My Ex Has A New Boyfriend and It Hurts: My Ex Girlfriend Moved On So Fast

Some people move on faster and some get stuck wallowing in their sorrow after a break up. If you had recently broken up with your girlfriend and you are enraged by the fact that your ex girlfriend has a new boyfriend, you probably miss her still.

Getting jealous is a common thing when someone still has feelings for the other person. Perhaps you have not moved on with your life as fast as your ex girlfriend but there are things you can do to stop yourself from making silly mistakes.

When your ex girlfriend has a new boyfriend and you still want her back into your life, you will need a sure fire plan that will work.

The first step is to take it slow while you execute your plan to get your ex girlfriend back. You can remind yourself that you are now friends with her and nothing more. When your ex girlfriend has a new boyfriend, she will inadvertently tell you about her new boyfriend in your conversations. Don't react or get angry when she mentions his name.

Sometimes, when couples separate for a short period of time and start dating new people, they will appreciate their old relationship if it was better. If you can remain cool about her dating a new man and respect her decision, she may compare you with her former boyfriend.

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You'd be lucky if she comes back to you if she thinks you are better. If not, then just be grateful that you two can still remain as good friends.

Even if you had planned carefully but your ex girlfriend do not want to get back to you, then you ought to move on with your life as well. Making yourself stagnant will not take you anywhere.

Instead, you should take some time off yourself and learn to believe the fact that when your ex girlfriend has a new boyfriend, your life does not end there.

You can start slow by focusing on yourself. Once you learn to become a contented and fulfilled person, you will naturally meet your soul mate.

It is not impossible to get your ex girlfriend back even if she has a new boyfriend! If she broke up with you for another guy, then there could be many reasons behind it.

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"I want to get back with my ex girlfriend," said the man unable to move on after his break up. That man is you. You're stuck on how wonderful your life was when you were with your girlfriend. You loved each and every moment you spent with her and there isn't a minute that goes by without you longing to be with her again. The problem is that everything you've tried thus far to get her back has failed miserably. You're no closer to being with her again and in fact, you fear that you may have pushed her away even more. Something has to change now. You're tired of trying to live without her and you know, deep in your heart, that you two definitely belong together.

One approach to winning her back that has a great deal of merit is to start over with her. You have to view the failed relationship as a painful part of your past. If you try and resurrect that relationship, as it was, it will only cause a lot of resentment and bitter feelings in your ex. You two broke up because things weren't working. Unless you approach this from a stronger and more positive place, it won't work again. You must begin your mission to get her back by making a vow to yourself that you won't drudge up the past at all. When you talk to her promise yourself that you won't bring up what happened or what caused the break up. Leave those things in the past where they belong.

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You also must work on making yourself into a person you know she'll be attracted to. You have a distinct advantage over any other man she comes in contact with only because you already know what she finds irresistible in a man. Look honestly at your faults and then decide what you could change for the better. It's hard to evaluate our own weaknesses but draw from what your girlfriend told you when you two were together. If she mentioned that she wished you were more sensitive or had a better sense of humor, focus on those things. Show her that you've used the time wisely since you two have broken up.

Allow her to move forward at her own pace. If you try and push your ex girlfriend into getting back together with you before she's ready it will be a disaster. She'll resent you for it and she'll pull back so far that she won't allow you any access to her again. Give her the space and time she needs to come to her own conclusion that you're the right guy for her after all. Just remain committed to showing her the best side of you.

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You messed up and now you want to know how to get her back after the two of you broke up. It's possible to win her back but you do have a lot of work ahead of you. Don't worry because here are a few tips to help you along the way.

Give her the space she needs

When it comes to "how to get her back" one of the most important things you need to do is to give her space. Constantly calling her will make you look needy and desperate and these are qualities that women dislike in a man. If you leave her alone with her thoughts and agree with the breakup, then she may second thoughts as to why you're not even putting up a fight. Also, you will give her the chance to miss you and that's essential if you ever want her back.

Analyze but don't obsess

You want to know what went wrong so you could make things better. That's fine, but don't obsess over the reasons of the breakup. Find out what went wrong but give yourself a break if you feel like your insanity is on the line. Plus, over analyzing the situation will lead to more negative feelings like restlessness and panic. If you panic, then you'll end up doing stupid things like begging her to come back to you.

Apologize but don't overdo it

Of course it's important to apologize and be sincere about it. But then again, apologizing every single day is not the way to go. If you keep telling her that you're sorry, then the apology would lose its sincerity. Not only that but you will also end up annoying her because she keeps hearing from you every day.

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Break the no contact rule

If you think enough time has passed or if you're ready to talk to her again, then send her a simple email or text message saying "hi" and ask her how she's been. If she responds, then that's a good sign. Don't bring up the breakup because you're both still a bit awkward with each other. Keep things simple for now. Call her sometime and see how she talks to you.

First meeting after the breakup

Get a feel of her mood, maybe she's starting to warm up to you again. If you think you're both ready, ask her to meet you. Again, things will be awkward so don't bring up the breakup or "where do we go from here" line. During this time, it's like you're getting to know each other again so keep conversations light.

If you want to know how to get her back, you need to realize that you can't force someone to come back to you. You need to take things slow and let things unfold. The key here is let things be for now and try to convince her that you've changed for the better. Show her that you're truly sorry for messing up and that you respect her decision. Show a little restraint and make her miss you so that she'll wonder if breaking up was really the right thing to do.

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It's no secret that, when your relationship fails, all your emotions come crashing down, leaving you devastated and heavily depressed. This is a very vulnerable time in your life - it is when you will act totally irrationally and do really stupid things that you wouldn't dream of doing under normal circumstances. All you know is that you want to get your ex back and you really don't care what you do to achieve this.

This is precisely why a lot of the time, people in your position, are given the advice to take time out. You need time, plenty of it, to mull things over, figure out the problems that caused the break up, as well as have an opportunity to decide what you are going to do to rectify these problems. This is exactly what you need to do now, to get your ex back.

Do yourself a big favor and put the break up and your ex to one side for the time being. You are hurting very badly and are also angry with your ex - this alone will cause chaos with your emotions. You love your ex deeply, and being angry with him/her is not normal. Take some time to think things over carefully, think about the argument you had, what you are going to do to resolve the problems you have caused, and the many other things that are bothering you as well.

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Remember, this is not a waste of time - your ex is going through the same things you are going through right now, and will actually appreciate the fact that you are not trying to make contact - yet. Given time though, these feelings will change, and both you and your ex will be very eager to see each other again and be more than willing to work together to fix the problems you have.

Once this has happened, make contact with your ex - you will be amazed at the reaction you get from him/her. The hurt and anger are gone, and the deep, loving feelings are back again. This is the perfect time to get your ex back. By this time you are missing each other a lot and will be really eager to see each other again.

Time is all it takes. Give your emotions time to cool down, make contact with your ex, sort out your problems, and, before you know it, life is wonderful - you get your ex back.

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