On the face of men, the mustache plays a very important role. Men will feel low esteemed if there is irregular hair growth in the mustache area. But this problem is also solved with the advancement of a medical study. With natural no scar treatment now men can rebuild their confidence. For various reasons some men desire to have a stronger lower facial appearance or because they lack facial hairs. Sometimes hairs are less hairy and thus cannot grow a heavy beard or mustache. Thus face appears less masculine. mustache hair transplant gives a masculine appearance to the face.
Mustache Transplant Procedure
Mustache hair Transplant involves extracting the hair follicles and graft them to the mustache area. Hair follicles are mainly taken from the scalp on the back of the hair by follicular unit extraction technique or through follicular unit transplant technique. These methods are successful and can enhance or speed up the growth of mustache hairs.
1. FUT: (Follicular Unit Transplant)
In the hair transplant, regrowth time scientists use the FUT method in FUT technique, wherein a strip of hair-bearing skin is removed from the donor area of the scalp, usually the back of the head. therefore, FUT is also known as “strip” surgery and is transplanted to the mustache area.
2. FUE:(Follicular Unit Extraction)
During the hair transplant regrowth time, plastic surgeons use the FUE technique. In the FUE process, the donor area of the scalp is shaved and the follicular unit grafted individually and is grafted to the mustache area. This procedure can be carried out manually or by the use of motorized surgical tools.
Post-operative care during mustache hair transplant
During transplant take the following precautions
• Don’t wash the mustache area frequently.
• Don’t shave the area for some days.
• To avoid irritation don’t expose the area to the sun.
• Also to avoid irritation keep the mustache area moisturize.
• For long hours don’t soak your treatment area.
• Avoid scratching on transplanted for about 1 month.
• On the transplanted area apply an antiseptic ointment.
For best results, mustache hair transplant needs more care so choose an experienced doctor for this procedure.
Prescriptions to boost hair growth
A prescription of anthralin may also stimulate new hair growth in some people. It is often used to speed up new hair growth. Corticosteroids work by reducing the inflammation, allowing them to open back up and grow new hairs around the hair follicles. Corticosteroids may produce adverse side effects, so using these medications should discuss their use with a doctor. These medicines are helpful during a mustache hair transplant.
Regrowth time
1. After 1 to 6 days of mustache, hair transplant patient feels swelling and itching at the donor area because it is the first stage after growth. Where all the minor incisions were formulated skin appears red in areas for newly transplanted hairs.
2. A crust attached to the skin layer is formed which then started drying out in the second stage (day 6 to 10).
3. All the transplanted hairs begin to shed in week 2 to 3. This is a normal procedure in which all hairs start falling and new hairs start to grow.
4. Hair Follicles start to grow and entered into the resting phase at that time of 1 month or 2 months.
5. New hairs should start coming out in 2 to 4 months. Redness at the donor site resolves and the donor area is healing.
6. Transplanted hair begin to grow finally in the next stage of 6month because they enter the anagen phase.
7. Then in the last stage person will achieve 80% hair growth of mustache transplanted hairs.
Side effects
As is a mustache hair transplant as there is no facial scratching so there are maximum chances that are transplant is successful. Neo graft is an ultra-modern technology for the extraction method of mustache transplant. This technology no scaring, rapid healing and recovery, less discomfort, and ensures success. For the mustache, transplant selects a highly experienced dermatologist to graft the same amount of hair follicles at the same angle at the same places on both sides of a mustache. As it takes a lot of effort. Because if it is unsuccessful it gives an unnatural and awkward appearance to the physical appearance of a person or artificial look. After grafting the grafted area pop up with red dots and change in color which are temporary and heal because they are after-effects of surgery. Care of the transplanted area is most important. Apply antiseptic ointments for painless and rapid healing of the grafted area. The necessary precautions mentioned above should also be taken. This treatment is mostly recommended for persons having hair loss, thin hairs, or less hair growth on the mustache area. If you want to know more detail, https://www.cheaphairrtransplant.com/

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