My Ex Is Mad At Me For Dating Someone Else: My Ex Is Mad At Me For Moving On

Do you want your ex back? Are they constantly on your mind? Do they give you mixed signals? Would you like to know how they feel for you? Exactly how do you tell if your ex still loves you?

Below are a few ways how you can tell if your ex still loves you:

1). If your ex begins to talk to you again then this shows that they're beginning to miss you. If they make an effort then they no doubt still love you.

2). If they contact you and wish to plan various dates, then this again, is an obvious sign that your ex still loves you. For instance, if you get a text message asking whether you fancy going out for lunch sometime, then this is a positive sign they still want you.

3). If your ex begins to buy gifts and give you things or does things for you like a slave then yet again, they still want you.

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4). If they constantly try calling you or emailing you then this shows that they miss your voice and miss just talking to you.

5). If they always talk about the good times together such as first time you met, where you hung out or things you did together. Then this is an obvious sign that your ex still loves you.

6). If your ex attempts to flirt or any excuse to touch you if you're near each other then this shows they want you. Even a little touch on hand or even a brush as they walk past is a sign. This is their way of showing they still want you but are shy to admit it.

As you can see, there are so many different signs how you can tell if your ex still loves you. So take this advice and see if your ex is doing the same. If they are; there is no doubt that they still want you. Act fast before they get bored chasing you!

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You're feeling extremely down and lonely - you and your ex have broken up, but you still love them dearly. Does your ex still love you? This is the ultimate question- they do, you can get them back; if they don't, then it is best to call it quits and move on. But what are the signs your ex still loves you?

It's no doubt a difficult situation right now; you still love your ex even though you're feeling hurt and angry over the whole break up. You both said some harsh things to each other which you regret as it constantly plays on your mind. You don't want to talk to them, but you think that by not contacting them, they will only forget about you.

Allowing time away from the break up; i.e. not contacting them will help your cause significantly. This is the best approach; you both need time to get over the break up, and you'll no doubt know what your true feelings are for each other.

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There are always signs to look for that will let you know whether your ex still loves you or not. You maybe hanging out with your friends and your ex is always in the background somewhere; maybe shopping, getting their groceries etc. This is not coincidence; this is probably planned- your ex is making the point of knowing where you are so they can be within close proximity of you.

Maybe this will go on for a few days and then they will start contacting you once again. Does your ex still love you? Probably yes! Why else would they make the effort to see you once again? Why else would they wish to be near you? It's because they still love you!

There is no way your ex would do this if they were no longer interested in you. Does your ex still love you? There is no doubt you've seen the positive signs; they've been near you; contacted you and so on. I can safely say that the next step is asking to meet up once again.

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You think the break up is a mistake and now you want to get back with your ex. It won't be easy but if you really love your ex, then it's worth a try.

If trying to get back with your ex is what you really want, then you know the reasons why relationships sometimes fail. By knowing such reasons, you might figure out where exactly you went wrong and you will know how to fix it.

Understand that unless you go to the root of the problem, then your relationship can't really be fixed. This isn't algebra where you can be graded, this is your relationship and knowing what caused the heartache takes you one step closer to fixing your relationship. Or in this case, getting your ex back.

So what are the common relationship problems and how do you fix them?

Trust issues

There should be trust between the two of you because this is where you build the relationship. Without trust, of if you violated the trust, then your relationship will crumble. If your ex left because of trust issues, then you better find a way to convince him/her that your loyalty and feelings are true.

Most people have difficulty in building trust because they fear abandonment or they're tired of people disappointing them. Your ex may feel like you abandoned them, or cheated them, or you disappointed them. Be sincere through words and actions to convince your ex that they can trust you.

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Communication (or lack of it)

Miscommunication is another common relationship problem. You and your ex are both individuals and sometimes preferences, expectations, and even values can clash. The two of your end up hurting each other and along the lines, one of you stubbornly refused to give in or compromise thus ending your relationship.

It doesn't mean you have to give in to your ex all the time just to get them back. But what you can do is be mature and perhaps keep an open mind. If your ex sees that you start listening and keeping an open mind, then maybe they'll see that you've changed. They'll follow your example and be open minded and listen to your ideas as well.

Personal space

Sometimes, not spending enough quality time with each other can lead to possessiveness. Perhaps you've been too possessive and controlling just because you want to be closer to your ex. Either that or you ended up being needy and clingy.

If this was the problem, then you need to talk it out with your ex. You need to explain your point of view and try to correct this problem. Explain to your ex why you felt this way and tell them that from now on, you will respect their space.

Quality time

When a relationship is new, or it's in the honeymoon period, then everything seems exciting. There's mystery and passion. But once that's over then you're left with a regular relationship which can seem like a routine. Perhaps you and your ex fell into the routine of late nights at work, busy weekends, etc. You ended up not having enough quality time with each other. If you've been too busy to spend time with your partner, then he or she will feel unappreciated.

Now you know what happens when your partner feels like you don't appreciate them. They'll walk away and seek attention from someone else. If you want to get back with your ex, then apologize for your mistake. Show them how truly sorry you are and convince them that they are your priority.

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If you've ever been to a square dance without taking lessons, you'll know just how hard it is to get your partner back after a do-si-do gone wrong. Just the same, if you've had a bad falling out with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you'll find the solo tango presents an obstacle.

Step 1: Pretend You're Movie Cops: Not everybody has had success winning back the heart of somebody they've scorned but everybody has seen cop movies where the guy on the edge of retirement gets paired with the loose cannon and they soon find out their differences are what makes them the same, which is also true in love relationships.

Step 2: Apologize: "I'm sorry I got you hijacked by those terrorists." "Yes, and I'm sorry I slept with your wife." If two detectives can air out grievances like those, not picking up the laundry or doing the dishes will seem like misdemeanors.

Step 3: Take Some Time After one of you takes a desk job or the other gets paired with an annoying partner with a shrieking German accent, you'll find out that being in the company of your ex is what truly made you happy.

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Step 4: Big Showdown: The drug deal that's going down at midnight in your situation is a big party or a huge wedding reception. Use this opportunity where you and your ex will both be in attendance to make your big splash and try to win them back for good.

Step 5: Patience: You had some good moments like the time you ran your van into the Washington Monument or blew up the 405 but becoming partners again just might be too big of a step right now. Perhaps talking over the CB or playing on the department softball team is a better first step.

Step 6: The Back And Forth The reason you two meshed in the first place was that your personalities were just different enough for a good cohesion. You don't have to go from a semi-automatic swiveling maniac to a poet laureate but if you find a middle ground your relationship has a better chance to strive.

Step 7: Don't Make The Same Mistakes Again: If you find yourself in a hostage situation (i.e. alone with another woman) don't make the same mistake again and learn from your past transgressions. Call for backup or let the perp walk so that you and your partner won't go through another rough patch.

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