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The literal definition of blocking is the action or fact of blocking or obstructing someone or something. When an ex blocks you a little more emotion is involved than just obstructing someone from communicating with you. An ex blocking you can lead you to question your relationship like if they will come back or is it over between you two.

An ex could block you for many reasons: they still care about you and want you to give some reaction to their action of blocking, they want or forget about you, they don’t want future or current partners to see that you are still in good relation with each other. For whatever reason they block you it still hurts. From your end if they are your ex, the situation could be that you want either get back with them or move on. This article is for those people who want to move on and overcome the break up.

As I said before the reasons for your ex blocking you are many, regardless of their reasoning, it can still be hurtful to receive such a message that indicates that they don't want you in their life, even if it's just online. When this happens, you might feel a surge of emotions wanting you to do something about it, but it is better for you and them to not do anything.

The moving on process will work better for you in such a situation because subconsciously you may still be feeling attached to them if you are following them. Their blocking you could work better for you both as both consciously and subconsciously, you are now separated from them and can start working on moving on without them in your mind and social media feed or messages.

Even if you have decided to move on, when your ex blocks you it can lead you to ask question like “he blocked me will he come back?” or “my ex blocked my number, is it over?”. If your ex has made the effort to block you, whether it be on social media, your number, your messages or all of these platforms, it means that they want distance from you. You wish to move on and from their actions it can be ascertained that they want to as well. If you wish to get them back, or you feel that the action is simple attention seeking, that can be ascertained only on the stage of your relationship or on the circumstances. But if they are your ex, chances are they want to move on as well.

Now the scenarios of getting blocked van be various, and their consequences even more varied. Some people get blocked simply because the ex wants to move on. Some might get blocked because they were obsessive over their partner. Bottom line in all situations is that the other person involved wants distance, they might eventually come around and you might become friends, but usually an ex blocks you for good, to signify that they want this relationship to end.

I understand that it may not be easy to move on even after this step that your ex has taken. You may still feel that you can patch up things. But if you truly wish to move on you have to take their decision as something that is good for you both. Here are some things you can also keep in mind that may help you move on:-

Have a support group of friends or family. Anyone you can talk to who can help you understand that the decision on the part of your ex is good for you.

Keeping yourself distracted by exercise, going out or spending time doing new things also helps.

Taking some time off on the whole relationship front can also be helpful. If you are not able to digest this step that your ex has taken, take a step back and take some time for yourself. Having some distance from your break-up, them blocking you and all the emotions you have gone through on this journey can be helpful in realising that it okay that they blocked you. It is better for you in fact, because now you can move on without any subconscious blocks as well.

Knowing how you are feeling about them blocking you, or the break up in general is important. Identifying the emotions is an important step in knowing how to deal with them and to feel happy or even normal again.

Even when you have chosen to move on, from time to time you might catch yourself thinking of ways to get back. Staying connected on social media adds to these thoughts. To move on and to not go through stages of wanting them back, blocking is an important, if not necessary step.

In times like ours where staying connected to someone has become so easy, it is not easy to move on. You can see them on your Instagram or facebook feed, on group chats on Whatsapp, on snapchat and the other person may not even get to know that you are keeping track of them. All of this makes it difficult for us to let go of what was, to let go of the person and the times we had with them. We may obsess over their new lives or partners, compare them to ours and start a whole cycle of self-hatred. So, whoever takes the step of blocking the other, whether it is your ex or you, is making it easier not only for them but for the other person as well. Now both partners can move on, grow and find themselves, and build a better relationship with someone else better suited to them.

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