My Ex Cheated On His New Girlfriend With Me: Why Did My Ex Cheat On His Girlfriend With Me

You had sex with your ex boyfriend. You now feel that with the renewed connection the two of you have experienced that he'll feel compelled to come back to you. It's understandable why you'd have such high hopes. After all, the intimacy was wonderful and you felt closer to him on every level than you have in a very long time. Unfortunately, he just doesn't see the situation the same way you do. Sleeping with your ex may have seriously impacted any chance you had of getting him back.

When you had sex with your ex boyfriend you likely felt driven from an emotional place. You wanted to feel connected to him again and making love seems like a perfect way to do it. Once it's over you have visions of the two of you proclaiming your undying love for one another and the break up becoming a distant memory of the past. Women are wired much differently than men. Your boyfriend likely slept with you because he remembered how much he enjoyed the intimacy. It's very possible that the idea of getting back together hasn't crossed his mind at all.

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If a woman sleeps with an ex with the hope that he'll want to be with her again, she'll be crushed when she learns that he may now view her as a casual sex partner and little else. You are, in essence, accepting the role of lover if you sleep with an ex. He will see it as a way to have a physical relationship without all the strings that come with a romantic entanglement.

Sadly, some men don't fully understand the difficult emotional place they push their exes into when they have sex. He may treat you a bit differently than he has recently only because he's hoping the love making will continue. It's very easy for a woman who is still in love with her ex boyfriend to misread this. Once you've slept with him, expect him to call you more and want to see you more.

There is a way to undo this mistake. You need to put the brakes on any future physical relationship with your ex boyfriend, at least in the short term. Make it clear to him that although you very much enjoy intimacy with him, that you can't put yourself into that place emotionally anymore. If he cares about you, he'll completely understand.

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This is presuming he left you and then found a new girlfriend. I'm not talking about if he has cheated on you and moved on doing the monkey swing, finding a new vine before he lets go the old vine. That's a whole other game because he's got more serious issues. That hurts.

I'm talking about if he legitimately found a new girlfriend after he left you.

So whatever you do, don't go snooping into his business, don't check up on him on Facebook, or keep texting him and emailing him. Don't keep in contact with his friends or go to your old haunts hoping to see him. You will only start to seethe and feel bitter and twisted and start to resent that he moved on so quickly when you were still in damage control.

After all he and his new girlfriend are high on endorphins as most people are in the initial stages of a relationship. You need to wait until those hormones wear off before you even think about a plan.

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After you've picked yourself up, start thinking about how you were when you first got together before "life" set in. Perhaps you felt because you had him in the bag then you let yourself go a bit, didn't get that haircut as regularly as you used to, didn't make a fuss over yourself.

Well start the pampering machine up again. Do all those things you used to do to make yourself feel attractive. To make him want you. You probably stopped doing those things because you felt he wanted you and you didn't have to try.

Chances are in going through this process you start to feel good about yourself again and if he knew you still wanted him, he's going to start wondering where you've gone because you've stopped contacting him. So when he calls or texts you, that's the time for your plan to start.

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You were impulsive after the relationship ended. Your world came crashing around you when he walked out and the one thing on your mind was to try and hang on to him at all costs. You tried everything to get your ex boyfriend back. You cried, begged, pleaded, apologized, all to no avail - he didn't want to know your troubles, and still walked out.

All of the above pushed your ex boyfriend even further away from you. He wanted a partner in the relationship - not someone who was totally reliant on him for everything. You probably smothered him during the relationship, leaning on him for absolutely everything, and now this behavior of yours has simply confirmed his thoughts about you - you are just too clingy.

Now while it is great to let the man in your life know that you love him and need him, it is a totally different story when you cannot do absolutely anything without his help. A simple trip down to the corner store would end up in an argument, because you insisted that you needed him to be with you.

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If your friends asked to go somewhere with them, you said you would only accept if your ex would be there as well. These are the type of things that make you look like a very weak person, and someone who would be very off-putting to your ex. To get your ex boyfriend back, you are going to have to prove that you can be a partner to him - someone who will be by his side and can also support him when necessary.

What you need to do now is to get out of this "needy" rut that you're in and become a normal, mature adult. Be a strong individual, with your own mind, and your own opinions - in other words a potential partner for your ex. When you feel that you are completely changed, and have more than a clingy female to offer your ex, then make that call and try to get your ex boyfriend back.

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Be sure you can do what you need to do - Firstly you need to assess what your ex wants, and give your ex that! If it's space, time, or anything else be willing to be able to give that to your ex. You must also be able to give yourself what you need! What I mean by this, is that you must be willing to stop calling your ex a million times per day, and you must also be able to have some self control. There can be absolutely no cheating with the steps when it comes to getting your ex back, and it's absolutely critical that you promise yourself that you will do what's necessary, and follow through with it.

Ignore your ex - This is exactly why I said you need to be able to exhibit some self control, because ignoring your ex will require a lot of it. Basically you must ignore your ex for a period of time, because he/she takes you for granted. All of your time spent calling your ex, emailing, and acting desperate over the breakup has caused your ex to think you are easy. Now, that is why you must undo all of that damage by ignoring your ex.

What will happen when you do this? -Your ex will instantly feel as if they are being rejected. Your ex will then become curious to know why you are ignoring them, and will wonder if you are OK and what you are doing. He/she will also become afraid that you have forgotten them and will start to think you are dating someone else. Their jealousy will drive them even more crazy over you, and you will find your ex chasing you not too long after.

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