My Ex Hates Me But He Dumped Me: Why Does My Ex Who Loved Me So Much, Hate Me After Breaking Up

Most of us never fully realize the value of something we have, until we lose it. And so it is with relationships. Only after a current love becomes an ex do we realize all the things we could have done - or shouldn't have done - to save the relationship....

You sure made some huge mistakes...

Stop blaming your ex, it's time to seriously look yourself in the mirror and say "buster, where did I go wrong", and then take it from there. So you can start by figuring out what it was that made your ex dump you. There was some reason your ex picked you in the first place. And then something happened which made your ex change his or her mind. Figure out what that 'something' was, fix it and let your ex know.

Your ex liked you for a reason... until...

Once upon a time, your ex liked you. While the reasons may be many, you slowly took away their attraction by doing bad things and having bad habits. But all you have to do now, is reverse everything, by becoming the person they originally liked. Maybe it was the way you look, or the way you spend your time. Get a new wardrobe, a makeover and a new personality. Be likeable and charming and try to make your ex think you're hot. That should take care of all the attraction issues.

What can you do to get your ex back? Is it possible to make your ex miss you like crazy?

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Social butterflies get attention...

It's no surprise that people who are "social butterflies" often get noticed and instantly command the attention of those around them. You can do the same thing, and get your ex noticing you. Another area where you could make a few changes would be the social calendar and your activities. Maybe your ex hates the thought of having to make nice with your family and old college buddies. Maybe the whole town is depressing to your ex.

Crunch time...

In the crunch time, you need to really consider changing. So make an offer to your ex - that you're willing to make the changes necessary and you can start fresh anywhere your ex wants. A change of atmosphere will do wonders for a near-dead relationship. You could also start taking an active interest in whatever your ex likes. Maybe you never got up in the morning, while your ex goes jogging everyday. So go buy a pair of Nikes. If your ex loves fancy restaurants while you enjoy roadside stands, put on a nice suit and start drinking champagne instead of beer.

Get the common ground...

You won't get through to your ex, unless you can find some common ground, but the above tips will help you do that fast. Once your ex realizes that you're willing to find common ground where you can enjoy each other's company, it gets a lot easier, and if your ex likes you, it's a good place to start.

A simple way to find out what's really going on is to talk to your ex's friends and family. There's a reason why you broke up - because you didn't understand each other anymore, and you barely knew what was going on in your ex's life. Talking to friends and family also has the additional benefit that they will put in a good word for you with your ex, and if your ex has any feelings at all left for you, that should be motivation enough for you two to take another shot at it.

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If texting your ex boyfriend back has been on your mind for a while now, then you might still be on the edge on whether you should try it out or not. After all, the Internet only seems to have bad things to say in that department. Despite the fact that many dating gurus online claim that texting your ex boyfriend back would be a bad idea, though, this doesn't necessarily make them right.

Besides, who is to say that dating gurus want what's best for you? These people have no idea who you are. So, although texting an ex right after a breakup might not be a smart move, this doesn't mean that texting him after a month with hopes of getting back together with him won't work out for you. How are you supposed to get back together with your ex if you don't stay in touch with him, anyway? In today's technological day and age, it makes perfect sense to try texting your ex boyfriend back. Think about it.

The first thing you need to realize is that texting your ex in itself isn't bad at all. The only bad thing about texting is how certain women tend to use text messages without thinking about what they are doing. A lot of women send their ex boyfriends inappropriate texts with hopes of getting them back, but they simply do not work out because that isn't how you should go about it.

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If you actually want to get your ex back and want to use text messages in order to do so, then you have to make sure you don't mess up whenever you text him. This will only make matters worse. Believe it or not, simple and short text messages have the power to blow up in your face if you do not plan them out first or think about things first.

The good news is that texting your ex boyfriend back does come with a few benefits, such as the following:

• They are personal.

• They aren't too confrontational.

• You can think about what you want to say before you say it.

• You have the chance to win your ex over all over again with them.

• They aren't too overwhelming.

• You can open up with them without feeling shy or embarrassed.

• They can help you send the right message if you learn how to use them properly.

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Is it possible to get your ex back in 7 days or less? The answer is yes. Does it happen very often? The answer to that is no. If you want your ex back in the shortest time frame possible, then this article will give you 4 crucial tips to help you avoid common mistakes that rip apart a relationship far longer than it needs to be.

4 Tips To Get Your Ex Back - Getting It Right From The Start

If you want to get your ex back in 7 days or less, here's a key point to keep in mind: the less contact you have immediately following the breakup, the faster your ex will come back. Keep that in mind as you read through the following 4 tips.

Don't Fight It. Just Accept The Breakup

When a breakup occurs, don't fight it. Just accept it. Accepting the breakup doesn't mean you're giving up on getting your ex back, but it will help put you in the right frame of mind to win your ex back fast. Remember, the less you push from the very beginning, the better chance you have of repairing your relationship in no time flat.

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Create Space

We touched on this a little earlier, but it's so critically vital that it really can't be stressed enough. Knowing how to get your ex back means knowing how to create space. If you don't create space, your ex can't miss you. If your ex doesn't miss you, then they won't want you back. It really is as simple as that. Space doesn't just mean physical space. It also means no texting, calling, emailing, or making any other contact with your ex.

Don't Wallow In Self Pity

When your heart aches, it can be extremely difficult not to be depressed. However, you absolutely must fight the urge to sit at home feeling sad, lonely, miserable, and feeling sorry for yourself. That's not the person your ex fell in love with in the first place, so why would they fall in love with you now? Be happy, remain confident, and don't miss the chance to meet new people or spend time with friends and family.

When The 7th Day Hits, Be Patient

If 7 days pass and you haven't got your ex back yet, don't panic. There's still plenty of time. Be patient and keep following the tips above. You might be surprised by what happens next.

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You cannot just wait around for your ex to take you back, because he/she could easily just find someone else! You also can't just beg your ex to come back, because all that will do is it will make your ex literally think you are pathetic. So what exactly can you do? You see, as long as you know what you are doing, you can get your ex back, but you need to know exactly what to do,otherwise you may be making some huge mistakes. Here is what you must do to get your ex back before it's too late...

Become outgoing - This trick will get your ex feeling guilty, simply because it will look like you were being held back before. Go out and start doing everything you never did before, go socialize, work out etc... do anything and everything you can so that your have no time for your ex. You see, if you start giving less attention to your ex, and more attention to other things in your life, this will also make your ex feel rejected. That feeling will drive your ex nuts, and will make him/her want you back faster.

Act disinterested - This is also known as playing hard to get, but essentially, when you act disinterested in your ex, what will happen is hat your ex will begin liking you and wanting you again. You see, by not handing out your time, attention, love, affection etc... so easily, you instantly make your ex feel like they need to qualify to get your attention again. Your ex will feel challenged and will feel as if they need to prove that you should in fact like them still!

Date someone and take them to places that your ex frequents - Even if your ex doesn't show, he will end up finding out somehow. Either his/her friends will tell him, or other people they know. As well, your ex will be watching you, even if you think he/she is not, and once your ex finds out that you are dating, they will become very jealous. This will drive your ex to try and break you and this other person up.

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