Chemicals, additives and certain foods are all designed for triggering. Chemicals mediators published by the immune system are designed for making an assortment of symptoms and body reactions.

Avoiding foods that produce reactions is assume to eliminate or at least somewhat improve symptoms leading in eating those foods. Mediator release testing (MRT) testing measures the discharge of chemical mediators from white blood cells and platelets in reaction to certain foods, chemicals or additives. Such chemical reactions presumably indicate sensitivity.

Principles of commercially accessible Authors release testing (MRT):

Commercially available Recruitment release testing (MRT, Signet Diagnostic Corporation, This is situated on measuring at the blood the result of various immune mediator chemicals released to in reaction to some food or compound to which you have grown to be sensitive or intolerant.

The result is that when exposed to such foods or chemicals your blood cells release various chemicals that cause an adjustment of the proportion of solids (cells) to liquid (serum) on your blood which may be measured.

Platelets shrink and the blood cells and the volume of the liquid increases. The degree of change can be measured and reported as mild or moderate to severe corresponding with the amount of sensitivity to additive this specific food or chemical.

Test results of 150 foods and chemicals along with removal diet and counseling:

A panel of 150 food and compounds (123 foods and 27 chemicals) can be found. Chemicals or the foods producing reactions are outlined in color tables provided along with a report comprising a result's based specific elimination diet regime.

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