My Boyfriend Said He Needs Space: He Needs Time To Think About Our Relationship

Everything seemed to be going so well in your relationship, when, out of the blue, he tells you he needs some space! What's going on? What does this mean?

First of all, don't panic! He may need space for several reasons. He may have problems that he is not ready to (or just can't) share with you. He may want to think about where you're both going, without the distraction of your closeness. He may be having a panic attack about your relationship. He could have problems with his mates or his family. He may, genuinely, need to get away in order to think some things through and get things straight in his head. On the other hand, it may be a feeble, cowardly excuse for leaving you. If you love him, the question you will be asking is "How To Get Him Back?"

The first thing that you should do is accept the separation! I know that this will probably be counter intuitive for you. You may want to start straight into begging him to come back. Don't! Tell him that you agree to him having his space, if that is what he wants or needs. Tell him that it's a good idea for both of you. After all, he will be going whether you agree or not, but this will shift the balance more toward you. Let him know that it is he who will be losing out if he loses you, but leave the door open for his return. (Not literally!)

What should you do when he has had some space? How do you then make him come back? This is when you need to find out what he truly feels for you. If he needed space to consider your relationship, then you will need to know what he came up with. Don't be needy and chase after him. Don't let him know that you depend on his decision (even if it may be true). Get him to come back to you with his outcome.

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Keep any conversation from you to a minimum. Avoid, at all cost, constant texting, annoying phone calls, and any form of stalking. All you should aim for are short texts, brief phone calls, passing conversations. He just needs to be reminded of how great a part of his life you are, and how much he needs to be a part of your life. You don't want to crowd him until he is ready, or you will drive him further away. You won't catch a fish by throwing stones at it. Just bait him, hook him, and reel him in!

He will, in his own time, start to have feelings for you again. When the time is right, you can remember with him all the good times you had. Remind him of all the good events in your relationship. Don't dwell on any negative aspects. This is not yet the time to solve any deep problems you have. There will be time for that later. Don't risk any progress that you are making.

In the end, it is what it is. If he is not responsive to your slow but sure approach, then you may need to accept what is. He may not be ready, he may not be interested. If, on the other hand, he shows definite signs of renewed interest, then gradually increase your level of approach. Don't lose him from your line by being to eager, but gradually increase your pull on him, until he jumps back into your net. Sorry about the fishing analogy, but men really can be that stupid! I know.

When the time is right and not before, you can try to tell him how you really feel. If you do this too soon, you will just come over as being desperate. You must wait until he shows definite signs of coming back to you, both emotionally and physically. Otherwise, keep your own emotional distance. (Just keep your finger on the line for signs of him pulling - sorry!)

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It is always what you say that decides the fate of your relationship. While saying the wrong things will end your relationship, saying the right words can help you salvage it. Here is what you should avoid saying and what you need to say to your boyfriend to get him back.

Wait it out before you do anything
The thing is if you say anything too soon then it's most likely to backfire badly. Before you make a move and attempt to say anything to your boyfriend you must make sure that you have let a bit of time pass. Make sure that your boyfriend doesn't hate you and is willing to at least hear you out.

Admit your mistake
The first thing that you must do is to admit your mistake. The fact that you are taking ownership of your actions and are willing to go beyond and even take ownership of what was beyond your control is something that won't go unnoticed. This is bound to make your boyfriend feel a lot better.

Just admitting your mistake isn't enough. You have to follow it up with an apology. Tell your boyfriend that you are very sorry for what you have done. Tell your ex that you really feel bad for hurting him and it was never intentional. Don't validate what you did or try to justify your actions unless he asks you to. Just make the apology heartfelt.

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Say you were lucky
Make your ex feel a little better by telling him that you feel that you were really lucky to have him in your life. All you need to tell him is how enriched your life felt because of him and how much you have grown as an individual because of his presence.

Keep the spite and negativity out
When you are talking to him he might say some things that you feel are unfair. It's in your best interests to just swallow your pride and hear him out. Trashing out negative things about him now is only going to make things worse.

Hear him out
Listen to what he is saying. Sometimes listening is as important as saying things. When you give him a patient hearing you get to understand his side of the story and figure out your next move.

Wish him well
Once your conversation is over, all you need to do is wish him well like you mean it. Tell him that all you want is for him to be happy even if it means that you have to be sad. He will see your good side and will soon be back with you.

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Your ex will find it hard to battle against the temptation to get connected to you once again as soon as you cover lost ground. Common friends, office colleagues and other acquaintances will act as a connecting bridge between you and your ex, but you don't have to throw any hints about your intentions. Just let your ex get drawn towards you gradually and in no time things will resume just where you and your ex left them at the point of the break up.

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