My Ex Boyfriend Hasn't Contacted Me In A Week: He Hasn't Contacted Me In A Week

It is a real dilemma, you broke up with your ex boyfriend and he hasn't called. You really want him back but you do not want to call him because he might need some space and time away from you. And you can not afford to let him without any kind of contact because you are afraid he might know another girl and start dating.

This is a battle of patience and time, you are right because you do not want to call him, he might find you needy or desperate to get back to him, and at the same time you do not want him to lose hope, start to move on and begin seeing other girls.

The balance is what you need in this situation. You do not want to look like you are so desperate to be with him again, and you do not want him to lose any hope of getting back to you.

So, what you have to do in these situations?

I think the best solution for this is to make your ex call you, opening the lines of communications with your ex is a good sign you could get back together, but you do not want to be the first one to do it. Because that might mean that you are the weaker side, and then your ex will begin to force his rules and conditions on you.

At first it is important to break all the communications with your ex boyfriend, so he might take all the time and space he needs. Some girls actually nag their boyfriends to the limits. A girl keeps calling, sending flowers, going to his place, driving by his office. The boy could not stand it; he might feel surrounded and stalked, it is not a good feeling anyway.

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I do not say that girls do it on purpose, but they might see that this is a demonstration of their love and affection. At last their boys understand it like their girlfriends are controlling their lives, boys need to have their own space, hanging out with other boys, watching Super Bowl at Saturday nights, doing some manly activities.

If you left your ex boyfriend alone, he will realize the affection and love you were surrounding him with, he will notice there is something missing in his life. He will start reminiscing about the old days, and how he was the center of your life.

Do you realize the answer for the question "We broke up and he hasn't called?"

He is now enjoying his personal space, like any new toy, it might be exciting at the beginning, but after a while he will start missing you and all the love and attention you gave him.

When you obey the no contact rule with him for the first few weeks, he will miss you surely. He will be shifted from the "I need space" mode to "I am afraid she might be seeing someone else" mode.

And at that time he might call you.

But, what if he has not called even after the first few weeks? Could you literally force him to call you?

Yes, and there are several methods you can use to make him look like he's the one who have started calling you, let us discuss some of them.

- Leave him a message on the answering machine ( or send him a text ) that says that I have found something belongs to you and I want you to take it back, you should be honest and give him something valuable when he calls you back.

- Ask about one of his family members. His dad might have undergone a surgery or his little sister can't decide what college she is going to join. Call him if you are positive he's not home, so that he might call you back, or just send him a text.

- Congratulate him for his new promotion, birthday, or because his team won the NBA championship. If you know about your ex, you know the things he cares about most, in this case also you can call him when he's not home to guarantee he will call you back or you can text him.

There are other techniques you can make him call you back, but the most important thing is what to say when he calls back, if you will only repeat the same old arguments or complain because "we broke up and you hasn't called" you will not get the results you want, and it might be the last time he will call you.

You need to prepare for everything you want to say when he calls, arrange your thought so he will find more reasons to get back to you.

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Your own feelings and viewpoints about sex are likely to cloud your judgment when asked the above stated question. If you are one of those people who believe that sex is merely an expression of love and must be tied to such feelings, you are likely to be sadly disappointed if you think that having sex with him or her will help you in reuniting with your ex.

Regardless of how YOU feel about sex, there are a lot of people out there who disagree. They see sex as nothing more than a physical act that may or may not be tied to strong emotions. But to most sex and love are not two mutually exclusive terms. You can have one without the other. This is something that is important to remember after splitting from your ex. While you may think that getting intimate again will increase your chances of reuniting with your ex, but this is no guarantee of anything further to come.

If you have sex with your ex, in hopes that it will help the two of you get back together, there is a good chance you will end up heartbroken - once again. While the sex may mean a lot to you, there is a good chance that to your ex, it was just sex. And by having sex with your ex, you are sending the exact opposite impression than what you are hoping for. You are giving him or her the impression that you are all right with a "no strings attached" fling, because they do not view sex in the same manner as you do.

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Having sex with someone makes you vulnerable to that person. You have given that person the most sacred thing you have to give them - yourself. And by doing it with on implied expectations is bound to end up bad in the end. You ex will not necessarily love you more, nor will you be any closer to reuniting with your ex because you had a physical experience with them.

You give your ex the idea that it is okay to essentially use you for sex. They may be under the impression that you too are just looking to have a good time. They will not read into sex the way you will and you must remember that. They are not likely to take you serious or treat you with the respect you deserve if you fall prey to desire. Stand strong and hold your ground, sex with him or her is never a guarantee that you will be reuniting with you ex as a result.

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The breakup must be accepted - At all costs you must accept it, otherwise you will never achieve anything. Accepting it proves to your ex that you are willing to do as they are asking, and makes them want you back, because it works like reverse psychology. Agreeing with the breakup also makes your ex feel rejected by you, and they will fear being forgotten, which will be like a chain reaction causing them to suddenly want you back desperately.

Don't be lazy, change! - If you do not spend the time to really take down your ego and figure out why you broke up in the first place, you will never be someone your ex will want to take back. Your ex left you because you had a few things which annoyed the heck out of them; so get busy and change to be the best person you can, so that these issues are no longer in the way.

Desperation is no aspiration - You should not be hasty to make yourself look like a total nut case, because calling your ex 100 times a day, makes you look like one! Stop bugging your ex so much, and wait things out. If you do not give them some space; you will only make them hate you indefinitely, so do the right thing for once and control yourself!

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The best way to get back ex boyfriend is through knowing if he still loves you. It is perfectly natural for you to feel helpless. You can't read what goes on inside his mind and heart. That is true but you can read the signs. If you are a keen observer and pay attention to small details, this will not be hard.

Signs he still loves you

He doesn't avoid you. Guys are not shallow beings. Even if they say you are already part of his past, deep inside him he doesn't really mean it. Usually, this is just his front. When he doesn't avoid or stop going to the places where he will most probably see you hanging around, it could be that he still longs to see you after all.

He keeps in touch with you. Does he call you often? Perhaps not as often as when you were still dating but does he still call to see if you got home safely? One best way to get back ex boyfriend is to take advantage of opportunities when he keeps in touch with you. It just means that he still isn't over you.

His friends tell you he misses you. This will definitely give you an idea that he still loves you and holds you in his heart dearly. His friends can become your source of valuable information.

The most important thing about getting your ex back is to gauge his level of interest in you. If he still has the same intensity of interest, you still have a chance.

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