If you are playing the dating game, chances are you will have a date from hell. It's just part of dating jungle out there. You're going to meet some pretty strange and weird women.

One of the worst dates you can have is these women that flirt and come on to other guys while you are on a date. They are so full of themselves and love to be the center of attention. Nothing can be so rude and such a turn-off as your date throwing herself at other guys.

While we are on the subject of dates from hell, let me tell you about one of several of mine:

I met this really fine girl at the beach that had the best body I had ever seen in my life. I was just driving around on the beach in my Corvette with the T-tops off and this beautiful girl in a hot bikini flagged me down and said, "That's really a find Corvette, can I go for a ride in it?" Of course, I took her up on it.

We seemed to hit it off really well and she asked me if I could give her a ride home (she came to the beach with her brother in his car). She seemed a little drunk and later I found out that she was an alcoholic.

Anyway, we stopped by my place on the way to her apartment that late afternoon. It had been a very hot day and I looked in my backyard to check on my German Shepherd. He was lying there lifeless and his body was very warm. There had been a thunderstorm earlier in the day and I know from experience that when this happens he freaks out and paces back and forth endlessly. Also, he had turned over his water bowl and had no water. So apparently he had literally run himself to death in the heat with no water.

I rushed him to the vet and on the way the girl kept crying and giving my dog mouth-to-mouth resuscitation (can you imagine this?). It was too late and there was no hope for the dog and he died of a heat stroke.

To make a long story short, I dated her a couple of more times and she was always drunk and she confessed that she had a drinking problem. So, let me tell you what happened on our last date from hell:

I took her to a nice romantic Italian restaurant and then we took a helicopter tour of Houston, TX. Later that night we went to a nightclub. All she did all night was flirt and talk to other guys. I let her know I didn't appreciate it either. So, I finally got her to leave cause I couldn't take it anymore. We were on our way back to my house and she wanted to stop by the lake. So we were walking along the pier and insisted that she wanted to jump in the lake.

I told her not to jump in the lake because she was drunk and may drown. We argued back and forth and before I knew it she jumps in the lake with her clothes on. She swam out about 50 yards and then I saw her struggling and started going underwater. So, I had to jump in the lake to save her. There was another guy on the pier and he helped me bring her up on the pier. She was ok, thank God.

So, there we were both soak and wet and I was pissed. I took her home so she could put on some dry clothes. While I wasn't looking, she had taken some of my antidepressant prescription pills and passed out. She was like a corpse. I loaded her up in my jeep and took her back to her apartment. She slept all day and didn't show up for work.

I learned later that she was suicidal and that was the reason she jumped in the lake and took my pills. Needless to say, I never dated this mental case again.

So, the moral to this article is that there's a good chance that you will have a date from hell. Just chalk it up as experience and as the saying goes, "crap happens."

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