Firecrackers are one of the chief elements of celebration during Indian Festivals. All major festivals like Diwali are celebrated with bursting firecrackers for fun and entertainment. But the fear of some misfortunate accidents while bursting the crackers remain in the back of our mind each time we lit a cracker.
Although this fear cannot be washed away, we can certainly be prepared for the same. Firecracker insurance cover works as a vehicle to reach the destination of a secured future. It provides you with coverage for the damages/injuries or death caused due to firecrackers.

Where can you find a Firecracker Insurance?

Leading financial providers like Bajaj Finserv with CRISIL’s FAAA and ICRA’s MAAA top rating brings you a set of unique insurance policy. Some of the exclusive insurance covers offered by the company are firecracker insurance, wallet insurance, key replacement insurance, stampeded insurance, and spectacle insurance among many others.
You can browse for pocket insurance policies from Bajaj Finserv and select budget-friendly insurance of your choice as per your requirements. Moreover, you do not need to wait for days to complete your application procedure. You can quickly apply for the insurance of your choice by filling up a quick application form provided on the website and submitting a few nominal documents.

Benefits of Firecracker Insurance

1- With Bajaj Finserv, you can get high sum value insured of up to Rs 1 lakh coverage for permanent/partial disability with a premium amount as low as Rs 543 per annum.

2- In the incident of hospitalization expenses incurred due to injury from firecrackers, you can get insurance cover up to Rs 2 lakh.

3- Firecracker insurance can provide you with a cover of up to Rs 25000 for the costs incurred for transportation via ambulance during severe injuries caused by crackers.

4- Additionally, if your sole earner is the one who is disabled and your family has lost income, you can get a sum of Rs 1000 per week with this insurance cover.

What will be the Exclusions of the Firecracker Cover Policy?

Like every insurance policy, there are few limitations to a firecracker insurance cover policies as well. All the inclusions and exclusions of the plan are mentioned on the terms and conditions of the policy documents. It is ideal to read the fine prints of any insurance policy before signing the papers to avoid obstacles in claiming your money in the future. Following are some of the exclusions of firecracker cover policy:

1-Expenses of hospitalization due to pre-existing medical conditions are not covered under this policy

2-Hospitalization without undertaking a treatment is not covered under a firecracker policy

3- Medical costs incurred due to injuries that are not caused due to firecrackers are not covered under the policy

Who can Apply for Firecracker Insurance?

1-Any person who is an Indian citizen can apply for firecracker insurance from anywhere in India

2-Individuals younger than 18 years old or elder than 70 years old are not eligible to avail this insurance cover

What is the Procedure to Apply for Firecracker Insurance?

With Bajaj Finserv, you need not go to the office and stand in tedious queues for hours to fill an insurance form. You can apply for firecracker insurance from your comfort place at your home. All you ought to do is to fill up a quick application form provided on the website and make a minimal document submission.
Within a day your application will be processed, and your documents will be verified and approved if you meet the eligibility criteria. You can manage your account, make premium payments, and renew your policy, all at one place within just a few clicks.

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Aditi Ahuja is a noted Financial Consultant and Adviser. As she has been worked with many financial firm for several years, she has extensive knowledge in this field. She writes on Financial affairs, issues and solutions covering a broad range of topics like loans, insurance, investment and funding.