My Ex Boyfriend Calls Me Beautiful: Ex Boyfriend Compliments You

Despite the break up, it is very possible that your ex boyfriend still loves you. Unless something completely and absolutely horrible happened in the relationship that may cause your ex boyfriend to despise you, he very much can still have feelings for you. Just because the relationship ended, doesn't mean that his feelings for you have. So if you're wondering "Does my ex boyfriend still love me," here are some clues that will help you.

Not dating other people: If he has not been seeing anyone else since you two have broken up, then this could be a sign that he still loves you and is not over the break up. He may very well feel that you two are still meant to be and is hoping that, somewhere down the line, you two will patch things up. Another reason could be that he is trying to recuperate from the break up, but that doesn't mean that he still doesn't harbor any feelings for you.

He is still contacting you: Is he still calling you, texting you, sending you e-mails, and messaging you on social networking sites? That is a sign that he may want you back. If you find that he just can't leave you alone after the break up, then he still has feelings for you. Even if he is calling just to ask something simple like "How's the weather," he is trying to strike up a conversation with you that may eventually lead to reconciling the relationship.

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He flirts with you: whenever he does see you, does he flirt with you? This could be a sign that he wants you back. He is still very much attracted to you and may be trying to drop hints that he still has feelings for you. His compliments may be his way of trying to butter you up and make you receptive to the idea of talking about getting back together.

He asks his friends and family about you: If he is doing this, then he very much still has feelings for you. The reason why is because he is trying to get information about you: What you've been up to, how your life has been going, if you've been dating someone else, etc. This also shows you how much you've been on his mind. So if you're still asking, "Does he still love me," this is a very good sign that he does.

There are other signs that answers the question "Does he still love me," but these are just a couple of them. If he is doing more than one thing on this list and more, then he may not be over you and still cares for you.

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Your heart may be broken as of right now, because of the breakup, but did you ever think that maybe your ex feels exactly the same way! If you are not sure how your ex feels, then it is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL that you find out now, so that you can get your ex back. Here are the top 7 signs that your ex wants you back...

1. Your ex tries to improve- You will notice your ex showing off, and literally trying to change everything about themselves, just so you can notice. He/she will be getting better at their job, becoming a better social butterfly, becoming more educated, or simply working on their physical appearance.

2. He/she still talks to you- The very fact that your ex allows you to communicate, discuss and talk with him/her, means they they are still interested, because if they were not, they wouldn't waste their time even allowing you to do such.

3. Calls you always- Your ex may even just call you and hang up, and call again. You might not get any voice mails, or your mailbox may be full; or you may find that you are talking to your ex on the phone almost daily; but either way, your ex still has feelings for you if they are doing this.

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4. Follows you around- Maybe its online, messaging you, asking where you are going, what you are doing... or simply bumping into you! Either way, this is not as coincidental as your ex makes it out to be, and he/she definitely still likes you.

5. Always seems to put you in the spotlight or on a pedestal- Even if your ex argues with you half the time, the other half you will notice him/her seemingly complimenting you, saying how great you are and practically treating you as if you are the one and only person who would be best for them....only without saying it directly.

6. Always calls you back, and always tries to meet you- This is literally what you call being desperate, and take this as a huge sign that your ex does in fact still want you; because they are literally putting themselves out there for you to have, notice and be with.

7. Always talks about the past- This is a huge sign that your ex is seriously wanting you back; because he/she will do nothing but reminisce about the time you spent together, and how you did this and that...places you went and everything else in between.

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Even though you have this terrible urge to get your ex back into your life, do yourself a favor and control those urges. You might succeed in getting back together with your ex, but, because you have both not had enough time to get over the break up, there is a very good chance that your relationship will fail again. You need to change your tactics so much that you make your ex come back to you.

I can tell you now, and this has been confirmed over and over again, that if you try making contact with your ex now, so soon after the break up, it will only damage things a whole lot more. So, take my advice - it's excellent, and it works like a bomb - leave your ex entirely alone for now. Now is the wrong time to try to make your ex come back to you.

You might feel that your ex is to blame for the break up, and you could be right, but to confront your ex about this now will only mean trouble. Rather do all you can to put the unpleasantness of the argument behind you, and do things that will help to get you in a better frame of mind, and more capable of dealing with your problems.

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At some stage or another, because you have stayed right away from your ex, he/she IS going to start missing you. You will probably start hearing things from your friends that will show you that your ex is still interested in you. However, don't do anything just yet - just leave things as they are.

Don't say anything to your friends about your ex either - just listen to what they have to say, but don't give them your opinion. Your attitude, and the fact that your ex is hearing nothing about how you feel about the break up even though you are always with your friends, is going to drive him/her nuts.

Your ex will be worried now - either you are playing hard to get, or you have found someone else. These things, and of course the fact that your ex still has deep feelings for you, will make your ex come back to you.

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The worst part of break up is finding out that there is someone else in the picture. This makes matters worse, so what can you do to make your ex regret leaving you? Start showing your ex your hidden talents and charm their pants off. Lift your game, bring your appearance up. Let your ex see your adoring side. Hold your tongue, be nice. Don't be catty, spiteful, resentful, back stabbing. Instead hold your head high, and keep your heart in your chest not the floor.

What if you find dirt on the new partner. Do you blab or swallow your pride? Neither. You get friends in on the action. Let them slip to make your ex regret leaving you. Act innocent when you meet, so if they mention it, you become sympathetic and understanding but don't diss. Not in front of your ex anyway. Not yet. Let them see why they fell in love with you first time if you want them back.

If you're sneaky enough, get friends to set partner up. Your aim's to prove they're not committed as your ex may think. Of course underhanded behavior usually comes back to bite you on the butt, so be sure you want to go there. Do your best though not to lower your values. You don't want regrets later, you want to make your ex regret leaving you, not glad they did. Always try your best to be the better person. That way no crap will stick.

Whatever you do, don't go following them around, or 'turning up' at parties they're at. Your ex may think you're stalking and things could turn nasty. If you all end up at same party, let your ex see you've moved on also. Enjoying other's company lets your ex see what a party animal you can be. Just don't get too over friendly. You want to make your ex regret leaving you, not wonder what they saw in the first place.

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