No matter where one is from on this planet, what colour their skin is or their social standing, they’re likely to listen to music. Very few things have the power to bring people together and this is one of the reasons why music is so powerful.

The fact that there are different styles can lead to division, however, if one was to look at the kind of people who listen to each style, one is likely to see that people of all backgrounds are being brought together. One style of music can bring pleasure to one person and pain to another, and this can lead to disagreement on one hand and to behaviours that are more sever on the other.

So music has the ability to bring people together and the power to alter how people feel. When people listen to the kind of music they like, they’re going feel good. As a result of this, the people who are around them can then end up benefiting from this; with their wellbeing also being enhanced.


This is similar to people who are wearing the same shirt or colour at a football match; they are all seen as being on the same side. The people who are wearing a different colour, the opposition, are seen as being different. Not everyone is going to respond to the other team’s supporters in the same way, but while the match is taking place, they’re going to be seen as being different.

Although the same sense of division can be created when people listen to different styles, when one is in an environment where a certain style is being played, the people around them can be seen as being the same. It then doesn’t matter where they are from or what their outlook on life is, as in this moment, they’re no longer separate.


A sense of oneness has been created and then before long, a sense of separation will arise. This is likely to be something that one will experience if they go to a gig or to a concert. Through feeling connected to others, one’s personal challenges and what is going on inside their head can dissolve for a short while.

Their point of focus is in the present moment and they’re part of something far greater than themselves. For a short time, ones ego has been put to one side and they just are.


Not only can one feel connected to others, they can also feel connected to themselves. A sense of focus can arise through listening to music and this can relate to when one is around others, and when they are by themselves.

Their mind can settle down and ones inner world can be guided by the music they’re listening to. So through listening to a certain song or style of music, one can change how they feel and their experience of life.

Favourite Songs

If someone was asked what song they would listen to if they wanted to feel a certain way, they’re likely to have one that comes to mind. It would probably be more accurate to say that a number of songs will come to mind.

Though hearing one of these songs, ones inner world will change and one can end up being taken to another world. They no longer feel the same and if one doesn’t feel motivated or they feel down, this can soon change through the power of music.


Two people could listen to the same song and while they’re both listening to the same song, they could end up feeling different. This is could mean that one person likes the style of music and the other doesn’t, however, it could be due to the associations that are triggered when they listen to the song.

For example: if one listened to a song for the first time when they were on holiday or when they were in a relationship, their mind is going to connect the two. So when they listen to the song, it is going to remind them of their holiday or the relationship they had. How one felt whilst they were on holiday or during their time with another person will then be re-experienced.

One Way

The song is simply a song, one can’t change the song, but the song can change one feels and their perception of the song can change. If they were to listen to it at one point in time, it could cause them to feel elated, and if they were to listen to it at another time, it could cause them to feel down or simply have no affect on them.

It is then as if the song has absorbed ones emotional state during a certain moment in their life or a certain period. If the song has positive associations, listening to it can cause one to feel inspired, happy or motivated.

Bad Memories

However, if this is a song that one listened to during a time in their life when they were unhappy, down or even depressed, to listen to it again could take them right back to that time in their life. The song is then no longer having a positive impact on one’s life; it is having a negative impact.

Now, if one was to listen to this song for the first time in a while, this could also relate to an album, they’re likely to notice the change in how they feel. But if this is something they listen to on a regular basis, they might not realise the affect that it is having on them.

Letting Go

One might even find that their drawn to this song or album and can’t stop listening to it. Through doing this, it could stop one from being able to let go of that time in their life. It is then a form of repetition compulsion and one continues to re-experience what happened.

It might be enough for one to no longer listen to the song or the album in order to move on, or they might need process what took place. The Music one listens to could be seen as being insignificant when it comes to letting go, but it is another thing that can play a part.

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