My Ex Dumped Me but Still Tries To Make Me Jealous: Dumper Trying To Make Me Jealous

Break ups are rough and what makes them even harder is having an ex who likes to push your buttons. How do you know that your ex is trying to make you jealous? The signs are usually very basic. One way is if you notice your ex going out of their way to let you know about what they have been up to. This commonly happens through mutual friends. A mutual friend may bring up your ex more often and mention who he or she is currently dating. This can happen because your ex told them to.

Another way is through contacting you through email, text messaging, or social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Your ex may bring up situations that are not important just to get you to ask what is going on in their life. Sometimes there are less obvious methods but for the most part, if you know details about your ex's love life that you probably didn't care to know, then their tactics are beginning to work.

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Why do some people behave this way after a break-up? Well, one reason is because your ex may notice that you have moved on and it makes them feel left behind. It almost becomes a competition. Whatever you can do, they can do better. Therefore if you have started dating again, they will do the same. However, their satisfaction comes in knowing that you at least know about it.

Your ex may even want you back. This is a very common reason for jealousy issues. Your ex may feel that if he or she can make you jealous, you will want them back even more. Usually, your ex wants to know that you still have feelings for him/her and that you care. If you are actually feeling jealous then it is obviously working! There is nothing wrong with feeling as though you want to restore your relationship.

Often times, it takes a break-up to bring two people back together. Many people use a break-up as an excuse to escape the real problem in their relationship. It is just another way of running away. Yet, after you have been apart for some time, you both come to realize it was a mistake. If you really want your ex back then that is good news. The jealousy thing may just be their passive-aggressive way of telling you to try again.

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There's an old saying that goes 'you have to learn to crawl before you learn to walk.' That has a nice connotation but we like ours that we just invented that states 'your ex has to crawl, before they can love' and these steps are the chorus.

Step 1: Make Them Want Something: When a little baby skirts and squirms across the carpet, it does so because there's a shiny ball that's catching their eye. We've always said that we're children at heart so now it's your turn to become the shiny ball in your ex's eye.

Step 2: You Stand, They Crawl: This means you've got to be the adult in the situation. This could mean taking responsibility for the breakup or simply being the one that refuses to act childish during the split. Either way, the adults eventually always gain the power.

Step 3: Give Your Ex A Bottle If you want your ex to come crawling back, perhaps you have to give them something so they can be content. Sure you find it annoying that they play Xbox all night but when you do become a parent, you'll find out the 4 hours of quiet time are actually pretty nice.

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Step 4: Be A Prize: You've got to expand the field and remember to play not only to your ex, but to all the single minglers out there. You'll soon find out that the supply and demand of other people desiring you will drive up the rates of what your ex is willing to give up to get you back.

Step 5: Make Changes: When you broke up, your ex apparently made it an effort to run away so why would they crawl back to the same person? You've got to right your ship if you want them drooling and that means being more confident and minimizing your bad habits.

Step 6: Flirt N' Flee To get an ex to crawl back to you, it's best to mess with their heads a little bit. If you do some gentle flirting, they'll think they're still in control and that you can't live without them. When you then go 3 weeks without contact, they'll start wondering what they did to drive you away.

Step 7: Shoulder Shrug: The best way to get an ex to crawl back is to act as if getting back with them doesn't register on your care scale. Some people go to the auction just to outbid other people but when the crowd just says 'go ahead'; the person just winds up going home with a bunch of junk.

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When you've lost the love of your life there is no pain in this word like it. Maybe your relationship came to an end due to something you did or something they did. Either way you wish that you could go back and make things right. Well here are a few tips that just may help you win back your lover's heart and bring them back into your life.

Ask for forgiveness

Be the bigger person and tell then you are sorry, even if you're not the one to blame. There is nothing wrong with swallowing your pride for the sake of love.

Make them remember

If you are still in communication with them have a conversation about the "good old days." There is nothing like talking about the love you shared. It can reignite those flames and rekindle that precious love you once shared.

Just breathe

Sometimes in order to make things better, you simply just have to leave it alone. A little time apart can be good for the both of you. You can reflect on something's and then make a rational decision about your relationship.

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A little help from my friends

In the course of your relationship other people we're witness to your love affair. Ask them to intervene on your behalf and talk to your significant other. Maybe they can help smooth things over for you.

Prove yourself worthy

If you were the one at fault for the break up you should try to convince your love that you have changed your ways, and that you are ready, willing and able to be committed to making things right between you.

Take yourself off of the market

Just because you are sad about your break up does not mean that you have to sit in the house on a perfectly good Friday night. Go out on a date with someone. Let your ex see that you are OK and trying to move on. When they find this out hopefully it will make them jealous, and they just might try to win you back.

Have a grand old time

Go out with friend and have a good time. This will allow you sometime to heal those wounds. This may also let your ex see that you are doing just fine without them. When they witness your happiness it just might make them want to come rushing back into your life for one last shot at a good relationship with you.

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Right now, you are the last person on earth that your ex wants to see or speak to. This hurt you like crazy and also makes you really angry. The argument that you had was no your fault entirely - you were both to blame. The thing is though, on of the things that you said to your ex, and there were many, really was the last straw, and your ex walked out on you.

Now of course, you're convince that your ex is history and there will never be any chance to make your ex fall for you once again. Well, there is a chance to get your ex to become attracted to you again, but not right now. You would be begging for trouble if you even think of making any contact with your ex right now.

You cannot take back the things you said to your ex. They came out of your mouth in a fit of anger, and the damage is done. What you can do though is just leave your ex alone for now. Allow your ex to have time to heal those deep wounds that you caused. When things have settled down then you can try to make your ex fall for you once again.

What if your lover has moved on? Here's how to get them back.

Nothing you do to impress your ex will do anything positive for you now - anything you do will be met with utter contempt and nothing else. So bide your time and do things to keep your mind off your ex and the break up. Prepare yourself for when you want to make your ex fall for you once again.

Get yourself well groomed again, do things that will make you happy and confident again - just be yourself and enjoy your life like you used to do before your relationship. Without even realizing it you will be making yourself into the very person that your ex would love to be with.

Someone in your circle of friends is going to spill the beans and tell your ex how fantastic you look and what an absolute catch you are. There is also a good chance that this person will also tell your ex how dumb he/she is for breaking up with you. Now don't you think that this is a good enough reason to make your ex fall for you once again?

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