My Ex Has Feelings For Me But Wants To Be Friends: Ex Wants To Be Friends And See Where It Goes

Does your ex want to be friends, but you're not sure you can handle that sort of relationship with him? Do you still love him and you're happy he wants to be friends, but your love for him will surely show? If your ex wants to be friends with you, are you considering giving it a try?

Some couples manage to make this type of arrangement work out well. Others try, but it turns into a disaster. So how can you tell if this is the type of relationship that will work for you? If your ex wants to be friends, read on to see if it is something you should consider.

How Deep Is Your Love?

The way you split up is going to be a good indicator of the relationship you'll be able to have afterwards. If you felt you were still at the height of passion and you can't get enough of touching him, feeling him, kissing him, being friends may prove impossible.

However, if the passion simply waned, if you've managed to have a pleasant yet unromantic relationship these past months or years, you may find making that transition from romantic to platonic completely natural.

Time Off

Most couples who've managed this transition took time off between the romance and friendship. Whether it's time to cool off, time to let bygones be bygones, or simply time to rediscover themselves, it allowed them to return to the friendship with a clean slate.

Any residual emotions will have a chance to be dealt with and the time apart can bring a different perspective to the relationship.

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Respecting the Past

At times the new friendship is sabotaged by a partner who simply can't let go of the past relationship they once had. They bring up past arguments or disagreements. They try too hard to highlight the good times they once shared. Some even attempt to ruin any future relationship their ex partner may try to build with a new partner.

The times you shared in the past, good and bad, should remain there. Let this new friendship guide the relationship into the future and leave hurt feelings behind.

What Motivates You?

Okay, so what's the real deal? Your ex wants to be friends and you decide to go along. But is it really to be friends with him or are you really trying to win his love back? If you press for love and romance when he's made it clear the relationship is to remain platonic, you run the risk of ruining everything.

Sure, sometimes the love does return. Sometimes the friendship is enough to remind the ex what he really had. But let that come naturally and on its own terms. Be fun, patient, understanding and, above all, give him his freedom.

Love is Gone

A break up is difficult enough as it is. When we can manage to forge a friendship through it all, it is still a relationship to be treasured. If you've both fallen out of love with one another, yet you still respect and admire each other, you have the making for a great friendship that can bring you an enormous amount of pleasure and happiness.

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Let's face it, right now, when your ex is blisteringly angry, you are not going to have any success getting sympathy from them. You are more than likely to end up getting an earful, and not a pleasant one at that. You are - sad to say - the last person they want to see or talk to at the moment. You guys had a horrible falling out that led to a breakup, and they are mad and angry about things that were say.

This is where the No Contact Rule comes into play. It basically, by its basic nature, allows your ex the time they need to get over their hurt feelings by keeping you away. No contact means just that, no contact! None!

The time apart allowed by the No Contact Rule will give both you and your ex the time needed to process and move on from the negative feelings the breakup caused. You both need time to reflect - what went wrong, were things handled in the right way, and so on - as well as to evaluate the reasons you might have for wanting to get back together.

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Lean on the shoulder of a good friend or family member during this time, as you need someone (just not your ex!) to vent your feelings to. As you discuss your feelings, you will notice that you start to feel better and are bothered by the bad things less. This is all part of the process of healing.

Now that you are feeling more calm, there is a good chance that the time out ensured by the No Contact Rule has allowed you AND your ex to get to the point where you can have a civil conversation with each other that might culminate in meaningful dialogue. You and your ex have also been apart for awhile, and now that you've moved on from the bad, there is a good chance that you are both finding yourself reflecting on the good. This will make you both really miss what you shared together.

Once you have really gotten your emotions in order, you may then consider contacting your ex. It is recommended that you take things slow, starting off as friends-only again, so that neither party feels pressured and you both can allow the relationship to lead where it may organically. Thanks to the No Contact Rule, rather than lose your dignity by making the fatal mistakes we often make when trying to save our relationships, you'll be back on tracking to getting your ex back.

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The first step is to control yourself. That means quit wearing your emotions on your sleeve. You could actually cause concern with your ex over your well being. It is not healthy if you start being depressed all the time or crying all the time. You need to take a deep breath and just chill.

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