In the arms of the man you love the most, you"re the happiest you've ever been. He"s just the best thing that has ever happened to you and you two plan to spend the rest of your lives together. But one day, this magnificent life is devastated when he tells you he wants a break. If your world is shattered by those very heart-wrenching words and you don"t know what to do, please keep reading.

Giving him a break, anyway, is not the same as letting him go. "A break" and "break up" are not the same thing, though somewhat similar in wording, since giving him a break is only momentary. Guys tend to require more time for themselves and to be by themselves. Though seldom, it also happens to girls. If you"re upset that your boyfriend wants a break, don"t think of it as a rejection of you but more of something about them.

When men are stressed out in life, usually time away from their significant other will allow them time to reevaluate what they can do to improve their life. You shouldn't take it personally because this is the problem-solving mindset of most guys. Here are some other questions that I hear many women go through when it comes their boyfriend wanting a break.

“What happens if my boyfriend wants a break every time he has a problem?”

This a real concern and something you need to discuss with him. But you must discuss it after he comes back from his break, and not at this point when he has numerous things on his mind. Refrain from wondering "my boyfriend wants a break, should I let him?", because the answer is obviously yes because you have no control over your boyfriend"s desires.

Also, you should get accustomed to these things if you two want to be together for a long time, since this won"t be the last time he"ll say it. Once in a while, he will take a break and the only thing you can do is respect that.

“My boyfriend wants a break and it"s because of something I did”

You can use this to your advantage, too, although you may worry that your boyfriend will find out he"s better off without you during this time off. Use this time off to reflect on your relationship and consider your contributions to his need for a break. Have you been overprotective? Do you require him to give you too much time? If he wants a time off since you"re suffocating too much, backing off a little will decrease his needs for breaks later on.

Stop torturing yourself with the "my boyfriend wants a break" thoughts. It happens in many relationships and doesn't mean you two are going to break up for good if you take the right measures and provide him with the space he needs.

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