MVS Engineering is a dominant player in the business of supplying Onsite Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Hydrogen gas generation solutions. The company, established in 1977 has been a pioneer in providing gas generation solutions to over 7000 units across the world. The company is ISO 9001 certified.

The company uses Heat Treat Furnaces for its metalworking process. The process is explicitly used for altering the chemical and physical properties of any material. This metallurgical application is carried into two forms known as batch and continuous.

The fundamental difference between these two is enumerated below:

Batch Furnaces: The inculcation of batch furnaces involves a wide variety of heavy and large workloads which are processed for a longer duration. The work charge involved in a batch unit is typically stationary so as the interaction dwelling inside the furnace atmosphere functions in a natural equilibrium.
Car bottom furnaces, Bell furnaces, Fluidized bed furnaces, Elevating hearth furnaces, Gantry furnaces, and Box furnaces are few examples of batch furnaces.

Continuous Furnaces: Movement of the workload is the indicative which dignifies a furnace into continuous form. Also, the environment penetrating around the workload shifts dramatically as per the functionality of work charge position.
Cast link belt furnaces, Mesh belt furnaces, Humpback furnaces, Pusher furnaces, Roller hearth furnaces, and Monorail furnaces are examples of continuous furnace.

MVS has collaborations and technical tie-ups with companies like CarboTech AC GmbH and Proton OnSite. It is has received several awards like SME Excellence Award- Manufacturing sector in 2013.
One of its primary businesses is to provide high purity and dry air gases for heat treatment furnaces.

Some of the industries serviced by the company are as given below:

  • Chemicals & Petrochemicals
  • Fertilizers
  • Metal fabrication and heat treatment
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Cements
  • Mines
  • Food packaging and cold storage
  • Laser cutting
  • Aeronautical
  • Power plants
  • Food and Beverage manufacturing
  • Hospitals & Healthcare
  • Laboratories and Institutions

Its product and service range falls in the following categories:

  • Nitrogen Gas Plants
  • Hydrogen Gas Plants
  • Oxygen Gas Plants
  • Laboratory Gas Generators
  • Liquid Nitrogen Plants

Heat Treatment Solution

A vital combination of heating and cooling operations enforced on an alloy or a metal in solid state, to retrieve desired conditions or properties therein, is known as a heat treatment solution. This definition, however excludes heating for the sole purpose of hot working.

In this type of treatment an alloy is heated to a particular temperature and guarded at this temperature for a considerable length of time. This allows a desired constituent to arrive into a solid solution, further followed by rapid cooling in order to hold the constituent in this form.

Heat Treatment processes are usually carried out in furnaces and ovens. Furnaces are an enclosed structure where heat treatment processes are carried out.

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