My Ex Hates Me and Has Moved On: I Still Love My Ex Even Though He Has Since Moved On

Are you going through the aftermath of a traumatic break up? Are you one of those people who loved against your better judgment and are suffering because of that? Are you still trying to accept the fact that your boyfriend, or girlfriend, was unfaithful? Are you one of those people who realized quite late in to your relationship that you and your partner were not compatible? Have you been dumped unceremoniously by your partner, whom you were irrevocably in love with? Are you still in love with your ex? Are you one of those people who has lost their partner to some other person? If you belong to any of the aforementioned categories, then it is a high probability that you will feel devastated if you have to accept the fact of losing your partner to some other person and to admit to your self that "my ex is with someone else".

When you realize, and admit to your own self that "my ex is with someone else", you will definitely feel sad and would like to get over that fact and continue your own life, but you would be too much in sorrow over the idea of "my ex is with someone else" to do so.

Suppose you are walking around where your ex lives, because you are still secretly n love with him, or her, and you come across him, or her, with some one else, you will hear your heart say that "my ex is with someone else". What then should you do to endure that sorry fact?

First of all, begin with saying to your own self, repeatedly, that "my ex is with someone else". This is a rather hard way of acquainting your self with the truth. You should then try to talk your self out of impulsively doing some thing rash, like telling your ex that you are still in love with him, or her. "My ex is with someone else" should be the defining reason why you should tell your self to get over your ex completely. The reason that you should be dating some one again, or trying to move on in life should be "my ex is with someone else, and so I am moving on in life". If you know that "my ex is with someone else", that is reason enough for you to do some thing new with your own life because if your ex can move on to some thing, or some one, new, so can you.

"My ex is with someone else" is an excuse that is given by many people to gain sympathy from other people, and which leads to them being sympathized with. Again, some people falsely claim that "my ex is with someone else" just so they can ensnare some one gullible enough to fall for it and have a sympathetic and romantic liaison with the liar.

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There are so many books available in the market to give you the answer for this question. But it's really not that easy to understand a relationship and the complications related to it unless you go through it yourself.

The problems or an issue related to a relationship varies based on the individuals and the circumstances associated with it hence you are the best judge for your relationship.

You need to ask yourself few very important questions like does your ex still holds that special position in your heart, do you still miss the presence of your ex in your life if your answer is yes to these questions then try out few simple tips to get back to your ex:

o To get back your ex who is already with someone else is not going to be that easy hence you need to be prepared to put extra effort. Life is not bed of roses and only one thing which can keep you going against all odds is being optimistic and calm. You need to handle this situation with a great level of maturity to prove that you are much better in all aspects from the person whom your ex is dating currently.

o Never ever make it obvious that you are trying to force your ex to get back to you once again. This may lead your ex to avoid you.

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o Try giving each other some space and time but that does not mean long time or else it will lead to out of sight out of mind situation. It is vital to allow the initial strong feelings of anger, disappointment and pain to calm down before approaching your ex.

o Try bringing some positive changes in yourself both in terms of physical appearance and attitude. Life becomes too boring if there is no change hence it's always better to change yourself in terms of looks as well as attitude to make life more exciting. Either student or professional work hard in your specific field and prove your individuality. Everyone will notice the change in you and it will automatically force your ex to turn towards you.

o Try to meet up with your ex and let the conversation on this first meeting be on the general topics. If you feel that you have reached a comfort level with your ex to some extend try proposing a meeting once again after couple of days.

o On your second meeting try to express your feelings, tell your ex that you've been thinking a lot about this relationship lately. Apologize for the mistakes on your part if any. Try explaining to your ex all those things which according to you went wrong between the two of you an that you are hopeful that things will be different this time as you both have grown mature and already learned from past mistakes.

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Breakups are not uncommon part of life, pretty much all of us have been dumped and some point, so we all know that it never feels good. Even though you are hurt, you still love him or her, and want to get your ex back, but you are unsure of how to go about it. Read on for some expert advice that will back getting your ex back a simple endeavor.

The first thing you need to do is to stop trying to contact them. You both need space and this is the vital first step to repairing the damage to your relationship. You both need to be able to get over your hurt feelings and move on from the negativity caused by the breakup - this takes time and space and is vital if you want to get your emotions back on track.

You then need to think about the split and what led to the downward spiral of the relationship. Be prepared to face some ugly facts such as your own role in the dissolution of the relationship.

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So basically, give your ex some time to regroup and move on from their emotions so they can begin to miss you like you miss them. If you want to get your ex back, it is important that you continue to live your life - go out and have a blast - but be sure that you do not fall prey to trashing your ex with your friends, this is most certainly not the thing to do if you want to get your ex back.

Chances are your friends miss you terribly - your ex monopolized a lot of your time - so take advantage of your newly found free time and go out and have a blast. Try out a new look, get a makeover, it doesn't matter, just do something that will help boost your self-esteem and get you back to having a good time and being happy. When you ex sees how happy, improved, and full of confidence you are, they are going to want to get to know the new and improved you all over again, and this is your chance to get your ex back.

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Do miracles really exist and if so, can they make your ex desire to be with you again? From the thousands of questions, this has definitely crossed your mind so far. There is really no need to be a believer, but a little faith in yourself would really do you good!

To make things clear: what is your definition of a miracle? I presume that right now you are not thinking about Moses and his magic stick, unless that was the name of your ex boyfriend, but let's not get into kinky nicknames. You must be thinking that the miracle of getting your ex back is further away from coming true as days go by.

You probably think that even planet Mars is further than your ex is from you right now, or at least that's how far away from you she/he wishes to be.

Do not despair! Miracles do come true and those who believe can see them happen. So what does it take to make your ex desire to be with you again? Your miracle's name is TIME.

Your ex lover also needs it, so be generous: give her/him time. Eventually wake up with this thought in your mind. I am sure you love your ex dearly and would do anything for her/him. That "anything" includes giving them some time and space away from you.

Time will wash away their pain, and sorrow, and anger and anything bad related to you. Well, you need to give it a bust too and look like a star because, truth be told, that's how she/he has initially fallen in love with you.

All you have to do then is watch the Universe work for you and answer your phone when he makes THAT call. OH, believe me, she/he will call!

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