My Ex Is Being Horrible To Me: Why Does My Ex Want To Hurt Me So Much

Acceptance is the best solution when there is nothing you can do. The best way is to accept what happened in your life then learn from your mistakes and move on. Even if you want to get your ex back, it won't help if you are just going to make yourself depressed and lonely. The best way is to act as if you don't care anymore.

When you act like you don't care, your ex will definitely be surprised with your reaction and you will be able to pull him back to your life. Here are some tips that will help you become successful in pulling him back.

1. Let the feelings of anger to subside

It is acceptable that the feelings of anger are high after the breakup. Hence, so as not to initiate a heated argument, it is best to let the feelings of anger to subside. Do not let your anger to control you because this might just ruin your plan.

2. Ignore him when he tries to contact you

Instead of begging him to come back to you, it will be useless because it will only make things more complicated. Rather than begging him or trying to make him come back to you, the best solution is to ignore him especially when he tries to contact you.

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3. Let other people notice that you are happy despite the break up

You don't want to appear miserable in front of many people. The best way is to let other people notice that you are happy even after the break up. Your ex will begin to wonder about you and why you seem to be unaffected after the breakup.

4. Party and mingle

Although you are lonely and you might think that it is not the best time to party, you should actually go out and party because it will make you look as if you're not affected with the break up and you are still able to enjoy.

5. Let the world know that you're single and available

While you are partying, it'll help if you are going to let other people know that you are single and available. This way, your ex will see that you are now open for dating even after breaking up.

6. Convey different signals to him

While he is still wondering why you are still dating, you should convey different signals to him. He'll be confused about your real feelings for him and he'll begin to start chasing after you.

7. Remain friendly to him

When he sees you and greets you, you should also greet him in a casual manner. Do not completely ignore him and give him a chance to be friends with you.

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Drop the ego and admit your mistakes - Whether you do this through a simply apology, or you decide to tell your ex that you were wrong here or there, either way, you need to drop the ego. Sometimes an apology is all it takes, and it doesn't hurt to say you are sorry. Owning up to your mistakes is a huge step in getting your ex to like you again, because it starts you on a psychological path with your ex, where he/she feels you are understanding and agreeing with them, and ultimately with what he/she wants.

Keep your looks up to par - When we get comfortable around someone, we start letting ourselves go. We think they should accept us as we are over a certain period of time, and suddenly our body, clothing styles, and other things are not too appealing. At least make sure that you are trying as hard as you can to look your best, if you even expect your ex to take you back. You see, people do get bored with looks, especially when they see the same thing daily, which is why you need to change a few things up so that your ex can be interested in you again.

Quit acting like a baby - Games are for kids, and so is acting like a kid! If you have insecurities get over them, if you are really desperate, then find a way to love yourself. Either way, you need to stop demanding things from your ex as if you were a kid, and you also need to stop acting like a baby when you don't always get you way. Relationships take two people, not just one, and always freaking out when things aren't going as you want just seems really childish, so grow up.

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Right now, the thought of making your ex miss you like crazy is most definitely something you want to make happen, but the idea of it actually working seems downright impossible. It isn't, and the way you are feeling right now is natural. You are hurt, confused, and even angry at the things that were said and done during the breakup, so it is hard to see how these issues can even be discussed, let alone resolved. This is what arguments do to us, especially when they are with the ones we love the most, they leave us feeling ill at ease and broken.

But you will not always feel that way, and your ex will not always feel the anger and hurt you say them display during the breakup. Remember, they were very upset too, and you both just need some time to think things over. You need to be able to look at the argument rationally, and see it for what it was - more often than not, the fight that led to the split was over something stupid and trivial. As you find yourself in a better place, you are on track to making your ex miss you like crazy.

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So let your ex be for awhile - this is something that you BOTH need. After a few days or weeks without contact, your ex will be able to look at the situation differently and is likely to come to the same conclusion that you did - that the breakup was silly, and they will start to miss you and want you back. They are likely even contemplating making that first contact to apologize and get a dialogue open.

Pride is a big factor here, so it might take a little while for your ex to come around. But soon enough, they will miss you too badly to let pride get in the way of trying to get you back. It is at this time that you will know you've been successful in your attempts at making your ex miss you like crazy, and you are on track to getting back together again.

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Stop gazing at the sky hunting shooting stars to make a wish on getting your ex back! It's silly and no good. You don't need a miracle; all it takes is time, knowledge, and a smart attitude.

They say time is a healer, but people tend to take time for granted. So do not rush into things when you are already half buried in moving sand. It's a metaphor I like to use when talking about couple related problems. What is the use of struggling when the key to getting out of a troubled relation and back into a normal couple is patience?

Good things happen for those who wait.

Patience may not be the closest word to your heart at the moment, but it is really effective. Considering the fact that you are both hurt, tensed and sad for how things have turned up for you, insisting on having another pointless discussion would be pure torture. A more logic and efficient approach would be to take some time off. Let's call this a well deserved break you both need to see things in a clear light. It is not the end; it is just a temporary phase that helps you make your ex desire to be with you again and love you even more than before.

Separation as bliss.

If your ex still loves you and you no longer try to contact him/her will be at aid in making up his/her mind regarding the decisive time off. Boyfriends or girlfriends mostly realize that their lives are empty without you and wish to start over again with you. If love is not as strong as it should be, you will both move on with your lives and probably stay friends. Either way, by understanding and accepting the separation and trying to keep a good balance in your life, you will have gained experience in how to deal with undecided lovers. The will run back at you anyway!

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