This article elaborates on all the key elements of a SEO-optimised websites that would help businesses to achieve online prominence.

Building a website that’s not SEO-friendly is quite similar to having a car without fuel. The ultimate aim of having a website is to reach your audience online. But SEO is the process that helps your website to do so by achieving a prominent rank in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). So, you must avail premium SEO services in Australia that can help you plan a ROI-driven SEO strategy and develop a traffic-oriented website.

Below here is a list of rules you should follow for optimising your site and help it attain a top search engine rank. However, before we dive deep into the core of the topic, here’s what you need to know the disadvantage of an SEO-unfriendly website, which are:

• Decreased visibility in organic search engine results, thereby leading to minimised sales leads.
• Increased frustration of mobile audience.
• Leading you to opt for costly and massive costly redesign.

Without proper sitemap audit, keyword research, keyword strategy and so, you need to create an effective SEO strategy that brings maximum online visibility for your website. Following here we would like to discuss on the most important elements of an ideal SEO-optimised website.

Title tags

Properly composed title tags on the basis of in-depth keyword research has always been a ranking determining factor for most search engines including Google and Bing.

Responsive site design

It helps a website to adjust as per the optimal display on tablets, desktop monitors, and smartphones automatically as and when required. With the number of smartphone users increasing at a steady rate, it is of high importance for a website to deliver an exceptional mobile-user experience as well. Moreover, Google have started rewarding mobile-friendly websites having a higher organic search visibility.

Page loading speed

For both search engine crawlers and online users, a website with high page loading speed is of great utility. With proper design and development strategies, you need to ensure that your website loading speed is fast and doesn’t drive people away because of consuming much of their time.

Internal linking structure

A properly planned and optimised internal linking structure helps Google to identify the most important pages of a website. Ideally, important links to the most high-valued SEO pages must appear often and have a considerable presence in the overall navigation structure of the website.

High quality content

Google has become very keen in identifying high quality content, which is relevant, authoritative, engaging, and useful. Having the standards high nowadays, any kind of content shortcoming or shortcut is not permissible anymore and thus, you must seek for expert guidance of a renowned SEO company in Australia instead of following DIY methods. Additionally, the content must be keyword-oriented that would further raise the chances of securing a high rank in the search engine results.

Page-keyword alignment

One of the most common mistakes made while optimising a website is stuffing too many keyword phrases unnecessarily in a single web page content. Doing so might make your pages visible in the search engine results but you won’t be able to derive or produce potential leads from them. However, you must create unique pages for each of the targeted primary keywords to maximise your lead generation.

Apart from the aforesaid, you also must consider a list of additional optimisation tasks including:

• Developing an XML sitemap
• Preparing target-specific meta descriptions
• Fixing the broken links
• Optimising the images
• Optimising the overall URL structure
• Deciding on the page redirects
• Deciding to use Google Analytics
• Deciding to use Google Webmaster tools

Final word

What you need to value most at the end of the day is; are you deriving conversions from the website? If not, you must look for professional SEO services in Australia who can help you develop your website SEO-oriented so that it can achieve a high rank in the SERPs and drive increased online traffic.

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The author is the founder of a distinguished digital marketing company with hands-on experience in offering award-winning SEO services in Australia. Being regarded as a top-rated SEO company in Australia, they have equipped clients across varied industrial verticals with the most unique solution for optimising their websites.