My Boyfriend Hasn't Talked To Me In A Week After A Fight: He Hasn't Called In A Week Is It Over

The two of you had a fight and now you want to know how to win him back. Unfortunately, if the two of you are at a stage where you're thinking "All we do is argue", there are 3 things you must do NOW if you want to save your relationship, and steer it towards renewed fun, passion and romance...

#1 Must-Do: Give Each Other Some Time To Cool Down Your Heated Emotions - leave him alone for awhile

A lot of women (mistakenly) feel that they need to hurry and contact a man after a fight. Please understand that while a woman would prefer a man to call and comfort her, men operate differently.

Men tend to need some peace and quiet so he can try and solve his relationship problems. You want him to meet your needs... but are you willing to meet his needs too?

The best thing you can do for him right now is to cool down your heated emotions, manage the way you feel (so you don't end up restarting the fight), and get yourself happy again. A man is irresistibly attracted to a woman who feels happy most of the time.

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#2 Must-Do: Examine Your Expectations Of Him - Are they realistic?

What was your fight REALLY about? The most common reason that couples fight - is because they have unrealistic or unspoken expectations of each other.

Very often, it's like two unique individuals choosing to play a game together - without first discussing what the rules are. Along the way, both of you get upset because the other person refuses to play by rules that weren't communicated and agreed upon in the first place!

You need to examine your expectations of him; Assess if they're realistic; And communicate what you expect from him. However, make sure you read the next 'must-do' so you don't end up fighting again...

#3 Must-Do: Learn How To Communicate More Effectively With The Man You Love So You Can Avoid Future Fights

Ever wonder how other couples manage to avoid fights and stay together... some even get married and stay married till death-do-us-part?

One secret is that they understand that men and women communicate differently, and have different needs. After accepting this, they work hard everyday at learning how to communicate effectively with one another.

The biggest mistake you can make is to try and figure out how to effectively communicate with the man you love yourself, using trial and error. You can't afford to keep doing the same things, expecting a different result. if you truly want to know how to win him back after a fight and stay together in love.

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Your world has fallen apart - you have recently broken up, and you were planning on talking to your ex about getting back together again, but have found out via your friends that your ex is dating someone else! Of course, to you this can only mean that your ex doesn't love you anymore, so there is really absolutely no hope for you to win your ex back. How wrong you are! There are very definitely things to try to get back with your ex - finish reading this article, and you will learn very effective ways here!

First of all, I think I can safely say that you don't have to worry about the fact that your ex is now seeing someone else. Your ex is in what is known as a rebound relationship - these usually don't last too long. It's almost like taking a tablet to ease a headache that you have - your head hurts, you take a tablet, and a few minutes later your headache is gone, and you don't need the tablets anymore.

The same applies to a rebound relationship. Your ex was feeling really hurt, angry and confused after the relationship fell apart, and really, really, needed someone to talk to. This other person happened to be in the right place at the right time, and your ex grabbed at the opportunity to have someone to talk to. Once the novelty wears off though, this is when you grab the chance and win your ex back.

Your ex poured out all his/her problems to this other person who was terribly sympathetic, listened very intently to what your ex had to say, and said things that made your ex feel a whole lot better. The only thing is, now that your ex has got all those problems of his/her chest, the other person is more like a friend than a new lover.

Rebound relationships very seldom last long - it isn't love that your ex is looking for in this person, but sympathy and a shoulder to cry on. The chances of your ex getting bored just having a crutch around are very good, and this is when you grab the chance and go all out to win your ex back.

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You want to make your ex boyfriend miss you like crazy? Who could blame you? There are so many emotions bouncing around inside of a woman after a split. Part of you knows that you should just give up on the idea of being with him and move on. However, the other part of you, the stronger part, wants the man back. In your eyes, he's the love of your life. Why settle for having loved him once when you can love him forever? You can make it happen. With the proper approach you can make your ex boyfriend feel such yearning for you that he'll crave to talk to you and see you.

In order to make your ex boyfriend miss you like crazy you have to conjure up more willpower than you've ever had in your life for anything. The thing about making another person miss you is that you have to be in control of not only your own emotions but the situation in general. You can't be pining away for him if you want him to start pining away for you. You have to actually compartmentalize your feelings and put him someplace in the back of your heart for now. The best way to do that is to imagine that at the end of your long journey he'll be waiting for you with open arms. He will be if you handle this correctly.

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The first step to get your ex boyfriend to miss you is the hardest. You have to stop talking to the man. Not for an hour or two, but for a week or two or even better an entire month. Right away you're imagining that during that time he'll meet another woman, fall helplessly in love with her and get married while your back is turned. That's not going to happen at all. He'll actually think about you more when you talk to him less. He'll start to obsess over the fact that you've dropped off the face of the earth and he'll begin to wonder whether you're the one who has found someone to replace him.

The only real way to make your ex boyfriend miss you like crazy is to cut him out of your life. If that seems impossible to you now do it strictly on a day-to-day basis. In other words, worry about today and how you'll avoid him. Then tomorrow when you wake up do the very same thing. Before you realize it, a week will have passed, then two and then more. Depending on his own willpower it won't take long before he's calling you. He'll sound more open and willing to talk. That's because during your absence, he came to the realization that a life without you just isn't what he wants after all.

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When you and your ex were a hot item, what were you like when things didn't go your way? Were you demanding, sulky, moody, rude, blubbery, pushy? Or do you take control of everything where your ex has to agree with you? If any of this reminds you of you, then you now know why your ex left and now you know how to get your ex back.

You have a control problem. What can you do to change? Look at why you are always the boss. If you can't stop then you may as well give up trying to get your ex back. But if you think it is because you thought that was how to keep your ex, then stop, get a grip, get over yourself. Life is supposed to be fun and exciting, trying to make others do it your way always ends in tears - yours.

Should you see your ex, try being nice and friendly without getting upset or nasty. After all, your aim is to get your ex back. Ask them why they left, listen. You might find it's something fixable and if so, fix it. Don't wallow in self pity, feeling sorry for yourself. Instead pull your socks up, start doing whatever you can to show you're willing to change. Get help from them. As long as you try to change your bad habits your ex will think you deserve a second chance.

Don't use blackmail to get your ex back. It never works and usually backfires and don't get your friends to railroad your ex. That just makes things worse and pushes them further away. Instead back off, do what you can to make yourself a better person. And whatever you do, don't approach your ex's brothers and sisters to spy on him or to be your go between. The last thing you want to do is cause trouble between your ex and his family. Be the better person.

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