Despite presenting myself as a God in these holy articles, I'm just a (very good looking) mortal.

As a mortal there are a few things I can't do.

And those things are my biggest failures as a coach

For example

1. I got no Earthly idea how to get a great physique if you're inconsistent with your training

But in the Dark Ages (aka when I was working at a gym) we had people coming 2-3 times per week for a month. Then, they'd disappear for 2 months. Then they'd reappear for 6 weeks and on and on.

Those people were complaining that "no matter what I do, my body remains the same!"

Well duh dummy.

Wanna know what's the only way to be inconsistent with your training and still build a "wow" physique?


Other than that, there's no secret supplement, hack, or training system that can help you

2. I don't know how to constantly go out with friends and still lose the gut

That's for you extroverted guys who just *need* to go out 2+ times per week with other humans and eat/drink.

Listen man:

The places you visit, thrive based on how much you're consuming. That's why you'll never see "Chicken with potatoes" in a restaurant's menu.

If everyone bought this satiating, "I can't eat more" meal?

Then the restaurant would go out of biz.

Plus, unless your buddies have the same goals as you, they won't make your life easier.

No sir.

Instead, they'll bug you to have a piece of pie and "Don't be a Debbie Downer! A drink won't hurt you!"

No matter how disciplined you are, the more you go out the more you rysk messing up your eating schedule.

3. I don't know how to improve your quality of life by constantly saying "yes"

I was chatting with a girl recently and she said "Let me guess, you're a trainer right?"

I replied:

"I help men over 35 get a body they can be proud of. Training is a part of my system. The most basic ingredient however is teaching them to say 'no'"

That was a brilliant response so I'm sharing it.

However, even guys who understand the importance of saying "no", they do otherwise.

They're contantly saying "yes" to everything and every body. Society has conditioned them that that's what "a real man does".

I call B.S.

That's a recipe for sadness, premature baldness, a huge gut and even suicide.

Real men know when to draw the line and focus on their mission - whether that's being a great father, a great husband (tip: this has nothing to do with constantly saying "yes" to your wife), a great biznessman, or any goal they set their eyes to.

Anyway, those were my failures as a coach.


Even I am not purrfect

(Girls have been telling me so for years, yet I refused to listen)

Despite my failures, I create kick-ass weight loss programs. According to my clients of course.

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Ta leme sidoma,

Fotis Chatzinicolaou

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For a decade, Fotis Chatzinicolaou has been helping busy professionals lose almost all the weight they want without gaining it back or cutting out their favorite foods