My Boyfriend Wants To Take A Break: He Wants To Take A Step Back In The Relationship

First off it your guy says he wants a break, chances are good something isn't feeling right. It could be a number of things. He may feel smothered, he may feel you are clinging too tightly. If your guy wants a break though, first thing you have to do is gracefully give it to him. You don't want to bombard him with questions like why, how long, etc...

If you bombard him with questions, and hold on tighter, well he is going to see you as clingy. This just reinforces why he probably wants the break in the first place. Asking questions just pushes him away. It offers him reinforcement of why he wants to take a break.

Another thing that asking questions such as "How long of a break do you need?", you are showing yourself in an unfavorable light and yes you just may lose him forever. This lets him know for sure that you will do anything to keep him and he has the power in the relationship and has full say in dictating the terms of your relationship.

When your boyfriend wants a break, why should you be the one sitting and waiting for him to make up his mind? It's really not fair to you. Think about this. Have you ever decided you wanted to break up with a guy before, but were riddled with guilt so you let him down gently. You yourself may have said those words, I need a break, just to buy yourself some time to figure out how to dump him and feel less guilt. More times than not, this is exactly what is happening.

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If you want to reverse this break up in the makings, you have to let him go. No pleading, begging, asking why why why. This just shows insecurity and kills what little attraction he has left for you. You tell him you understand and will respect his wishes, but aren't comfortable in limbo land and that you too will take advantage of the break to decide what you want as well.

Talk about turning the tables. Now who is drifting out of reach? You are. This does a strange thing to a man. It earns his respect and often after a few weeks, he starts to wonder what you are doing and why all of a sudden you are alright without him. It earns his respect because you put your own well being before his.

There is nothing more of a burden to a man than you putting him first. It's really a turn off for a man, he sees you as a doormat. This puts the responsibility of your happiness on him and it's really just too much. If you have made a man the center of your universe, it's no wonder he wants a break.

Bottom line here, let him take his break and you take yours. Respect his request, because if you don't, in a way you are telling him you really don't care what he wants, it's all about what you want. This is disrespectful when you really think about it. If your boyfriend wants to take a break, don't waste your time using words to stop him. Men just don't respond to words. It's actions and distance that melts the ice in their heart.

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Unfortunately for many people in this situation (dealing with the let down and heart ache of a break down of your relationship) the question of how do I get him back now might not be a very easy question to answer. At best you might not be able to come up with any answers that you particularly like or would even think about putting into play if your relationship ended on a very sour note or just dissolved for no reasons that you can figure out or could even see coming.

There is good news in this scenario though. While you might not like the answers that you are coming up with, the bright side is that this is much better than not having any hope of getting your man back at all. When you really start thinking about how do I get him back now after a break-up that you never even saw coming, you really need to start looking at what you feel about this and go from there.

How you are feeling about this (or any) situation says a great deal about what is in your heart and about your inner strength. One of the main things that you do not want to start doing though is bugging him with text messages, phone calls and e-mails that are begging him to come back to you. This is something that is a complete turn off to him and will not win him back;

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The better things to start doing when you have asked yourself the questions of "Do I really want him back?" and "How do I get him back?" is to start looking around you and looking inside (of your heart and mind) and search for your true self and go from there. If you like or love to work out/exercise, you might want to find a gym or health club to join... or organize some workout routines with your friends that are into this. One of the very best de-stressors is to simply get outside and enjoy the beauty of Mother Earth/Nature.

If you like going out to the local park/playground and either watching all of the kids and adults enjoying life and/or just simply sitting on the swings and swinging for a while... why not go back to it?! There is absolutely nothing written anywhere in any laws or rule books that say that you cannot go and enjoy swinging on the swings just because you are an adult! Think about this for a minute; what harm is it doing you to let your ex see you enjoying yourself once you have decided which of the many different how do I get him back answers works best for you.

You are probably scratching your head (trying to figure out how do I get him back) if you really had no clue something was that wrong to begin with to cause him to walk away from you and your relationship. You might try e-mailing him and asking this. Remember that you might not get an answer.

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Are you heartbroken since your man left you and you want to know how to win your ex back? Do you think he made a horrible mistake and you want to give your relationship another try? Was it all a big misunderstanding and you know you can convince him to take you back?

Break ups can be horrible when we're not yet ready to let go. It's a slap in the face, and for many, a very humbling experience. While some relationships just aren't meant to be, as heartbreaking as that thought may be, some relationships are salvageable and here's how you can give your romance another chance and win your ex back.

Where the Fault Lies

So he tells you he can't handle it anymore because you're constantly calling him and getting on his back. The first thing most women do when a man leaves them and gives them a clear and concise reason why is to deny, deny, deny.

"No I don't." "I just call to see how you're doing?" "I don't call all that much." This isn't a very effective way to win your ex back.

If, after a break up, you're told the precise reason why, at least do yourself the favor and do the relationship the honor of thinking it through.

Does he have a point? Is there some logic to what he's saying? If you categorically refuse to accept his reasoning, you're basically telling him that he's right to leave you.

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Take it in and mull it over. Do you call too often? Don't give excuses and don't try to justify. Simply take his argument to heart and see what you can do to remedy the situation.

Show Him What He's Missing

Just as guys are visual the first time they fall for you, they're visual after a break up. This can be especially true if you've fallen into the trap of letting yourself go and being a little too casual in your way of dressing when you're with him.

Knowing you're to run into him, make sure you knock his socks off. Look your best, smile and be polite. Just seeing you looking so great can be enough to get him thinking of all he let slip away.

Don't Prove You're Right

Some women insist on sticking to their guns and fighting him tooth and nail down to the very last detail. Though it may be difficult to avoid an initial all out argument at the time of the break up, you have a better chance of winning your ex back if you then show remorse and regret.

If you did something to hurt him or annoy him or simply dissuade him from pursuing the relationship, admit your part in the scenario. Most women insist on blaming everything on the man and it can prove so difficult to assume a portion of the responsibility.

This isn't a matter of who's wrong or right; it's a matter of do you want this relationship to work out or not.

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Your relationship isn't exactly the same as it was at the beginning, is it?

When you start a relationship you see each other more or less every day for weeks or even months. You have some great times together, you go to the movies, eat at restaurants, go to the beach and spend quality time together. But one day, you find out that they no longer want to be with you. So how do you get your ex to fall in love with you again?

This is common in most relationships; there comes a time that maybe you give each other less attention, or perhaps you see each other so much that they are fed up and want a break from seeing you. It's all about getting the balance right.

If you wish to get your ex to fall in love with you again, perhaps give them a little space. Send them a text message less and be less of a softy; this will make them miss you and start contacting you. Or you could go down the route of saying that you still have feelings for them and would like a second chance of getting your ex to fall in love with you again.

Don't expect a prompt reply however; your ex is still upset with the breakup but does not like to show it. Be patient, and you will get a reply in due course. You need to give them time to think things through; do they want you back? Do they miss everything about you? From the time you spent together to any special memories you may have.

Be patient, be positive and you never know, you could get your ex to fall in love with you again!

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