Block plane is a woodworking plane which is compact and small. It can be used with single hand. It is so handy that it can be carried in an apron pocket and uncountable little jobs can be done. Traditionally it is used to smoothen end grain and levelling. Let’s talk about, what are the use of quality block plane in your woodworking projects.

Sharpen your pencils

A pencil can be sharpened by a block plane easily. Carpenters need to use pencil to mark down the wood and they need to sharpen the pencil. Carrying a sharpener would not be a smart idea, because a sharpener is so small and it can be lost. So, it the work place this tool helps to sharpen the pencil easily.

Planing the end grain

A really sharp blade is necessary for planing the end grain. For a thin shaving, you have to adjust the depth of the cut and thick shaving will not be a good idea with this tool. Sometimes woods are hard and becomes difficult to shave. In that case putting some water or denatured alcohol makes the wood soft and helps to decrease the cutting resistance.

Trimming the proud dovetail pins flush

In this job a low angle block plane is used. Beside this a sharp blade is also needed. You have to adjust the blade for reasonable shaving. In this process, a drawer or inside of a box, doors are shaved. Sometimes newly installed doors binds in some places, you can mark the spot and trim it with a block plane. You don’t need to replace the whole door. This kind of small shaving helps to make a wood narrow or short and save you money, as well as time.

Beveling the edges

For beveling the edges you have to adjust the depth to cut according to the aim. Before start the work you have to mark the bevel with pencil and ruler. With marking, the job become easier and you can plane the bevels exactly. You may consider a router for beveling, but block plane is faster. Setting the router may take more time than this tool. This tool is so handy that, you don’t need to collect any dust or don’t need to take any extra safety measures.

Planing to the line

Some woodworkers consider getting a hand saw to use block plane. First of all they marked a line and then saw parts outside of the line and start planing. This make a surface with crisp edge.

Basically, the job of a block planer is to plane the end grain. It is also used to work on lumber to remove milling marks. Sometimes this tool is used to trim small pieces, or bevel. You have to find the best block plane for your job, but it will be slightly difficult for the beginners to find out a good tool. They have to invest more time to fit the best one to do the job. When woodworkers become more experienced they can know better use of block plane.

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