In some shape or form, music has been around for thousands of years and while there are styles around today that weren’t around in the past, it still has the same effect. When it comes to making music today, electrical equipment is often used and this has allowed people to create sounds that didn’t exist before.

This is the case when it comes to the mainstream music, but the there are still many styles that don’t rely on modern-day technology. There are also styles that merge new technology with technology that has been around for a while.

There is something out there for everyone, no matter what style of music they enjoy listening to or whether they like a number of styles. If one likes a number of styles, their mood could also define what they listen to.


The fact that there are many different styles matches up with what could be described as the age of choice. No matter what one desires in life, there is likely to be more than one choice available.

And while more choice is often seen as better than having less choice, one can be better off with less choice. However, this can all depend on what it relates to; as there are going to be certain areas of life where this is a good thing and where it is neither good nor bad.


One could be offered a number of choices and because there are so many, they could end up finding it hard to make a decision. This could cause one to do nothing or if they do something, it could take them a lot longer to make a decision.

More choice can then lead to inaction and even cause one to feel overwhelmed. But when it comes to music, one is likely to listen to something and then decide if it is right for them or not. And if it doesn’t hit the spot straight away, it might take a short while.

Different Moods

When one wakes up in the morning, they might want to listen to a certain style and then when the evening arrives, it could be another style. Yet, this could also depend on how one feels when they wake up and what they have to do once they have woken up.

If one wants to relax in the evening, they are unlikely to listen to the same kind of music that they would listen to if they were going to have a workout or even a night out. One can then change their mood through listening to music or find something that matches up with how they feel.


The music one listens to can give them the support they need to move through a challenging day or a challenging period in their life. And although they are unlikely to be listening to something that was made for them, it can validate their experience.

It then doesn’t matter whether one knows the story behind the song or why it was written, as it is just what they need to hear at this time in their life. One doesn’t need to be going through a challenging period in order to be validated though, as they could be falling in love or have just achieved something significant.

Three Sides

There is how one feels before they listen to song, how they feel as they are listening to the song and how they feel after a song has finished. Based on this, one could come to the conclusion that if they feel different after a song, it is because of the music.

However, while one is going to be effected by what they listen to, it could also be triggering what is already within them. Music is then not just a catalyst, it is also a trigger.

The Trigger

One could listen to a song and end up feeling sad, down or even depressed. Now, if one was to listen to a song that was about a break-up or some kind of loss, it is only natural for one to feel effected by it. This would simply show that they have empathy and are in touch with themselves.

After a while, this feeling may soon pass and one should soon feel as they did before. But, this might not happen and one could end up feeling down for quite some time or they could listen to the song, feel down and then feel fine shortly after.


In both of these cases, it could be a sign that one is carrying trapped grief in their body. What they have listened to has then reminded one of what they need to look at and then process.

If one hasn’t experienced any kind of loss for a while, they might wonder how this is possible. Their mind might not understand what this pain relates to and yet their body is carrying the pain.


The mind forgets, but the body remembers and this could be grief that one has carried for many, many years. It could relate to a loss in their adulthood and/or it could relate to what happened to them during their childhood.

Music can then be seen as a valuable tool when it comes to gaining a better understanding of oneself. This grief can be faced and released with the assistance of a therapist, healer and/or a support group.

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