No matter how large or small your dormitory room is, there are essential things you need to have to help you with your day to day life as a student. Apart from beddings and clothes you’ll need these appliances to make your college years less of a headache.

In college, you have to make the most of your time since you will engage with hectic class schedules, project deadlines, exams, meetings, and that’s before a social life. It can be difficult to find a balance, but with these 7 appliances around, you can manage the hectic schedules as they make your daily routine quick and easy especially for food preparation and housekeeping chores.

  1. Mini Fridge. Keep a supply of food in your room so you don’t have to go out each time you need something to eat especially during busy times or when you are rushing to meet project deadlines. It is also helpful to ensure you have healthy fresh fruits and vegetables instead of depending on instant meals such as noodles.
  2. Single Burner. Cook your own meals and avoid eating outside to save money. You just need a pot or a pan to cook different food such as pancakes, stews, pasta, fried foods, and many others. This gives you a lot of options to eat which is better than dining out at fast-food restaurants which are full of unhealthy preservatives.
  3. Breakfast Maker. Breakfast is critical for college students but many are forced to skip this meal because they are running late on their classes. This appliance in an ultimate time saver as it prepares breakfast in just few minutes. It has a coffee maker, griddle, and a toaster that you can use at the same time. Aside from time saving, it also saves money from electricity bills and space in countertop.
  4. Electric Kettle. This simple appliance is very important for college students as it is a multipurpose appliance. You can use an electric kettle to boil water for coffee, tea, oatmeal, noodles, and many others. Some even use the appliance to boil eggs. Having an electric kettle lets you save time as it boils water in as less as 2 minutes which is faster than stove top kettles and microwaves.
  5. Blender. Make your own refreshment instead of buying from stores to save money. This allows you to enjoy a smoothie or a milkshake of your desired flavor or blend in an instant. A blender also helps you stay healthy since you will be motivated to use fresh fruits and vegetables from the fridge. You can also make homemade ice cream and store it in your fridge and have something to grab when you need a dessert.
  6. Portable Steamer. Choose a portable steamer instead of a clothes iron and ironing board. Portable steamer is easy to use and is quick in removing wrinkles from your clothes. It is also easy to store, you can just place it in the cabinet after use. A clothes iron on the other hand requires an ironing board to use which is large and space consuming even when it’s folded. Clothes irons also has the ability to destroy clothes if you fail to control the heat.
  7. Small Vacuum Cleaner. Of course, you need to keep your room clean and free from dust to have a fresh and comfortable environment. Clean your room at least once or twice a week using a vacuum cleaner to easily remove dust and dirt.
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