will never be willing to put anything extra in for you, and won't ever go out of their way.

Who are they dating? - Even if your ex has dated someone else, you will notice that it never lasted that long. Your ex will have been single or in low key relationships since the breakup occurred. He/she will not really be moving on, and will always be centralizing around you.

The past is the present - You will notice your ex is always living in the past. He/she will always bring up things you shared, did together, places you went etc. It is obvious that your ex has not gotten over you, if they are always talking about the past, even months later.

Jealousy is key - A key sign that your ex still wants you back, is to just look at his/her reaction when you are around other people. If you are flirting with someone, or dating someone; does your ex get mad or jealous? If so, then they definitely still like you, and you should now do the necessary things to pull your ex back.

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So you broke up. It did not work out this time and you have this big question in your mind at the moment, How Can I Get My Boyfriend Back? Well, to get your boyfriend back is not something that is impossible to achieve, though a bit tough depending on the situation you are in. With that being said, a few simple tips listed below on how you can get your boyfriend back should keep you on the right track.

First I'm going to tell you a few common mistakes that are done by many, which in fact prove as fatal errors and will make your boyfriend run away faster from you...faster than you can ever imagine.

Firstly, stop calling him, or trying to contact him (IM, Text, E-Mails). It will hurt a lot, however, it's an essential step to take. Not only because he needs the time to think about things, it's important to you, for him to see it very clearly that you no way think that the world is over without him.

Stop nagging your boyfriend. Constant nagging will push your boyfriend further away from you. As a mater of fact, men hate to be nagged.

Don't quarrel with your boyfriend over the reasons given for the breakup. Quarreling will happen when you just can't accept the reasons given for the breakup. No matter how lame excuses them seem to be, if you want to get back a boyfriend just don't do it.

Things that you should be doing to get boyfriend back-

-Show him through your actions that you've learned from past mistakes and why he fell in love with you to begin with.

-Win over his friends

-Be positive

-Don't show your desperation to your boyfriend that you have to get him back

-Don't try too hard and stay clam, be yourself at all times

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You know that it was entirely your fault that you and your ex had such a huge argument. You are also perfectly aware that you said some really awful things to him/her, and you can also understand why your ex is ignoring you right now. The thing is though you still have these very deep feelings of love for your ex and want more than anything to make your ex start talking to you again.

It's really great that you know and admit that it was you that caused the problems that led to the relationship falling apart, but if you want to make your ex start talking to you again then it is to him/her that you should be saying these things.

You probably went about things in the wrong way, by immediately trying to call your ex to explain things, and in the process, got so carried away, that you ended up begging and pleading with your ex to take you back. This will do nothing but make your ex avoid you at all costs, so stop doing it right away.

What will help though, is if you send your ex a text message or email explaining everything. Admit to the break up being your fault entirely - apologize profusely for saying all those terrible things, and say that you would do anything to take them back again.

Also, say that you realize that what you did has made him/her angry with you, but you would like it if you could meet sometime and discuss things. Tell your ex that he/she can have all the time necessary to think things over. Now leave your ex alone.

It takes a really big person to admit to mistakes they have made, and, if your ex thinks about what you have said, he/she will realize that you are one of these people. Hopefully your honesty and sincerity will make your ex start talking to you again.

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