My Ex Asked About My Dating Life: What To Say When Your Ex Asks If You're Dating

Before you take any action to win your ex back, you will need to know whether your ex still loves you. Since it takes two hands to clap, you will certainly need to find out the true feelings of your ex before you take your chance. Here are 3 tips on how to find out if your ex still loves you....

No.1 Tip - Your ex can still read your mind. You might realize that every time you meet your ex at a mall or even at a party, he/she is quick to read your mind. He/she might go on the sly and get you your favorite drink or do other things without even waiting for you to speak out. This could by your ex's way of getting your attention and trying to tell you by actions that he/she still cares about you.

No.2 Tip - Your ex eyes you even when surrounded by hot people. If your ex still has his/her eyes on you even though there are plenty of fish circling around him/her, then this too is a sign that your ex still yearns to be in your arms. The look in your ex's eyes will reveal a lot. So, peep into them even as he/she tries to decipher his or her feelings.

No.3 Tip - Your ex still blushes while talking to you. If you find your ex blushing or getting bashful instead of bashing you or your feelings every time you meet, then this too could indicate that your ex still has those lovey-dovey feelings for you. After venting out all the anger, your ex might have done a re-think and realized that he/she still loves you and this could trigger a change in attitude and make him/her go weak in the knees every time you meet.

These 3 tips will provide you with happy proof that your ex still loves you. If your hand is ready to clap instead of slap then go ahead and take your ex back into your life again.

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You are positive about the fact that, despite your failed relationship, your ex still has strong feelings for you and therefore you desperately wish to get back with your ex. You may be right, but feelings must at times be mixed with logic; you can make your ex just as desperate to come back to you.

You must use both time and logic to succeed. It is not so complicated as you may imagine it would be. You and your ex loved each other very much. Love can't simply vanish in a short time. In most cases, it never goes away.You still feel your heart up in your throat when you hear news about your high school sweetheart, or when you accidentally see one of your ex lovers whom you've been madly in love with once. Things aren't so different this time; the only difference is that you feel like this person is really special to you - probably the one.

So how can you not lose the love of your life? By giving him/her whatever he/she wants. If there's time and solitude they require, then you should be able to respect that and give them all the solitude and time they need. How can you make your ex desperate to come to you: same way.

Your ex is just as upside down as you are. Breaking up with you must have been a tough decision to make and since you are no longer speaking to them, they will feel the same urge to get in touch with you, as you feel about them. This implies no contact at all with your ex. It's important to let your ex miss you. If so, then your ex will be desperate to come back to you and get away from his/her solitude.

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Rewind the scenario- Rewind everything that has ever happened with your ex, and see where all the issues started. More likely than not, you will notice a few places where you could have done something differently, changed, or simply made an effort. You see, when we are with someone, we start to get comfortable, and in fact too comfortable. What happens then, is we stop doing everything we would normally do, and we start to take our partner and life with them for granted.

Basically what happens then, is that you stop changing, stop trying as hard, stop being the best you can and then eventually just argue with your partner about everything. This is one of the key reasons why breakups happen; and what you need to do now, is change. If you do not change, you will not become someone desirable to your ex again, and he/she will just move on.

Date again, get on with life, and don't let this drag you down - The very fact that you can move on, and move on extremely well; will bother your ex. It will bother your ex to the extent that he/she will instantly be seeking your attention, the minute you are not chasing them anymore. Understand that by dating again, you will also make your ex jealous, and will create a fear in your ex's mind that he/she is about to lose you. Alongside having a positive mind state, and not showing your ex that you are depressed or down; you will create a catch that your ex will not be able to resist, and you will be able to pull your ex back finally.

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What is that I may be able to do to make my ex miss me? Showing them what they have missed out on is the first thing. And then when you have done that, show them again. After all, your aim is to make your ex miss you so much they want to come back. Not any easy task to do if the reason they left is you. They may have realized that high maintenance is too much work and decided that it's not worth the grief. But you don't see high maintenance and still have a hope.

You ask yourself, how can I make my ex miss me? Do I flounce and flaunt myself around them using what womanly wiles I can to draw them back. And what about those bad habits they were constantly reminding of but we wanted to remain ignorant, because well, ignorance and bliss and right now bliss is where our head is. Or maybe they just grew out of love. It does happen. Sometimes we find that what we first thought as love was really infatuation and now feel trapped, so make a quick exit. Whatever reason, we need to respect their wishes and let them move on even if we are not ready.

Use this as a strategy thinking if I agree with their choice I might be convincing enough to make my ex miss me. Sometimes separation makes the heart grow fonder and if we are subtle enough we could get our wish. The reality is we are only interested in how we feel not them because if we did think about what they wanted, we would let them go. Like the saying goes, if you love someone set them free, if they don't come back they were never yours in the first place. Scary thought really. But it is a reality and sometimes we need to step back and take a long deep look and see.

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