Are you having a crush on someone and never wanted him to know? For most ladies, this is always the case. You have probably done all you could not to let him know, but all to no avail. In the end he knows and you are surprised he has not come up to proclaim same feelings. It just still feels like he never knew – at least that is the way he acts.

This can be completely disturbing for a lady. A lot of things now begin to go through your head. You are like “does he feels the same way I feel? If he does feel the same way, he should walk up to me and initiate something”. However, he is not and so you’re confused and wondering what could be going on in his mind.

Some reasons why he is talking yet:

1. It is possible he is trying to settle out with himself if he really likes you too. Even if he feels something, he is trying to be sure if the feeling is really strong enough and worth the effort.

2. Another reason could be that he is waiting and wishing you would approach him – whether directly or indirectly. You must that some guy can be shy that they’d wish the girl just makes the first move. It may also because they don’t want to be embarrassed at the end of the day.

3. It is also possible that he is trying to know more of you before making the move; and he wants to do this from afar. He possibly has not known much of you and so he is just hanging around to know you – what you like doing, friends you like hanging around with.

This can either be one or all of them at the same time.
I know you want to know whether he likes you or not, right? So, when this keeps happening over time, here are ideas of what you should do.

Return his looks with a smile

Now he knows you like him and he just keeps looking at you, don’t reciprocate by staring back at him awkwardly. Instead, what you should do in return is giving him a smile (make it as warm as possible and don’t make it look fake). This is like passing a message to him that you are an approachable and friendly kind of person. Sometimes, the reason a guy does not approach a lady is because he is trying to figure out how approachable she is. Smiling at him to some extent gives him the courage of walking up to you and probably making that proposal, knowing that you are going to be welcoming.

Wave at him

Sometimes it is more effective when you take it further from just a smile to a wave. Let’s say even if your smile was mistaken, at least your wave to him is going to buttress your message. So the next time he looks at you, go ahead and return the look with not just a smile but a wave to compliment. This shows that you are willing to make the first move in initiating the process. At this moment, he is left with the next. You will be surprise as to how this is going to help.

Get to hear from his friends

Asking his friends is an effective way to know whether he is actually having same feelings as you are. Guys are likely to tell their friends when there is a girl on their mind. Make efforts to get close to any of his friends. Engage in a chat with them and get them enjoying your company and then finally coming out with the big question. You would be surprised at the answer you are going to get. If they’ve been really getting to like you, they just might tell you all there is to know. So you see, this might just be what you’re looking for.

Get a guy’s perspective

If you have guy-friends, you can go ahead and bring up this subject during one of your discussions without letting them know that you are having a crush for their friend. In the middle of it, you can come with a question like what would make your crush keep looking at you after he discovers that you are having a crush on him. At the end of the day you let the cat out the bag by telling them that you are the one involved and also who the guy really is. This is under the assumption that all guys are supposed to think alike, so whatever they say should give you a clue as to what is also going on your crush’s mind.

Go ahead and talk with him

Nobody just looks at some other person for no reason. Even if he is not having same feeling of crush on you, there has to be something on his mine concerning you. So you see; the effort cannot be a waste. He might end up telling you about something else about or telling you what you wished he’ll tell you.

Another way you can approach this issue is just getting to know him like you would with any other guy. You don’t have to approach like someone having a crush or suspecting something; neither do you have to tell him that you’re into him in any way.

I must admit that for some guys, it is not so easy for them. This is especially true for those who this is their first time or possibly, they are not as sociable as you are. When a guy looks at you, even after knowing that you are having a crush on him, chances are that he is having same feeling.

Sometimes, guys can be a little complicated when it comes to decoding them. In order not to remain in the dark and get frustrated trying to figure out why he keeps looking and not coming over, give these tips a try. Bottom line is, you can’t afford to just stay around; waiting till something happens. After all the worst possible scenario of anything happening is NOTHING.

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