My Ex Boyfriend Has A New Girlfriend And I Still Love Him: My Ex Moved On And It Hurts

Do you want to get your ex boyfriend back from his new girlfriend? It's shocking when a relationship ends but what's even harder is finding out that your ex has moved on. If you see him with another girl, you can't help feeling betrayed and angry especially if you are still in love with him.

Is there a chance for you to get him back even if he's seeing a new girl? Yes there is but you need to play your cards right. Better yet, you need to know the things you should avoid doing that would ruin your chances of getting your ex boyfriend back.

Mistakes women make when trying to get their ex back from another girl

· Having a harsh nature. Some women want to get violent with the other girl. Ripping her hair out won't win back your ex. In fact, you will only embarrass yourself because you will look like a complete basket case. You don't want people to look at you and think "look, it's the crazy ex girlfriend" do you?

· Being angry. If you accidentally run into your ex and his new girlfriend, play it cool. If you act out and show how annoyed you are, then you are giving them the upper hand. They will see how affected you are and your ex may feel uncomfortable or sorry for you. Worse, the new girl might feel smug because she'll think she's won.

· Letting him know that you're jealous. Some men expect their ex to feel jealous once they introduce their new girlfriend. If you show him that you are jealous, then you're giving him what he wants. This could be a game he's playing and you're letting him win if he sees that you're jealous.

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What you need to do instead

· Make it seem like you're happy to meet her. When you do meet your ex's new girlfriend, give the impression that you're glad to meet her. Your ex might be confused as to why this doesn't bother you and he'll start to wonder if you've moved on as well.

· Don't pester him. Men don't like obsessive women and if you obsess about his new girlfriend, well then you will lose "attractive" points. He'll know that you're bothered if you keep commenting about her hair, the way she dresses, the way she talks, etc.

· Be desirable. Instead of bad mouthing his new girl, focus on becoming more desirable yourself. Go ahead and pamper yourself and do what you want to do to look good. After all, if you look good then you feel better about yourself. And when you feel better about yourself, then you become more confident. Have him thinking "is this really the girl I broke up with? Wow, she's hot!"

If you want to get your ex boyfriend back if he's seeing someone else, then you need to be prepared and act like it doesn't bother you. If you became friends with your ex, then he might mention his new relationship to you. Don't be unenthusiastic because he might be putting you to a test. You never know, this new relationship may not be serious and he's probably still sorting things out. If you show him that you're a mature and strong individual, then he might have second thoughts about breaking up with you.

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If you really want to win your ex boyfriend back, should you text him post-breakup? Well, if you just broke up pretty recently, then the answer would definitely be 'no'. Since the situation is still fresh and your emotions are probably still all over the place, you shouldn't do anything without getting some advice first. You have to understand what happened thoroughly before doing anything, as well, in order to avoid any mistakes and losing your chances of winning your ex back altogether.

Once you have calmed down and thought about things, however, you can begin to ponder the different ways on how to successfully win your ex boyfriend back. Ideally, you should have an effective strategy in place. You might want to use certain psychological triggers that will get your ex to text you instead of the other way around, for example.

If this doesn't work, though, then you might have to text your ex first. Still, this would definitely require a special strategy. Read on.

Time things right

Above everything else, you have to resist the urge to text your ex too soon, if you want to win your ex boyfriend back in the end. This is important because you have to let your feelings calm down and let the dust settle before you try to fix things with him. This would be especially important if your ex was angry at you at the time of your breakup. During this time, you should try to take control of your feelings, as well, and try to understand why things fell apart.

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Think ahead

You might have a burning desire to win your ex back right now, but that isn't enough. You need to have an effective strategy in place and think of the future, too, in order to avoid a mere repetition of your past mistakes. This is one of the reasons why you have to understand why things fell apart to begin with.

Plan out your actions properly

Make sure you know exactly what you're doing and why you're doing it before texting your ex. Reckless or impulsive texting could actually ruin your chances to win your ex boyfriend back for good. So, unless you are completely confident in your ability to succeed at winning your ex back, it would be smart to get some more advice before jumping into something that could potentially be fatal. Remember: your relationship should be your top priority here, so try not to cut any corners or unintentionally shut yourself out of your ex's life.

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Reverse psychology truly is one of the most effective ways to get your ex back into your life. If you haven't yet heard of this method, then let me explain. When using this amazing method to get your ex back, all you have to do is make sure that you do everything exactly the opposite way to what is expected of you.

For instance, if your ex is expecting you to constantly try to make contact with him/her, then DON'T do it at all. If your ex is just waiting around for you to beg and plead to be taken back again, then repeat the above and don't do it. Let your ex wait for as long as he/she wants to - none of the above is going to happen and this will confuse your ex no end.

Because you are so depressed after the break up, your ex will also be expecting you to let yourself go so much that you look like a total wreck. Well, use reverse psychology and give your ex something to think about - make yourself look as good as, if not better than, you have ever looked before.

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Another great way to put reverse psychology to work is when your ex expects you to be sitting at home day after day, hoping and waiting to get back together again. Just imagine the surprised look on your ex's face when he/she hears that you are doing just the opposite, and are out painting the town red at every opportunity you get!

Of course your friends are also going to think that you have totally lost your marbles. How on earth can you be going out as if there's no tomorrow, when you have just broken up? It's just not supposed to be that way at all. You are going to be the topic of heavy discussion between your ex and your friends, I can tell you!

That is the beauty of reverse psychology. It works so amazingly well. Without putting much effort into it at all, you get everyone's attention immediately - they just can't believe what you are doing! It's no wonder that it makes your ex really take notice of you again with the probability of getting your ex back as well.

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You are hurt and angry after your break up. The resentment you feel towards your ex is all but choking you. Your reaction now is that you do not want to see or speak to your ex - ever. In between these feelings, you even have thoughts of trying to get back at your ex for hurting you so much. This is a normal reaction for a lot of people after a break up, but, if you want to make your ex regret breaking up with you, you HAVE to change your attitude and have a totally different approach.

This is going to be a mammoth task for you with the way you are feeling right now. But, in amongst all these bitter feelings, you know that you still love your ex - deeply, and want him/her back in your life again. Make the effort to change your attitude towards the whole situation, and you will definitely make your ex regret breaking up with you.

First of all, you are going to have to accept the fact that your ex decided to break up with you - for whatever reason. As hard as this may be for you, it has to be done to be able to do the next thing, which is to show respect for your ex and his/her feelings. Never mind that your ex's reason for breaking up with you was really lame, it was his/her decision, and warrants respect. Just keep in mind your aim - to make your ex regret breaking up with you.

The big thing here is to show your ex that you are a mature person, willing to accept that he/she is an individual with his/her own feelings. You are actually going to play on your ex's emotions right now. By not throwing a tantrum, and being so understanding about the break up, you are going to make your ex regret breaking up with you.

Your ex is not expecting your reaction. Your understanding attitude will actually invite your ex to make contact with you to talk things over, which will more than likely lead to the two of you getting back together again. Don't stop now though, continue to show your ex the respect he/she deserves, and, apart from making your ex regret breaking up with you, you will have earned your ex's respect as well.

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