HOLIDAY RENTALS IN SPAIN, more to the point in the Murcia area, are going to be hard to come by. This is due to Paramount Pictures announcement that they are building the largest theme park in all of Europe there. This has already caused a rush on the property market with the biggest weekend of enquiries in five years. To give you some idea of the size of this project, Paramount has set its sights on competing with none other than Disneyland Paris: could this be possible?

All of this seems possible: even the Murcian Councillor for Culture, Pedro Alberto Cruz, says they can compete. The area where they are building the theme park will comprise some 2.5 square kilometres and will become the “Leisure Centre of Spain”. Within the complex they have planned for enough hotels to offer at least 15,000 beds. It is believed that the complex will need some 20,000 people to complete it. Once it is finished, based on other theme parks’ attractions, it’s believed the park alone will draw some three million more tourists each year to Spain and by the year 2020 Paramount predicts that figure could rise to an amazing five million tourists each year, just to the Murcia region alone. 158 hectares of land has been set aside for this theme park. It will compete with Terra Mitica in Benidorm with its different themed zones. These zones have been inspired by films such as Titanic, Mission Impossible and Star Trek.

Once you arrive in the park for your holiday you will not have to leave until you are ready to go home as the park is a “Lifestyle Centre” which will include three, four and five star hotels. Also within the centre they are going to build some shopping malls, bars, clubs and restaurants for your convenience and ease of access. Besides all of this there will be an open air auditorium with seating for 15,000 people and a conference centre that has a meeting room for rent that will hold some 3,000 people.

Paramount will use this theme park to their advantage by using this site for all their European film productions. It is said that the production studio will create thousands of new jobs for the Murcian people. Also just a twenty minute drive away is the new international airport of Murcia which is scheduled to open sometime in 2012.

This area is already a tourist hot spot especially the beaches of the Mar Menor. It has become so popular that a number of the English Premiership football clubs hold their off season training camps in this area. It is hoped that this theme park can become such a large draw that the area will not be able to accommodate all of the tourists that would like to visit this area. Hopefully the overflow will filter down to the Costa Blanca to the other seaside resorts.

Get ready to book your HOLIDAY RENTALS IN SPAIN before the mad rush starts in 2015 when the theme park in Murcia is scheduled to be finished. Despite the economic recession, of which Spain is also suffering, it looks as though this part of Spain will enjoy an early economic recovery. This area will become even more popular for buying holiday property than it has in the past.

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