My Ex Asked If I Was Ok: When An Ex Asks If You're Happy

Your ex is acting a bit strange and weird and you are wondering if he or she still loves you. Well there are several different tips to find that information out. Here are three simple tips to find out if he or she is still in love with you.

Does your ex contact you - have they texted, called or emailed you at all? If they are doing this, then there is a good chance that he or she may want you back. While sometimes all they may want to do is talk, which is not likely. Most times if an ex contacts you, it is because they want you back to be with them since they enjoy your company.

How does your ex act around you since the breakup - Do they give you any sort of positive feedback, or do they make a lot of eye contact or smile at you a lot. These are signs that you need to pay attention to in order to ascertain this.

How does your ex act around you - Remember back when you were first dating? Are any of the signs still there such as nervous energy? If so, then you ex may definitely want you back. By paying attention to the signs presented, you can get a good grasp of the situation.

The tips listed are all signs that an ex may want you back in his or her life again. By correctly reading these signs and acting on this information, you will have your ex back in a short amount of time. It takes a little bit of skill and understanding in order to interpret these signals correctly in order to know if an ex wants you back or not. Most of the time, these signs will point to an ex that wants you back again.

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Breakups hurt, and they can be extremely hard to bear. You start to miss your ex instantly, and suddenly feel as if your life will never be the same, unless you get your ex back. You may have tried talking to your ex about getting back together, and he/she has only given you mixed signals. They may have even told you they don't love you anymore; and yet they still seem to like you! You see, if you are not sure if your ex still likes you, then you need to use these next few tips to find out....

Memories- Your ex will always be bringing up things from the past; but will try to bring up good memories. He/she will attempt to remind you of places you went, and how happy you once were together. This is a huge sign that your ex is still not over you, as they are constantly concentrating on the past and obviously have not gotten over you.

Nicknames- They still call you "babe", "baby", "hun" etc... and they don't even force it. Your ex will still be using pet names and will not even have a problem calling you their "sweetheart" still. You see, if your ex really wanted you gone, and hated you; he/she would try to remove every trace of you from their life. They wouldn't ever call you by your nickname anymore, and would avoid even speaking with you at all; so if you still find your ex being sweet to you, take this as a sign that your ex still likes you.

They show up at places you frequent- They may even go to places that you used to go when together and tell you about it. Your ex will also tell you about places they went, and will start talking about you. The reason they are telling you such random facts, is because they are trying to tell you that by going to wherever they went, they were reminded of you, and still like you. If your ex is in fact "bumping" into you at places to frequent, take this as a sign that your ex is chasing you and wants you back.

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If you want your ex to miss you kike crazy, you have to create the favorable circumstances. This means that you need to get out of touch with your ex for some time. Your loved one needs to figure out how important you are in their life and how strong their love for you is. Do not worry about the fact that it might take a little longer than you think. Things like that don't just happen over night so be patient and don't lose your hope.

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You could use a little improvement yourself. Wipe the tears away and lose the wrinkles. Maybe go to the gym, or get back to something that you used to enjoy doing by yourself. There must be something you used to do without your ex! You need to get back on shape and start to feel good about yourself. If not even you like what you see in the mirror, then how can your ex like you?

It is not easy at all. You have lost the track of time and no longer feel motivated to do anything. If you want to make the minutes away from your ex no longer seem like ages, you'd better start doing something fast! Take a walk in the park; your pet might need some attention too. Call some friends and ask them to stay over night. Throw out a small, nice party. Go out, go shopping, visit your friends, take a trip to Europe if you can. There are ENDLESS possibilities!

Your ex will start missing you while you are having a great time not thinking about them.

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Ignoring your ex for two whole weeks - It will be hard, but you must resist the temptation, as this trick is the foundation for getting your ex back, and no matter where you go to find out how to get your ex back, you will see that this trick must be used! The reason this trick works, is simply because your ex takes you for granted. All of this attention you have been giving him/her has made them to feel you are easy, and they need a wake up call.

Date your ex's friend - In the meantime, start flirting with and dating one of your ex's friends. This is the second most important trick, as it will bring out every emotion that your ex was bottling up before. He/she will suddenly become jealous, and your ex will not even be able to help but literally chase you, just to make sure they do not lose you.

Become outgoing and happy - There is nothing worse than seeing your ex with someone else, but the cherry topper to this, is to see your ex extremely happy doing it! Your ex will hate the fact that you are suddenly living life to the fullest, without them; and they will be trying to pry themselves back into your life, just to prove that they can make you more happy than you are now.

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