My Ex Hasn't Contacted Me In A Month: My Ex Hasn't Spoken To Me In A Month

If your breakup has been so bitter that your ex has stopped calling you, then a few solid steps will have him heading right for his phone to call you up.

Use them and wait for that call from your ex.

Avoid calling your ex for some time
If you have been bombarding your ex with constant calls that are not returned then the first step you need to do is to stop calling your ex at least for a fortnight.

This will allow your ex to breathe freely and stop jumping every time the phone rings. You will then be able to implement the other steps without facing resistance.

Call your ex only on a professional basis
Do not call your ex to plead for reconciliation. Instead you should now call your ex occasionally only for professional help or advice.

Your ex will start to admire your new-found maturity while you will be able to open up a line of communication, even if it is still on a formal level.

Throw in half a praise before disconnecting
If your call is answered by your ex's answering machine then throw in praise to your ex for helping you out on a particular task. But ensure that you cut the call before giving out too many details.

This unfinished call will intrigue your ex and he or she will be compelled to call you back.

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Ask a mutual friend to help you out
This is a tricky move that might be essential if your ex simply refuses to talk to you. You can ask a mutual friend to call up your ex and then allow you to take over.

Your ex might be angry initially but if you use the right mix of words that act like a balm then you might just get him or her to calm down and communicate with you.

Send out an email to your ex
If your ex does not pick up the phone then you should send out an email to him or her. You should remember to keep the email short and courteous instead of hurling accusations.

Your ex might just calm down after reading your mail and decide to start talking to you again.

Try texting your ex
If your ex has a cell phone then you can also send out a small text asking him or her to call you back without sounding desperate.

Do not bombard your ex with such texts but instead keep sending a new one every week so that your ex ultimately gets convinced of your dedication and calls you back.

Try the old fashioned way
You can try the old fashioned way of writing a letter to your ex and explaining your side of the story in a mature manner.

You should not type out the letter but instead write it down so as to express your seriousness. Your ex will be moved by your genuine efforts and surely call you back in tears.

These solid steps will enable you to convince your ex to call you back and open up a line of communication that will be useful for you to get closer to your ex again.

Use them and watch your ex soon turn into your life-partner again.

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Appear more than happy
Immediately after the breakup your ex will be expecting you to be despondent and miserable. However you have to deny them this pleasure. Present a happy and cheerful face each time he/she sees you. This is reverse psychology at its best.

Keep smiling
Whenever you see your ex or bump into him or her give them vibrant smile and move on. Don't exchange a word but do show that you are happy to see them. This will surely flummox them and they will start thinking about the reasons you are behaving in this manner.

No contact
While you look at them and acknowledge their presence you should avoid all contact with them. If you happen to be in the same group then change your schedules so that you don't meet your ex. However, pretend that you are just being busy and are not avoiding them. Another way to stop the contact would be if you joined a new group of friends and begin hanging out with them.

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Disappear for short time
Make sure you are seen having fun with your new group. After sometime just take off for a couple of weeks. Once you go missing your ex will begin to wonder where you have gone and he/she will begin to doubt if you went with someone of the opposite sex. Don't leave a clue as to where and with whom you have gone.

Come back and surprise your ex
After a short time come back and present yourself once again. However, this time when you see your ex do acknowledge him/her by saying "Good to see you. How have you been?" This will surely elicit an answer and you will have broken the ice.

Get back on talking terms once again
This is delicate step and you have to be very careful while executing it. Now that your ex has spoken to you and answered you, start talking to them and once again rebuild the rapport. Update them on all that happens in your professional and personal life.

Start to move on
Once your ex becomes comfortable in your company give them a hint that you want to move on and want to get into a relationship. Ask them what they are planning or if there is already someone they are seeing. Your intention to move on forever will send them the message and if your ex really likes you he/she will begin making advances to you once again.

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That awful argument that caused you to break up makes it seem impossible that you can make your ex miss you like crazy. You both said some terrible things to each other, and right now it feels as if any chance to get back together again is a million miles away.

However, if you do things the right way and take the advice that is given in this article, then you have an excellent chance to make your ex miss you like crazy. To make this a reality though, it is vitally important that you do things precisely the way they should be done.

First of all, leave your ex entirely alone for now. Make no attempt to have any kind of contact with him/her whatsoever. This means no calls, emails, or text messages, and definitely no messages via mutual friends. The only way you can make your ex miss you like crazy is if your ex does not see or hear from you for a while.

Even though you are not going to make contact with your ex via your friends, you can use them for the next step towards your success. Go out with them as much as possible and make sure to dress, behave, and do things in such a way that all they can tell your ex about you are great, positive things - things that will eventually make your ex miss you like crazy.

Right now, your ex is just about over the hurt and angry feelings after the break up and his/her attitude towards you is changing completely. Your ex's emotions are cooling down, and he/she is beginning to realize that there are still deep, loving, feelings to wards you. He/she is going to start remembering the good times you had together, which will of course make your ex miss you like crazy sooner or later.

The feeling of missing you is going to become so intense that your ex will feel a desperate need to make contact with you as soon as possible. As you can see, all it takes is patience, a little time, and positive thought to achieve what you thought impossible and that is to make your ex miss you like crazy.

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Do you think it's impossible to fix a broken heart? Are you suffering the pain of loss now? Has your last relationship left you completely devoid of hope for tomorrow? Don't give up on yourself! Most people have been in your shoes at some time or another - here's how to start feeling better and fix a broken heart right away.

Stop Reliving the Experience

It can be hard to stop thinking about the circumstances surrounding a breakup. Whether you were let down gently, or if everything came as a big surprise, you've got to stop thinking about the pain if you want to fix a broken heart and start feeling like yourself again.

Call Friends - Call friends and talk about good times you've had. Now is a great time to reconnect with people you may have lost touch with as you tried to build a new life with your partner.

Enjoy Life - There are probably activities you used to enjoy, before you started seeing the person you broke up with. If you miss the fun you used to have, pick up old hobbies again.

Take Care of Yourself

Often, when we are in committed relationships, we have a tendency to let certain physical aspects of ourselves go. If you have gained a little weight, or if you stopped worrying about your clothes, now is the time to create a new image of yourself. One of the best ways to fix a broken heart is to make it happy, by taking time out to care for yourself.

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Visit the Salon - Women sometimes forget to update their hairstyles when they feel comfortable in a relationship. If you're someone who needs some updating, take a day to get a great new hairstyle. It doesn't have to be drastic - but your new hairstyle should make you feel good about your looks.

Skin Care - Chances are good that your makeup bag could use a pick me up. Try new colors, and take the time to take good care of your skin. During stressful times, like a bad breakup, we need to really pamper our skin, work hard to keep it moisturized and really make an effort to stick with comforting routines. Instead of eating ice cream, paint your nails. Go to the nearest makeup counter, and get a complimentary makeover. Who knows - you may find a fabulous new look, and that alone can help you start to fix a broken heart.

Get To Know Yourself Again

Often, women in committed relationships give so much of themselves that they forget who they really are inside. If you want to fix a broken heart, one of the best ways to do so quickly is to take a day to yourself, and realign your priorities.

What's important? What is most important to you? Maybe there's a charity you'd love to be involved in. Maybe you want to go back to school. Perhaps you want to take up a sport. Make a list of things you can accomplish with your newfound time.

Eat, drink, and be merry. There's no reason to mourn a relationship that's over and done with. Cut your losses, and find ways to feel happy and be happy now. The secret key to fix a broken heart lies in feeling happy and being grateful for all that you have in your life. Whether you have great friends, a good boss, or love the fact that you're free to enjoy life on your own terms, remember this: Life is great. So, celebrate by enjoying the things you like. Soon enough, you'll be back on your feet.

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