My Ex Boyfriend Told Me To Move On: He Told Me To Move On Will He Come Back

If you want to know how do you win your ex-boyfriend back, here are some things that I know from experience that always work. Of course, they are pretty common sense, but when we are going through a break up with need to be drilled with common sense, since sometimes we lose all common sense during this time.

The other day my girlfriend was crying hysterically. Her boyfriend of 9 years moved out. They had a fight during the day. She didn't feel it was a horrible fight, but when she came back home after she went to the gym, he was gone and moved out. She was beside herself crying and wanting desperately to find him. I really had to do all I could to calm her down.

That night all I could do was listen to her pain, but the next couple of days I told her she would have to have patience if she wanted to win her ex-boyfriend back. I could understand how desperate she felt because I felt he took very drastic and hurtful steps to just disappear from her life. But people act out in all kinds of ways, because they themselves are hurting. So sometimes they take it out on the person they love.

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So we talked and I had to tell her that if she wanted to win her ex-boyfriend back she would have to stop looking and trying to call her boyfriend, and to just forget about the relationship for a while. I advised her to do things she likes to do - like take a pilates class which she always said she had wanted to do. Even though she didn't feel like doing anything, she realized that she needed to help herself to feel better about herself.

We talk almost every day, and she is really getting better, even though she still misses him. But she told me that she realizes that she does feel better about herself, and that's really helping her. She doesn't feel so desperate anymore, and she is starting to see some things more clearly, things that she needed to look at in her relationship.

When you're going through a break up it is one of the most difficult things in life. You need to do your best to go through it and come out stronger. It will really help you to feel better about yourself, and that is when the other person will want to come back.

If you want to know how to win your ex-boyfriend back you have to realize that everyone likes a strong person. When someone leaves, there usually is a fifty-fifty chance of them coming back. You can turn the odds in your favor by having patience and not chasing him. If you just play it cool, clear your head, and give it some time, the other person will start wondering what you are thinking and will probably call you soon.

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"I want to know how to get my ex back when he's moved on." If that sounds like you, you're a woman with a challenge on her hands. Why is it that love just can't go as smoothly as we want it to? It's incredibly difficult to know that the man you love is with another woman. It can make you feel as though all hope is lost. Although most of your friends have likely told you to move forward without him and find a new guy of your own, their advice is falling on deaf ears. You can't argue with your heart. If it wants him back, you need to at least try and win him over again. Approaching your ex after he's already begun dating someone new, has to be done in a very specific way. You need to be aware of everything you do around him or say to him. You've got one chance to steal him back, so be sure you're prepared.

Jealousy tends to rear its ugly head when another woman starts dating your ex. Naturally you're going to feel threatened by her and that may translate into you insulting her in his company. Doing this is just disastrous. He'll view you as being petty and he'll believe that you lack self esteem. Men aren't swept up in the romantic notion of jealousy like many women are. Men just find it incredibly unappealing. Regardless of how much you despise her and how much you want to make comments about her clothing, her hair or her weight, don't do it. You'll regret it the moment you see the look of disdain on your boyfriend's face. You have to be mature about it and you have to be supportive of him. Never lose sight of the fact that they just started dating. The two of you had a longer relationship and he once felt strongly for you. The connection you two shared won't be overshadowed by anything he has with her during the beginning stages of their relationship.

The best approach to win him back if he's moved on is to firmly establish yourself as his friend. Trying to win him back in a romantic way right now isn't going to work. He's smitten with another woman so you need to connect with him on a platonic level. Tell him that you'd enjoy being friends and then treat him in the same way you would any other friend. Don't try and take up all his time. Instead, call him once or twice a week to touch base. When you two talk, ask about his girlfriend in a cordial way. You should politely ask how she is. Don't delve into details. If he wants to talk about her, keep your opinions neutral. He needs to feel a connection with you as a supportive, loving and non-judgmental friend. This will ensure that he confides in you more and more. Then when his rebound relationship begins to unravel, you'll be the person he'll turn to. That's just what you want and need to have happen.

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When your relationship ends, your emotions are in such turmoil that all you can think of is the fact that you are alone. Your partner of a long time has walked out on you and you have no one to share your life with. All you know is that the argument you had was the cause of the break up and you are guilty of saying some really bad things. You want to win your ex back as soon as possible.

Now instead of rushing into things, making contact with your ex, and very possibly making another big mistake, take some time to think things over first before you decide to try and win your ex back. Okay so you had a huge argument and said awful things to each other, but have you actually thought what the argument itself was about?

Also, towards the end, was your relationship just as happy as it was in the beginning, or were things becoming a little strained between you and your ex - was the love between you and your ex the same as it was when you first started dating?

You won't know this for sure until you have had some time to get over the trauma of the break up first - only then will your true feelings towards your ex become apparent. Do some things for a while that will take your mind off your ex and the break up.

If after a few weeks, say, you still feel that you are just as in love as you were when you first started dating, then by all means take action and try to win your ex back. Send your ex a text message and invite him/her for a talk, and take it from there.

However, should you find that your feelings for your ex have indeed faded, then it will be a waste of yours and your ex's time to try and get back together again.

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Step #1: Quit fighting - Breakups occur mainly because people want space. You will not be able to pull your ex back as long as you are arguing, blaming and causing more problems! Your ex has distanced him/herself from you to stop the problems, and by creating more, you are only guaranteeing that you fail again!

Step #2: Play hard to get - If you are easy and always handing yourself out to your ex every chance you get, your ex will not want you back! People do NOT want things which are easy, but want rare and challenging things! If you start playing hard to get, and ignore your ex, he/she will instantly feel challenged to get your attention again, and will ultimately want you back.

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Step #3: Use your friends - have your friends psychologically convince your ex that he/she must prove that they can still make you happy, by saying things like:

--- "she can do way better than (your ex's name)...I mean all he did was drag her down"
--- "wow, so glad that he dumped (your ex's name), she was no fun and was always boring!"

Once your ex hears things like this from your friends, he/she will instantly feel like they have to qualify themselves to your friends and ultimately you. What this means, is that your ex will want to prove them wrong, because they will not like the fact that others are thinking they are incapable of making you happy. Your ex will not be able to stand the social rejection, and will start chasing you around just to prove to themselves that they can do it!

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