If you have been charged with organising a stag or hen party, then there are certain things you will need to make sure you get right, whether you plan to have a sensible or even demur occasion, or wish to have a wild night of debauchery that would make any hell raiser proud.

The origins of the stag party can be traced back thousands of years to the Spartans who, before getting married, would dine and drink with their fellow soldiers to pledge their continued allegiance. Today, the same sentiment still flows through stag parties, and the idea is to show that the groom-to-be will not forsake his friends.

Therefore, when planning a stag party for a good friend, be sure that the items and events you choose to mark the occasion ring true to this sentiment of solidarity – even if you do decide to throw in a few surprises too.

T-shirt printing is a great way to show solidarity within the group. Whether you decide to go the whole hog and get dressed up or not, t-shirt printing will be a must to mark out the groom-to-be and to bring you all together. Cheap t shirt printing ultimately acts as a uniform to bond the group together and to ensure that the stag is very much aware that he is amongst his closest friends.

So, once you have sourced cheap t shirt printing, what else do you need to make a stag night work? Well, consider places that will be different and always make sure you head away from your home town to ensure freedom from routine. The stag party should be a night to remember, and therefore making sure you go somewhere fresh and interesting will be integral.

A list of drinking games is always worthwhile, whilst a camera will be a must. No matter whether you have a ‘what happens on the stag do, stays on the stag do’ policy or not, a camera will be integral to ensure that you all have plenty of memories of the event.

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