My Ex Is Happy And I'm Miserable: Ex Seems Happy After Break Up

Breakups are never easy to come over whether it a mutual or one-sided story of betrayal. How to recover from a breakup is big question that haunts broken heart people for a long time. Yet, life has to go on therefore, it is better if you follow some good tips and come up as a stronger person even after a breakup.

Remove the pain -

Remove the pain from your heart. Remember life is too short to moan over things which happened in the past. Be a strong person and do not let the agony hurt your life and growth. Be a little strict to yourself and let the pain go off. If you want to cry, cry and let the pain vent out.

Be Busy -

Do not let you free to remember those things which bring tears for the past relationship. Keep yourself busy and occupied. If it is like overburdening yourself, let it be for a while. A busy life will not let the pan of a breakup control your life and you will learn easily how to recover from a breakup.

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Enjoy being single -

One very positive thing about breakup is you are free to be yourself. You do not need to meet up to somebody else's expectations and can enjoy being single. Go for a trip, hang out with friends and do all stuff you wanted to do but suppressed your desire for being in a relationship.

Be independent -

Often people become too much dependent on their partners for petty things. After breakup they feel helpless. You do not need to moan over the loss of a helper indeed. It is time to grab this chance to be independent. Do all your works at your pace and with your own choice. This will give you a new feeling of independence.

Care for your people -

When we are in a relationship, mostly our lives revolve around that one particular person-the partner. However, after a breakup you have plenty of time to care for others who are concerned for you. Give them your attention.

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Perhaps one of the biggest pitfalls of our relationships breaking up before they were really over is that it is hard to make the right decisions to get the relationship back on track. You are penalized two-fold, your heart is broken and telling you to do one thing, and your ex knows you better than anyone else, and therefore has their own expectations as to how you are going to handle the breakup. The use of reverse psychology - in essence, the practice of doing the exact opposite of what is expected - is a great strategy to employ to try to get your ex back.

Just imagine, if you react in the opposite manner that he or she is expecting (which likely includes such activities as begging and pleading for forgiveness), and how stunned they will be when the expected reaction is not forthcoming. This is going to make them question how well they really know you, and is likely to also, in turn, make them question the decision to end the relationship.

Use reverse psychology and see how successful it can be! It is a highly efficient strategy that really does work, as it makes your ex look at you in a new light, considering that maybe their initial impressions of you weren't correct. After the end of the relationship, simply call or otherwise contact your ex, thank them for the time spent together, and agree that you are ready to move on and agree with the breakup. Wish them all the best and then end the communication. This will get your ex to thinking without any doubt.

Go out and have a great time and try not to give your ex much thought, and just know, through the use of reverse psychology, he or she sis going to be thinking about you - a lot. He or she will likely confer with mutual friends who will have nothing to offer them but information on how good of a time you are having in your single life, hitting the town and looking great.

In no time, your ex is going to have decided that they've had enough and make an effort to contact you. And chances are, soon after this, discussions of a reconciliation will be under works. This is when you know that reverse psychology has been very successful, indeed.

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This might seem like a pipe dream to you right now, but believe me it IS very possible to make your ex miss you like crazy. At the moment your ex is in no mood to talk to you right now and doesn't even want to see you. However, this is only because he/she is really angry with you that he/she feels this way.

Do yourself and your ex a huge favor and don't try to make contact at all. Your ex won't even realize it, but you are giving him/her time to get over the break up in his/her own way and at his/her own pace without any interference from you.

What your ex is also not realizing is that you are creating the perfect circumstances to make your ex miss you like crazy. You see, even though your ex might be really resentful towards you at this point in time, it will get to a stage when the hurt and anger have disappeared, and then other emotions will start to take over.

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At first your ex will start to think of you off and on during the day in between all the other activities. After a few days, these thoughts of you will become more and more and actually start preventing your ex from doing some of the things that he/she had planned to do.

It will get to a stage when you are on your ex's mind all the time - when he/she wakes up in the morning, during the day, and last thing at night. Then, after a few more days of missing you like this, it will drive your ex almost nuts - then your ex will realize that he/she cannot take it anymore.

Not being around as you always were is going to make your ex miss you like crazy. It will get to the point when your ex simply has no option but to make contact with you, or go mad thinking about you.

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It's bad enough that you have to worry about the breakup and getting your ex back but now you also found out that your ex is in a rebound relationship. Perhaps the pain of the breakup is too much for them and they turned to rebound relationships just to deal with all the emotions.

Some people think that rebound relationships are the answer when it comes to trying to move on from their real love. But then again, would you really be happy being with someone you don't really love? Not likely but the good news is that you still have a chance getting your ex back because the reason they're in a rebound relationship is because they're having a hard time getting over you.

So what do you need to do?

· Avoid apologizing to your ex all the time. Give a sincere apology for your mistakes then try to let them be.

· Never try to persuade your ex to come back to you. You can't force someone to love you and telling your ex that the two of you are meant to be together and that they're making a mistake is a bad idea. They need to figure this out on their own.

· Don't put the blame on your ex. Your ex may have their share of mistakes and wrongdoings but so do you.

· Don't beg them to take you back. This will only make you look pathetic and will push your ex further away from you.

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· Be supportive. If you act supportive then your ex might be inclined to tell you about how the rebound relationship is going. This way, you'll know when the rebound relationship is falling apart and you can plan your move.

You might as well allow the rebound relationship to happen and run its course. Butting in and acting enraged will only make you look like the jealous and psychotic ex. Think of it this way: if your ex spends more time in this person, then your ex will notice the flaws and will miss you even more.

What you can do instead is use the time to make some self-improvements. When you got to the bottom of what really caused the breakup, then you know what you need to change in order for your ex not to feel like something is missing when they are in a relationship with you.

It doesn't matter who your ex is dating because it's likely this person doesn't have a history with your ex. They're just there to keep your ex preoccupied from the breakup. Let your ex miss the good things they experienced when they are in a relationship with you and wait for the right time to make your move. Also, allow your ex to see the improvements you've made.

Just remember that when it comes to getting your ex back, don't lose hope even if they are in a rebound relationship. It may be more of a challenge if they are seeing someone else, but keep in mind that they are doing this because they're hurting too.

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