My Ex Is Being Horrible To Me: How To Make Your Ex Stop Treating You Badly

Does your ex treat you like crap? Are they always mad at you for some reason or another, and blame you for so many things?

It can be extremely hard to get your ex back when they are always lashing out at you, and aren't even giving you a fair chance. But how do you get your ex to actually treat you like you deserve?

Read on to find out how you can make your ex want you back and stop them from treating you badly....

Making your ex FORGET the past

This is the VERY first thing you need to do, and it will be the most difficult. The first step is to admit your guilt to your ex for any wrong doings. This includes apologizing for anything you have done wrong.

This DOES NOT, however, mean that you should sit there begging them to forgive you for everything. Be specific, know exactly where you went wrong and move on from there.

The second step to making your ex forget the past, is to forgive YOURSELF. If you do not forgive yourself, you will always be wanting to talk about it or will bring it up without realizing it in other ways, because you are thinking about it.

Once you forgive yourself, your ex will notice that you are more light hearted, which will in turn be good because the third step is to forgive your ex.

Verbally acknowledge to them that you do forgive them for things, but don't explain the things directly, because this is once again bringing up the past. Instead explain that sometimes you felt hurt by your ex's actions, and tell them that you have forgiven them and have moved on.

Do not expect or ask your ex to forgive you in return.

Preventing your ex from treating you badly

Once you have done the above, a lot of your issues will go away within a short period of time, because you will have tapped into your ex's psychology and will have triggered them to feel a whirlwind of emotions towards you.

The next thing you want to do is literally avoid talking about anything from the past, even if your ex brings it up tell them you have to go. In turn, you should start "moving on" in your life and start doing as many things as you can.

Your ex will notice this and will fear losing you for good, because you do appear to have moved on. Your ex will also inadvertently feel more attracted to you, because you appear to be changing and doing better things, and thus will stop treating you so bad.

In turn, your ex will end up wanting you back, fearing that you will find someone else, and not wanting you to forget them.

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It is good that you have decided to try and get your partner back. Once you have confessed that you really love your partner and can't live without him/her, it is only a matter of time and effort before you can be reconciled with them. These tips will however let you know what you should do on your part to get him/her back.

Get ready to change

You should know by now what it was that drove your partner crazy and away from you. Get ready to make some serious changes where your behavior, habits and attitudes are concerned. There is no way that your partner will waltz into your life again unless he/she sees that you have changed.

Look for the miracle

It is no use making efforts to get your partner back if you don't really believe it yourself. Have confidence in your abilities and strengths. Look out for a miracle. Expect things to change and have a positive attitude that will help you to become a wonderful positive person.

Don't get desperate

Relax! Don't do things out of desperation. If you keep calling your partner day and night, text and send him/her messages etc, they will start to get irritated and want to swat you like a pesky fly! Be calm, cool and collected around your ex and stop making any sort of contact with your partner.

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Don't prove to be disloyal

One thing that will touch and impress your partner is your loyalty. When your partner sees that you have not started dating the first person you see after the breakup, it will prove that your feelings were true and ran deep. This loyalty will melt your partner's heart and he/she will be back.

Bring back the magic

You do remember the first date you had with your partner, don't you? It is time to bring back the old magic and attraction. Do the things you first did when you were dating your partner and take pains to look even more beautiful and attractive than you did then! It works!

Stop the complaining

If you have not learnt your lesson by now - you will never get your partner back. No man or woman will be able to stand nagging, criticism and complaining for long. Show your partner that you are past all that and have gotten stronger and more mature. This will be a welcome change.

Don't fight him/her on the breakup

The best way to get your partner back is not to fight him/her on the breakup. Using force or pressure is the wrong tactic. If you are counting on a healthy and wonderful relationship in the future, then let him/her come back to you on their own.

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Clarity of thought can lead to achievement of extremely hard goals. Just imagine if after breaking up with your partner, you come to know for sure that he/she wants you back. Things will be so much easier and you will be able to exert a full-scale effort to get your ex back.

But the cruel truth is that most people are never sure if their ex partners are really interested in a patch up. Is this one thought holding you back from doing what you can to get your ex back? If so, then here some cues that your ex will send to you if he/she still loves you and wants you back just as badly.

1. Did your ex ask you to continue to be his/her friend at the time of the breakup? This is a common signal that most ex partners send and this simply demonstrates the fact that they are not prepared to live without you just now. It is likely that your ex still loves you and that's why he/she is still wants to live close to you.

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2. Are you still getting some pretty birthday gifts from your ex? Now what could be a more suggestive signal telling you how much your ex still loves you! Flowers, Teddy bears, box of chocolates or even a simple text message point to the fact that your ex is ready to come back.

3. Many couples have favorite restaurants and cafes and maybe you and your ex used to go to some select places quite often. If you find your ex hanging around these places after the breakup, this means that he\she is just trying to get closer to you. You ex may even want a reconciliation, so why should you hold back?

4. Ex partners tend to act weird after breakups. For instance, if your ex keeps turning up at your workplace every now and then, rather than thinking of him/her as a weirdo, you need to understand that there's a reunion on the cards. Just go for your ex!

5. Finally, if your ex hasn't started dating someone after the breakup even after passing by of several months since the breakup, it reflects the fact that your ex wants you back.

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Needless to say, being parted from your ex hasn't been easy. For you to want them back, you must have discovered that life without them can be hellish. It is very normal for you to feel this way; considering the fact that the two of you must have had a swell time while your relationship lasted. I want to assure you that your desire can actually become reality in the long run. You can succeed in having your ex back and you can even get that accomplished in a jiffy.

How on earth is that possible? Well, be patient with me as I lay the one million dollar solution on your lap (the patient dog eats the fattest bone). Irrespective of the fact that you were the one that caused the break up in the first instance, you can work your way into your ex's heart and get him or her back again.

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The whole process starts with some measure of honesty on your part. You will need to start by honestly taking stock of all that transpired between you and your ex and try to discover your faults. Not only should you discover the fault, you should also be able to accept your fault without allowing pride to set in.

Discovery of your fault should normally be followed by the willingness to take action to apologize to your ex. Pride is one of the things that can go a long way in breaking any kind of relationship. You should throw your pride away and be willing to apologize to your ex.

This shouldn't come immediately after the break up. You should allow your ex to calm down after the break up before you take this action. Immediately after the break up, your ex will be so much tensed up that they will not want to listen to you in the least. But after 'time' had worked on their minds, they will be able to listen to you some. By the time you apologize to them, your ex may be willing to listen to you and be willing to come back to you.

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