You may be familiar with the legend behind Mozart and Salieri , two rival composers in the 18th Century . Salieri in his time was by far the more popular and successful composer and yet he was crippled by his jealously of Mozart . Although a master of his craft Salieri output was derivative and uninspired . By contrast Mozart was a one off, a true original . The story provides a nice metaphor for those who argue that smart drugs dull creativity and originality .

Is this fair ?

The first thought that comes to mind is that smart drugs are rarely in use 24/7 .

The second is that being a creative genius is not going to get you very far in school . In the film Amadeus , it was Salieri who succeeded in life , Mozart was penniless .

Finally Listening , I mean really listening is hard work , it creates what is called cognitive backlog .

Miller digit span benchmarks working memory at just seven items [plus or minus 2] .

A typical hour long lecture will contain to much detailed information for even the brightest to absorb .

What so many forget is that the ability to work hard for days on end is a talent , the ability to keep absorbing new information after many hours of study is talent .

Can you buy this talent in tablet form . High levels of non prescription use within ivy league schools , on Wall street and in the Valley suggest many believe you can.

" Though, it’s not quite as simple as that. Everyone’s brain chemistry is different. Everyone reacts in a different way. There are no medical checks when you click a button on the internet. And no controls over what you’re actually sent. I hear story after story about essay deadlines achieved against all odds and then when I’m leaving, one of the quieter women says to me: “It’s awful. I just got… very anxious. Depressed.”

Source BBC

And while the side effects of say modafinil are considered relatively minor – a headache, most frequently, or stomach upset, or relatively rare, serious skin reactions . Perhaps the biggest issue is that there simply haven’t been any long-term studies into its effects.

If you are uncomfortable with the ethics , sourcing or the idea of self medicating to alter your brain chemistry .

What alternative exist to a medical memory hack ?.

One intriguing structural possibly is to play the long game and FLIP THE CLASSROOM . Flipping the classroom is when you set the task of reviewing material before the lesson or training begins. In place of a traditional presentation. Seminars , online learning and tutorials .

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