My Boyfriend Broke Up With Me Will He Come Back: Will He Ever Come Back After Dumping Me

Why did you break up?
The first thing you should do is to identify why the two of you broke up in the first place. Was it your fault? Was it his? Was it a mutual decision or did one of you make it alone? Once you determine why you originally broke up, you can then work towards figuring out if it's worth trying to save the relationship.

Are you willing to forgive and forget?
If it was his fault, if he did something that cost you the relationship, are ready to forgive and forget? The worst thing you can do is say yes, but in the back of your mind still feel hurt and resent about what happened. Even if you're never able to truly forgive, you don't want to bring it up the next time the two of you have an argument. If you can agree to work through it, do it.

Are you willing to change?
If it was your fault, you have to be willing to make changes to ensure that it doesn't happen again. If he does take you back, everything that originally caused you to break up needs to be taken off to ensure that it doesn't happen again. If you're not willing to change, then your reunion will be short lived as your problems will come back to haunt you.

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Are you willing to get some professional help?
You should seriously consider sitting down with a professional and trying to work through the problems in your relationship. Sometimes talking to a third, neutral party is just what you need to deal with the issue.

Has he moved on to someone new?
Depending on how much time has gone by, he may be dating someone new. If so, the chances of him being willing to come back to you go down a great deal. If this is not the case, however, be ready to do whatever you have to do to save your relationship.

Have you been honest?
Have you told him everything? If you haven't, and he does agree to take you back, the minute he finds out you've been less than honest, you'll find yourself in the same position all over again. So, if he is willing to at least discuss the idea of the two of you getting back together, be honest with him.

Can you accept it if he doesn't want you back?
Are willing to deal with the possibility that he may not want you back? Sometimes the problems are too great, or he is just unwilling. Give it your best effort, but be ready to deal with the fact that it may not work out the way you want it to.

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If your boyfriend broke up with you it was probably one of the worst moments of your life. It can be hard to think about what your life is going to be like without him. In fact, you might not even want to try. Instead, you might be thinking of everything you can possibly do in order to get him back before he moves on to someone else. Here are three things you can do right now to get him back fast.

First, if your boyfriend broke up with you, you have to keep going with your life. Don't put off all of the fun things you like to do in order to wait for him to come back. If the two of you made plans together and you still want to do those things, make sure that you do them anyway. This will do two things: You will continue to have fun and won't lose any of your life waiting for your boyfriend. And two, your boyfriend will see that you are still living your life and it will bother him that you are doing the fun things you planned together without him.

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Second, if your boyfriend broke up with you, resist the urge to call him or keep in contact through Facebook or text messaging. Instead, use this time without him to really show him what life is like without you. After all, if he broke up with you, then it is time to give him what he said he wanted: time without you. This works especially well if your boyfriend was using the breakup as a way to make you jealous or string you along. If you don't spend your time waiting around for him or begging him to take you back, he will wonder what you're up to and why you are able to move on with your life so quickly! Chances are this one thing alone will make him start calling you.

Third, use the time apart from your boyfriend to get a new perspective on your relationship. If your boyfriend broke up with you, it can sometimes be a good thing. Even if you weren't together for a long time, you can use this time apart to reinvent yourself and your relationship. That way when you do get back together you can make your relationship what you always wanted it to be instead of resorting to old patterns of behavior. Become the woman you always wanted to be and your boyfriend won't be able to resist you!

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If you still love him and what you had was special then here is your guide to how to get him back. You want to know how to win him back. If you want to make him come back then follow a few simple tips in this guide to making up.

Who's fault was the breakup? Probably there was blame on both sides. Accept your part in the break up. Take your share of the responsibility. Did you cheat on him? Maybe you now realize that what you did was a big mistake, but you must come to terms with why you did it, and what his part was in making you go astray. Did he cheat on you? Did you have any role in making him want to go with another woman. If you did, then accept your part of the blame. Taking responsibility does not mean condoning what he did (no way!) You were in no way responsible for his cheating, but you may have had a part in your breakup. There could have been faults on both sides.

If you truly want him back then you will both need to forgive each other and move on from there. Letting go of any resentment, bad feelings, and anger is the only way to move forward. If you can't forgive, then you can't rebuild.

If you had any part of the blame then be sorry for what you did or didn't do. Saying "I'm sorry" means that you accept that you were wrong and that you will not repeat the mistake. It may be something that you did, or something that you failed to do. You know it was a mistake and you know that you will do your utmost not to make the same mistake again. This is your commitment to change. Saying you're sorry can be hard but how else can you move on with your lives?

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There is a delicate balance between playing hard to get and chasing after him. Chasing after him will chase him away. Playing hard to get may mean him thinking that you don't want him back. Chasing him means sending text messages, phoning him, going to the places where he will be. Remember this is the best way to drive him away (and drive yourself crazy!)

How then do you make him come back? The only way is to make him WANT to come back. This may take time.

You will need to rebuild trust. Let him have his space. Let him re-discover the attraction he felt for you. Let him remember what he is missing. Make sure you are still the attractive person that you were. Bitter and twisted is not how to win him back!

Be the cheerful, happy person that you were when he fell for you. Do this for yourself not for him. If it turns out that he doesn't want to come back to you, then realize that he's not worth any more heartache, turn your life around and move on. How to get him back will become how to get your life back and meet someone who cares for you...

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If you have just broken up, then I understand your probably going through a very difficult time. However, there is good news. With a little bit of hope and willingness, you CAN get him back. The problem is right after the breakup most people immediately panic or start making huge mistakes. Don't worry, this is normal and to be expected, but if you truly want to get him back, then your going to make sure you don't make crucial mistakes.

What usually happens after a breakup is you want to go out and drink away the pain. Although it might work temporarily, your hurting yourself in the long run. Another thing that results from drinking after a breakup is what I call drunk dialing. What the heck is that? Well basically, you go out and have a few beers and next thing you know your calling your ex on the phone stirring up a huge argument. This is exactly what NOT to do to get him back. You will most likely say tons of things without thinking and all that happens is you make the situation worse.

This is why it's important not to panic after the breakup. It's KEY that you stay calm and keep your head up high. Falling into a depression will have a huge backfire on you. When you fall into a depression mode you begin to act very desperate and your first instinct is to lay in bed and cry all day. While I understand that your feeling tons of pain and there is nothing wrong with crying, but it's still important to try and continue doing your everyday routines. Know what I mean?

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* Constantly calling to soon after the breakup

* Trying to apologize for all the mistakes you have ever done

* Try to convince them you are the love of there life and you need them to survive (Makes you look desperate)

* Promising them you will change for good this time

* BEGGING for them to take you back

As you can see, saying any of those things will NOT have a positive outcome. This is why It's important to use a step-by-step and proven plan to get him back.

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