My personal New Year’s Resolution for 2018 is exactly the same as my Los Angeles Boy Scout Motto was in the 1960’s :  “BE  PREPARED.”  As stated by Robert Baden-Powell in the third part of Scouting for Boys, the Boy Scout Motto is “Be Prepared, which means you are always in a state of readiness in mind and body, to do your duty.”

This meant many very important and specific things for a Boy Scout on a camping trip.  It started with packing simple provisions, such as a waterproof poncho, matches, a First Aid kit, a can opener, and a camping knife of some sort.  ( By the way, these last two items are not as different as you might think … the original “bayonet” from World War I days was actually designed as a can opener ! )

But of course, to “Be Prepared” meant also meant that you should be in a “state of readiness in mind and body.” 

Personal Injury

For the upcoming calendar year 2018, the following is what “Be Prepared” means for me:

In My MindHaving some plans for the New Year 2018, and at least a basic “roadmap” or at least some concrete ideas of how I hope to get there.

In My Wallet.  Always carrying some cash, along with my Driver License, Car Registration, Insurance Card, AAA Membership Card, and a Credit or Debit Card that works.  As a Divorced father of young children, this also means always carrying a copy of my kids’ Birth Certificates, and the Custody Order, in case I ever have to prove at an airport or a border, that they are mine.  Seriously.

On My Team.  Always carrying – whether in my mind, in my wallet, or on my phone, a list of the PROFESSIONALS that I can rely upon, including:

  • My LOS ANGELES ATTORNEYS – the Personal Injury, Family Law, Criminal Defense,

Real Estate and Transactional Attorneys that I have used in the past,

and can rely upon for good advice, at a moment’s notice. 


This list includes the Personal Injury Attorney (“PI”) that got me a fantastic recovery soon after my car accident two years ago, the Family Law attorney that represented me in my Divorce, the Criminal Defense Attorney that handled my DUI several years ago, and the Real Estate Lawyer and Transactional Attorneys that have helped my through several real estate and business transactions.


When a Collection Agency somehow managed to levy against my checking account, based on a purported, decade-old credit card debt, which checking account contained gift money intended for a relative that really needed it, it was good to have an Attorney I know, to give me advice about how exactly to go about fighting the garnishment.


In the aftermath of a car accident, a slip & fall, or a legal or physical emergency, it is not a good time to be calling a friend for a referral … I need to instantly know who I’m going to call.


  • My AUTO MECHANIC – the honest and reliable mechanic that always answers or returns my calls, and would even come to his shop on a Sunday if I needed him. With my AAA Membership, which has enabled me to have my car towed to the repair shop of my choice, and my loyal mechanic, who will meet us there, I feel much safer.


  • My RELIGIOUS / SPIRITUAL SUPPORT SYSTEM – for me, being Jewish, this includes several Rabbi’s, and the various Administrators at the Synagogue where I’m a member, but also the local Chabad Office, which has proven to be incredibly helpful in emergencies.


  • My DOCTORS, DENTISTS and MEDICAL PROVIDERS – just like we provide this information to a child’s school upon enrolling, the phone numbers of Family Physicians and Dentists, and the nearest Urgent Care, should be “Contacts” on my cell phone, and maybe even memorized.


  • My ACCOUNTANT – just like with attorneys, it is good to have a trusted Los Angeles Accountant that can give advice, or fix a problem, even on a weekend.


  • My FAMILY and FRIENDS – this seems obvious, but it is important to think this out in advance … who specifically can I rely on for different situations, such as: a ride in the middle of the night, if necessary, or good advice in the midst of a confusing situation, or a favor, discreetly, without publicizing it on social media.
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